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Mar. 21st, 2013 10:13 pm
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Guess what I'm typing on?? I like bb keyboard and it works as well as any wireless keyboard I've had. Only thing I don't like is the iPad case doesn't stay up very well. Can't win them all...

Today I took off work because JP got tickets to see a taping of America's Got Talent downwtown. He actually went yesterday and today, so he stands a decent chance of being on TV, I think. The acts we saw were mostly good, including a kiddie rock band, a middle-age Larry the Cable Guy fella who sang like Garth Brooks (loved him), and a young mariachi band that played modern music and danced. We had a good time, even though we were stuck in our seats for almost 4 hours. And, of course, like a goober, I forgot my phone so no photographic evidence. Womp, womp.

Okay, have broken keyboard in. Later, taters.
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I closed on my refi - the notary told me that I picked a good time to refi because the rates are going back up. Lucky! Hopefully, I can save up some fundage to fix a couple things around here and take a couple of vacays later in the year. Also, by this time next month I plan on having my last remaining credit card paid off.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

I have this little pocket of happiness that I wish I could seal up and save for later.

Next week, everyone and their mother is gone from the office for Spring Break, which is fine by me. Sweet freedom!

In not terrific news, my older brother was admitted to the hospital two separate times over the past week and a half. They want to do a procedure on him, but it's complicated because he is on so many different meds. All we can do is hope for the best.

Also, my poor little Jeep is still having some problems so I had to call the service center and chide them for not fixing it. They were very nice and offered to take me right away, but I am slightly grumpy about the whole thing.

I'm contemplating on doing Netflix again, just the streaming. Most of our evenings in Yuma consisted of a cold 30-pack and watching whatever was in the Kid's queue. We watched the entire Kennedy mini-series in one night! It was pretty good, although methinks it was a little loose with the facts.

And finally, for some reason I am still watching American Idol. Phil Phillips (I know, poor kid) is adorable. Love him. Heejun is darling, too...but I'm not digging the singing. Sorry, Heejun.


Feb. 26th, 2011 12:07 am
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Yay, announcement! I am officially a Treasury Analyst for the VP and I start on Monday! Scary! I am totally frightened of my new boss, but hopefully it will all work out.

I went out tonight and had sushi with a friend - it's a great little place, very chic and low key at the same time. I enjoyed just hanging out at a nice restaurant on a Friday night, sampling sashimi and people-watching. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a giant martini, but I stuck with hot green tea for dinner. Then I came home and drank 3 large diet cokes with vodka. Yay!

Tomorrow is shopping with mom and a hockey game with JP. I feel like I am riding an incredible winning streak right now. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

In American Idol news, I am in serious like with Paul McDonald, the indie and laid-back singer with the beautiful tone to his voice. ♥

I will end this entry with MOAR poetry because I love it! )

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Got back from the beach on Monday. Much fun was had by all (I will post a pic or two when I am not feeling like a total lazy ass). The weather was great, the waves were rockin', I drank icy-cold beer, and we ate the best seafood ever. All in all, a great mini-vacay.

The first night we were there, I couldn't sleep and wound up watching My Sister's Keeper. I totally lost it, freaking sobbing like my heart was broken. Terrible, terrible. Ugh. Just typing this, my eyes are welling up with tears. Talk about a total manipulation of every bad feeling I have been having lately.

Speaking of which, no new info on my dad and chemo. Still waiting. This past month has been the longest month of my life. I swear, every day is like a week. I don't even know.

Work continues to suck what is left of my soul, but whatever. I am trying that thing where I don't let stuff bother me. So far, it's not really working, but I'm going to keep at it. They can all fucking suck it.

I just realized I haven't checked my email in forever and the thought just exhausts me, so my sincerest apologies if anyone out there has written me - I will catch up soon, hopefully. Right now, I am just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak.

And finally, I just watched the Idol finale. I like Lee, but Crystal was robbed. I am more upset that Simon is leaving and that I was DENIED one David Cook appearing on stage. Yes, this is my life and I refuse to apologize for it. Also, Janet Jackson!!! Who thinks she looks and sounds just like her brother? Listening to her sing, though, made me sooo nostalgic for her 90s stuff. My dance team ripped off so many of her dance moves, LOL. I think I am going to go youtube her old stuff. Later, y'all.

ETA: I totally forgot to mention my one great LOL moment of the show - the Alanis/Crystal duet when Crystal sang, Is she perverted like me, would she go down with you to the theater? I swear I nearly peed myself, laughing. Ah, censorship. You always make me giggle like a 12-year-old.
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I had a dream the other night where JP suddenly became Adam Lambert and he broke up with me (naturally!) and putting all the heartbreak stuff aside (it really hurt, yo), it was pretty funny because Adam/JP told me that he only wanted to take care of me and I promptly stood up and gave him double middle fingers before stomping off. I wish I could always be that spunky during a breakup. Ouch, though. 

