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Aug. 17th, 2012 10:51 pm
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I haven't given up on LJ, but I must admit it's been distressingly easy to not post for over a month. Hope all y'all are well. I've been busy, mainly working and watching a lot of Netflix. I recently bought a fitbit and am enjoying playing with it. It's the nicest, most high-tech pedometer I've ever seen. But I'm trying to make an honest effort to exercise and document what I eat. Fitbit even records my sleep patterns (apparently, I fall asleep in 3-12 minutes and wake up 3 or 4 times a night, on average).

Last weekend was the San Japan con and JP and I attended as panelists. We hosted an all-day cel and toy showroom every day of the convention. It was exhausting! We barely got to see the rest of the con, but had a blast talking about cels to the people who wandered through. JP shot a quick video of our room. We set up and broke down that whole thing three times, LOL!

In other news, nearly naked Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy gets two thumbs up from me! I know a lot of people were bummed when Matt Damon bowed out, but I really like Jeremy Renner's take on the assassin who starts to ask too many questions. There is a scene between him and Edward Norton that lasts only a minute or two, but is so powerful. Sin eaters, indeed. Rachel Weisz is also awesome. I have a total girl-crush on her and always have had since The Mummy (incidentally, she does not age. Fact.)

I am trying to be good about money because poor JP's root canal became abcessed and we had to take him to a specialist who basically undid the crappy job his crappy dentist did in the first place. Of course, the insurance wouldn't cover a second root canal on the same tooth (DON'T get me started) so we had to pay $1100 out of pocket. That's gonna leave a mark!

So, no more clothes shopping for the time being, although I am seriously lusting after this coat (because it will be so useful to me here. In South Texas):


Okay, I guess that's it. I'll try and pop in here more often.


Mar. 12th, 2012 11:20 pm
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Can't wait for live action Kenshin! I am riding such an anime nostalgia lately. I want to re-watch all the series that brought me back to anime as an adult - Sailor Moon, Kenshin, Esca, Bebop, Fushigi Yuugi. ^_______^ 

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Happy 20th anniversary, anime Sailor Moon! Everyone seems to hate Usagi, but I love a girl who loves to eat! LOL...

Memories of watching anime from this time frame just make me so damn happy. Holler, cel folk from back in the day!!! *hugs*

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Tooth fixed, thanks to my sister getting me into her office first thing this morning. Just a little sore from the shot and from when the dentist knocked my upper molars with one of his instruments while trying to test the strength of the composite he had just glued to my broken tooth. Ouch.

Next up, must take Jeep in to be looked at. I had to drive on the highway today and I couldn't go over 55 without the Jeep vibrating like mad. I thought the drivers behind me were going to follow me and kill me with speed limit signs (city highway speed is 65).Now I just have to hope and hope some more that the fix will not be ridiculous amounts of money.

Speaking of which, they announced our yearly bonus: 18.4%!!! Thank goodness!!! This money will go a long way towards paying down my credit card and paying closing costs on my refinance. 2012, I take back everything I said about you...

I have (finally) started watching Black Butler. I guess there must be something wrong with me because I am not getting into it like I normally would. Can anyone tell me if it gets better after the first few episodes? I'm really disappointed in myself because this show seemed like something right up my alley. I have also been watching Kodomo No Omocha, which I had started some time ago but stopped for some reason. I am enjoying it, though. I like the throwback feel to it.

Big, big hugs to [livejournal.com profile] annearchy. You are my hero, woman.

So tired...

Aug. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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The McNay Art Museum was gorgeous (and free!). Their collection is small, but it is one of the most beautiful spaces, ever. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone in the car so I didn't take pictures. They have a gorgeous Chagall that I am in love with, but hands down, the greatest thing we saw was a pop art piece done by Roger Shimomura. It was several different anime characters mixed with the Power Puff Girls and spaceships and in the center was the artist dressed as Jan Cogo from SF Saiyuki Starzinger, holding a paintbrush. ♥ ♥ ♥

I am easy like a Sunday morning, people.

Today I got my hair cut (finally!) and we saw The Other Guys, starring my sekrit boyfriend Will Ferrell. It was hilarious and weird all at once. But what else do you expect with Mr. Ferrell?! Good times.