Well, Lady Gaga is coming to San Antonio, which is cool. HOWEVER. I have something to say about this whole ticket business. I figured if you are gonna go Gaga, you gotta go General Admission, right? Get all up close and personal with the stage and that whole theatrical train wreck. So, I got the password for the presale and tried to buy a GA ticket this morning (and at $85, not including fees, that shit ain't cheap!). But I kept getting 'none available.' So, I started messing around a little and discovered lo! you could buy a GA ticket IF you purchased a "special package" for $240. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS. FOR ONE TICKET. THAT IS NOT EVEN A SEAT. *ahem* Anyhoo, I was incensed. Highway robbery! So, unless they change that rule once the tickets go on sale to the general public, count me out of the whole thing. Very disappointed in the Gaga gouging.

Also, in other news, I wanted to take a couple of days and go to the beach this weekend before the mad rush of summer, but my boss told me that the auditors are coming so I can't be off when they are in the office. What I don't understand is why my superstar of a co-worker can't handle them? You would think that since he got a perfect review, he would be better equipped to handle such a task.

I am in a foul mood, NGL.

ETA: since I am in a bitchy mood already, I would just like to say that although I love, love, LOVE the songs and dancing on Glee, I find the writing so, so LAZY. Dropped story lines, pointless plot contrivances to explain away all the awesome guest stars, and also the blatant emotional manipulation in lieu of real stories. Puke. C'mon, writers - the world is watching. Don't just sit on your collective asses and let the music and Jane Lynch carry the show. *sigh*
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Idol Gives Back: David Cook with little girls - 1, My ovaries - 0

He is just too adorable with children, makes me all gooey and goofy.

In other news, I will probably clear at least 10 hours of OT this week. Save or splurge? Hmmm.

Also, this thread of poetry made me cry, but only because most of them are so damn touching and hopeful and happy in an uncommon way.
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I was at work until 9PM tonight and the less said about that, the better. My goal for this weekend is to update my resume, dammit!

American Idol results spoiler! )

Tomorrow I will check in with my mom, do the three cubic tons of laundry currently heaped in my bath tub (yeah, that's right - in the tub), and cut a check to the gaht-damned mortgage company for my escrow adjustment or whatever the Hell it is they call this yearly shakedown.

And maybe sushi this weekend? I worked enough overtime to afford it, by gum!
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Okay, I promise not to complain (too much) in this entry.

I had mostly a good day (barely wanted to stab ANYONE). I also worked out so, go me! That brings my grand total to: 10 times this year!

American Idol continues to underwhelm me, although I am still watching and rooting for certain contestants: Lee "Sorry I Broke Up With You In My Dream!" Dewyze, Casey "Hot Or Not Hot, I Can't Decide" James, and Alex "I Hate Your Mullet" Lambert. I still love Andrew, but seriously, he is letting me down. I loved his Fall Out Boy but everything after that has made me meh. And among the girls, I still like Crystal and Didi the best.

And now, I am going to talk about shoes. I love shoes. Truly. Madly. Deeply. However, I have wide feet. Not wide for a girl or even wide for a boy. More like, wide for a duck (true fact: my mother calls my feet "patas" which is Spanish for "duck" - thanks, Ma). The point of this is that shoe shopping is never as fun as I think it is going to be, mainly because most stores don't carry a whole lot of cute shoes in uber-wide sizes. Ergo, is where I go for my crack. My favorite brand there is Softspots. They make a wide assortment of cute, comfortable, WIDE shoes. However, lately, their newer stuff has not been doing it for me. Like, I used to love going into Lane Bryant because their stuff was so chic, but now it seems like whenever I walk in there, I am attacked by the ugly (which is why I now live at Old Navy).

Where was I going with this? Oh, yes. I need a shoe fix. Hmmm. I guess that was it. My journal: come for the bitching, stay for the pointless rambling!
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So, I had a dream last night where I started dating this guy (hope you like the serial killer look he's rocking):

For those of you who are not insane American Idol fans, this is Lee Dewyze from the current season. In my dream, we hit it off, I introduced him to my whole family, we started falling for each other, things were great, and then JP showed up. Awkward. I had to tell Lee that I was with JP and he was so hurt and upset and I felt so terrible about leading him on. Poor showing, Melly. : (

I included this picture because he was wearing a knit cap like this in the dream and also to show you that I have good taste in pretend boyfriends. LOL...

Any WTF?! dreams on the flist lately?

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Ugh, boys night on American Idol did not over-impress me. And contrary to popular opinion (it seems), I LOVED Andrew Garcia's spin on Fall Out Boy. I thought it was original and that he sang it really well. And for all those children who are all, "You don't mess with Fall Out Boy!" I say "IT IS FALL OUT BOY, NOT ELVIS OR INSERT ICONIC BAND HERE!!!" They are acting like FOB is untouchable but I contend that they should be touched all over. LOL...ew, I just had a mental image of Pete Wentz. Yuck.

Also, I loved Casey James's performance of Heaven (LOVE that song) and although I think they both beefed it in their songs, I still love Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert for the lovely tones in their respective voices. Lee is SHORT! He looks like Elliott Yamin's good-looking brother...

Also, David Cook shout out!!!

Okay, really? That's all I got? I guess so. Back to my excruciating task of trying to write something when the well has run dry. Ugh.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] tkngrl !

As I suspected, San Antonio got about a half hour of sleeting rain and that was it. I hear some places around us got snow, though. Huh.

In random news, apparently a friend has dropped me, suddenly not inviting me to various outings with mutual friends. Bummer. I wish girls would just say what's up. I have no time for this shit, I swear.

Idol was a bit of a bore tonight, to be honest. I liked Didi, the waitress with a dead friend, and the chick who looks like Tracey Ullman (Lily?). I really, really liked Crystal Bowersox, but she needs to lose the harmonica and the too cool for school attitude. Don't go all Amanda Overmeyer on us, dear. Everyone else ranged from pleasant to yikes! Next up, the boys...

Bring on Tyler Grady's huge face and Andrew Garcia's mad rearrangement skillz!

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Yuck. I have to go to scary business breakfast in the morning hosted by the president of our division. I am supposed to ask questions. You know the kind I am talking about. The kind that don't offend anyone but are still thought-provoking and make me (and by extension, my department) look good and smart. I want to ask about the outsourcing, but I have been told that under no circumstances am I to mention it. Excuse me while I barf. Corporate politics can kiss my ass.

Must go think up some questions...

Adam Lambert is gay! In other news, water is wet!

*rolling my eyes so hard, they have gone into the back of my head*

Don't mind me, kiddies. Momma is in a baaaad mood.

Still to do before my trip next week: get itinerary/driving directions together, cut and color hair, do MOAR LAUNDRY, buy strapless bra (gaaaaaah), clean my disgusting room.

In good news, I am going to see Wicked this weekend. Huzzah!

ETA: okay, I am not cranky about the Adam Lambert stuff anymore because I read a couple of snippets of the interview and it is FABULOUS, i.e.:

"I loved it this season when girls went crazy for me. As far as I'm concerned, it's all hot. Just because I'm not sticking it in there doesn't mean that I don't find it beautiful," Lambert (graphically) tells Rolling Stone.

Lambert even goes on to share his feelings toward sharing a living space with 'Idol' champion Kris Allen.
He says that when the show moved them in together, "I was like, 'Oh, s--t, they put me with the cute guy.' Distracting! He's the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type – except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."


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Still sick - I feel like I have coughed up a lung, for reals. I am a little worried, cause my breathing is kinda wheezy but I'll give it one more day before giving in and going to the doctor/med clinic.

American Idol was rather anti-climactic for me. I really only watched the finale to see David Cook perform. ♥ ♥ ♥

The other night I had two fabulous, Nyquil-fueled dreams and that is about the only thing I have to report other than I can't believe I'm motherfuckin' sick for the upcoming three-day weekend. !@#$

My dreams, let me show you them. )

Okay, bedtime. Ugh. Wheezing!!!

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Damn American Idol, making me want to buy disco music. Noooooooo!!! Yuck. Am going to download the new Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys instead and then I will feel like my own woman again.

In wtf?! news, one of my ex-boyfriends contacted me through Facebook. Very strange to hear from him. We had some good times as a couple, but the break ups were messy and repetetive. The friendship that grew out of that survived us dating other people (including my dating a friend of his) and we were just a lot more fun as buddies. We finally ended things for good when he refused to invite me to his wedding because his bride didn't want me there (totally understandable but it hurt because ALL our friends went). And here we are, ten years later. Weird but good.

My boss recently brought some tamarind apples into work and now I am mad craving them, even though my sister the dental hygienist will get after me for eating them because tamarind destroys tooth enamel. Boo!

And since the month is drawing closer to an end (I KNOW, right?!), I feel I must post a little more poetry:

Save as Draft

Or write as poem. The whole point is often
what we miss out on. To revise is to reconsider
the experience of, say, a leaf — never mind
that it is not green anymore. Or, pardon the sudden
evening. The transition was nice enough;
the explosive colors of dusk. And, didn’t you feel
so much sadness? I cannot explain it any better
than how I could when the outlines were still there:
trees and some wonderful new shapes.
Since then, things have changed. A pale hand
moves in the darkness. And someone is calling out,
come to bed, come to bed. And it is just you.
The evening insists on evening. It is that simple.
It is late enough as it is.