Tonight we went to the Magik Theater (local children's theater) to see Snow White and the Seven Amigos. It was awesomely funny, being a little amateur and slightly offensive. But if you were to mix Snow White with a dash of The Magnificent Seven and dress it up with sombreros and Speedy Gonzalez style accents, you will have the gist of it. Still, the actors (who also put on Shakespeare in the Park every year) show that comedy is their strong suit. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Came home and had a nice long talk with the Kid, wherein we discussed the theory of barefoot running, argued over the correct pronunciation of "Chagall," and quoted a good portion of The Matchmaker.

All in all, it's been a good couple of days. ^______^
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San-Japan was good, especially for a fledgling con. We had a small but enthusiastic cel panel. JP got to pal around with Dean Venture's voice actor. I was (am still) insanely enraged at the Marriott for having the gall to tell me that if I wanted a cart to haul our suitcases full of cels downstairs, it would cost me $25-30. I am assuming that was for a round trip, but who knows for sure? Marriott is gonna hear from me, though. If I am going to tip the bell boy (the cart comes with) for each trip, what the fuck do they care?! Does the bell boy have something else to do besides hang outside the hotel smoking cigarettes and telling dirty jokes? From my observation, the answer is NO.

But otherwise, fun times. We donated a couple of cels for the charity auction that went for over $200 total and that made me really happy. But the Marriott can still suck it.

Sweet (and also, really?):

I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this: manga, not obvious mental illness, puts boy in institution; mother fights others' rights to read!

Oh, please. Isn't there some local book burning they can point this lady to so she can quit it with the crusade against manga? Stupid people make me sad.

My "vacation" this past week has involved running around like a crazy person, non-stop eating, dangerous levels of beer drinking, loads of time with the Kid and familia, and a local anime convention (to which I return tomorrow). I can't wait to get back to work so I can get some rest, LOL!

Hope y'all are well. I am le tired, but you know. No rest for the wicked...
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OMG, you guys. Work. WORK. Why is it every time I take a day off during the week, I wind up working massive overtime on the other four days? It's like, why did I bother taking the day off in the first place if I am going to wear myself out later on? I am so tired.

I would talk about what's going on at work, but what's the point? I feel demoralized and hurt, but at least it's a job and it's paying my mortgage, so I just have to suck it up, right? The president of the bank is touring our facility next week and I am one of the people who will be "allowed" to talk to him. Maybe I will hit him up for a job, LOL...

In better news, the Kid and his wife are coming to visit us in early July, on my week off. YAY! And the following weekend, JP and I will be holding a cel panel at San Antonio's fledgling anime con, San Japan. I'm looking forward to it because anything that isn't work-related makes me happy and excited.

We saw Get Him to the Greek last weekend and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I am not a fan of Jonah Hill, but he did alright here. P Diddy or whatever the Hell he calls himself was pretty freakin' hilarious. And I know everyone seems to hate Russell Brand, but as I have only seen him play one character, he doesn't annoy me in the slightest. I think he did great in the role.

Tonight, new Futurama! Again, so excited!
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Hope all the mommies on my flist had a good day! We went to my parent's house and my sister bought enough food for 20 people, even though there were only seven of us. *urp*

Dad is looking good, although he is not what I would call a good patient, always trying to do too much and pretend like he did not just have major surgery. His machismo is something to be reckoned with. The older he gets, the worse he will be - I am thinking of my grandfather, who was an ornery ol' cuss and my dad will probably go that way as well. *sigh*

I have been going through concert withdrawal or something. I haven't gone to one in forever. I really wanted to see Lady Gaga, but all four of her shows in Texas sold out by the time I realized I wanted to go. The Toadies will be in New Braunfels in August, but that isn't quite the same as a crazy, over-the-top Gaga extravaganza. Who else is touring this summer?

I have been re-watching Ouran Host Club and just laughing my ass off. It's holding up better than I thought it would. And speaking of anime, I really want to buy Special A and I would love to find Lovely Complex on DVD as well, although I do not believe the anime was ever licensed in the U.S. (???). I know I sound soooo 1999, watching anime on DVD, but the truth is, I don't like watching stuff on my computer (torrents, etc). Call me an old-fashioned girl, but I likes my anime on discs that I can watch on my semi-big screen TV and then put the cases on a shelf to admire.

What else? Oh, I found the cutest dress at Target but they had every size except mine (curses!). I also really want this dress (the back is beautiful), but again, it's not in my size and also I will not pay $60 for a dress because I am le cheap when it comes to clothes. I did, however, buy these incredibly cute sandals because it is practically summer which always means new shoes! Just like the beginning of every other season...