-- Joel M. Toledo

Le tired

Apr. 14th, 2009 10:54 pm
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David Cook shoutout on AI! Wot, wot! Kris Allen sang one of my all-time favorite songs from the movie Once, but Kris - you are no Glen Hansard.

I keep making Japanese curry! I can't stop! I have a problem!

Really, Melissa? This is all you've got? Well, I can't talk about work because I will get all 'le-boo-hoo' so, the answer is yes.

This weekend is Taste of New Orleans: belly dancers, beer, no shade to speak of, and some of the best damn fried bread EVAR. Also, turkey legs!!! I don't think I have devoted enough time here to explain in detail my great love of smoked turkey legs. Another time, perhaps...

I am totally excited about the following things:

Death Cab for Cutie (May)
David Cook (June)
Wicked (June)

For now, Coldplay and NINJA tour are off limits. BUT time will tell...
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Ugh. Very bad week at work, making me feel like a loser of monumental proportions. I hate my fragile ego, for reals. I came home yesterday and had myself a good cry, which made today a little more bearable. I still feel like loser pie, but at least I can stand myself. Oh, well.

In good news, JP and I went to see Adventureland the other night. It was funny, but just missed being poignant. I am pretty much in love with Martin Starr, BTW. I am calling dibs on him and his thick-ass glasses...

We have been having the most gorgeous sunrises and bright/red moons lately. I know because I am up both too early and too late. Whaddaya gonna do?

I will say this about American Idol this season: they have sent me scurrying to iTunes to buy some fantastic music that I had completely forgot about, like Monica's Angel of Mine, The Search is Over by Survivor (I know, I'm old), and the Gary Jules version of Mad World. LOVE IT. The original songs, that is...the idols for the most part are kinda eh. If I could take the best parts of like four of them, THEN we would have a wicked cool Franken-idol. But alas, 'twas not meant to be...

MOAR's a short one but oy! Right between the eyes. )

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But first, a meme!

Girl, put your records on... )

P.S. Everyone except Adam and Anoop pissed me off tonight. Well, Danny was okay too but everyone else was either horrible or snooze-worthy. Dammit, AI!
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I am sickie-poo. My throat hurts, I have a fever, my bones ache, and I am pretty positive I was hallucinating in front of the TV earlier, when I had a long conversation with JP in spite of the fact that he was outside working on the yard.

Tomorrow is tours and software upgrades and short-handed staff woes. Another day in paradise...

American Idol is sorta getting better for me. I really liked Anoop tonight and, although no one else seems to, I love Megan. I am a fan of quirky, throwback singers. Her lack of a powerful voice doesn't bother me; Lil has killer pipes and she bores me to tears. But I'm pretty sure Megan won't stay much longer, if the vitriol against her on the interwebs is any indication. Huh. The one year I like a girl...

Where is DC when you need him? ^_______^

Speaking of good music, is anyone else besides me obsessed with the 80's flavored 'Untouched' by the Veronicas? I LOVE that song. It's such a pick me up!

Okay, sleepy times. Night all...


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:27 pm
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I am sick and bitchy with it.

That is all.


Oh, yeah...American Idol was a big ol' letdown for me. The only ones who sounded decent to my admittedly grouchy ears was that Braddy guy who sang A Song for You (Elliott!!!) and Danny Gokey (or as I like to call him Ugly Robert Downey Jr). And I had such high hopes for some of them...

Best AI-related comment on LJ comm re Tatianna the Insane: "Dangit, stop singing fairly well! Suck at singing as much as you suck at life!" (Thanks for the lulz, [ profile] brunettebabe53)
Best AI-related comment by JP re Tatianna: "There is no God."

Hee, hee! I find it both annoying and amusing that she sang well-ish. I would rather be tortured to death than ever vote for her, but you know...good on her for not cracking under the pressure like so many did tonight.

In other news, reports are coming in from various David Cook concerts and I am at once squee-ful and wickedly jealous.
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I feel like I was supposed to do something tonight, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was...

I need to return some phone calls, but I cannot be bothered because I am teh lazy!

Josiah Leming's EP came out today and it is very lovely. I'm not sure I love polished Josiah as much as I love raw Josiah, but I think with a few more listens I just might come to care for them both. He definitely has that dark, angsty, singer-songwriter thing going on, even though he is a mere infant. Yummy sadness.

He is also coming to Texas for a couple of shows, but they are in Abilene and Odessa. What. The. Hell. Someone needs to have a word with his tour manager. But that's not the craziest part - the craziest part is I'm thinking...ROAD TRIP!!! LOL...oh, God, someone get me out of this second adolescence! 

I voted yesterday, so that brings my number of Presidential elections voted in to four. Wow. My guy has won...once, so far. Which just goes to show that I am in the minority in every freakin' sense of the word! Hmph.

Oooh! I almost forgot: I need to brainstorm for nanowrimo! I'm off like a dirty shirt...


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