Okay, back to regularly scheduled Sunday night...ugh back to work tomorrow.
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Is the best part of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs the part where the main villain Nemesis warns his subordinate that, "Every breath you take, every move you make - I will be watching you!" (Marc Handler, you are my favoritest story writer EVER)? I don't know - I am only two episodes in. But I'll keep you posted on any future song lyrics jammed into 80's Americanized anime. Many thanks to JP for convincing me to buy the complete set when it was on sale at Amazon ($16.49!!!).

Well, they let my dad go home from the hospital already, if you can believe that. Part of me is deeply relieved and part of me is scared that it's too soon. I guess time will tell. *crosses fingers*

I made stuffed mushrooms tonight. They were delish! Unfortunately, I am feeling the aftereffects of my lactose intolerance. Cheese...one day it will kill me and I just have to accept my fate.

I still want my beach mini-vacay, but most places are getting booked up. Maybe after Labor Day...

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Amazon has the blu-ray collection of Samurai Champloo on sale for $39. Yowza.

So, this week has been very blah and I have been blah in it. I am continually distracted and tired and grouchy and sore. The good news is I LOVE MY SHAPE UPS!!! I have worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep. Totally worth the money.

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] whitereflection , I have been inspired to play around with grilled cheese sammiches and I hit on a rather tasty version: seven grain bread, slice of American, slice of white cheddar, toasted well and served with baby dill pickles. YUMMERS. I will add the disclaimer that I am easily impressed with my own cooking. Although, I would like to mention that I made some kick-ass eggs in a basket with a side of fried tomatoes last weekend.

I have a very strong desire to put in Much Ado About Nothing, curl up under my blankie, and fall asleep. Think I might just do that...

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Well it took the better part of three hours, but I made beef bourguignon and it is delicious! And cheap! I used about $3 worth of stew meat, various veggies, and a $2 bottle of cabernet sauvignon (thank you, liquor outlet store) to whip it up. Ugh. So full, though.

I, er...don't actually have a recipe #2 but I might try and make some gingerbread cakes tomorrow and then my candied yams for Thanksgiving.

Also, I burned my tongue. Suck.

Tonight is the museum again and My Neighbor Totoro! Yay!
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So, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I dragged my ass out of bed and JP drove us to the middle of Darkest Texas so we could watch the Leonid meteor shower. We didn't see a whole bunch, but we saw a few impressive ones. Very, very beautiful. Cold as hell. And spooky because it was very dark and very lonely. But totally cool.

Afterward, we returned home and I trudged off to work aka The Longest Day EVAR on roughly three hours of sleep. Joy! Then I came home and instead of resting, JP and I went to the San Antonio Museum of Art! Yaaaay!


The weekend before last we actually went to the museum to see Frederik Schodt talk about his latest translation effort, Hayao Miyazaki's Starting Point: 1979-1996 (reminder to self: go pick that up). Anyhoo, it turned out kind of awesome because duh! anime and especially Miyazaki! And also, JP and I brought some of our cels and afterwards we set them out on a table in the lobby and garnered quite a bit of interest (well, JP did - you know how I looove interacting with people, LOL). Anyway, it turned into an impromptu lesson on animation art and I actually had a good time mingling (after I helped myself to the free! pinot noir and snackage that the museum had on hand). Everyone was really polite and engaging.

Er, front story?

Well, in addition to this, the museum was also planning on showing some Miyazaki movies which is why we went again on Tuesday night (to see Laputa in the museum auditorium....nice big screen, stadium seating). And while the crowd was not particularly large, there were some blowhards one aisle back who were maniacally laughing and talking throughout the movie until JP turned to them in a quiet moment and said, "Hey, guys the soundtrack would sound so much better without you adding to it." And if this wasn't awesome enough, some guy right behind us said, "Straight up." I couldn't help but laugh. JP is my hero! Anyway, the assholes shut up and we enjoyed the rest of the movie in relative silence (with the exception of the toddler who was asking questions towards the end because BABIES CAN'T READ SUBTITLES, GENIUS PARENT!).

Ahhhh, that felt good to get out.

Work sucks, no surprise there. I am feeling particularly put upon and it's depressing. Woe.

Okay, just two more days, people and it. Is. On. Thanksgiving Vacation 2009. WOOOO!!!
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Tonight we watched You Can't Take It With You, a lovely old movie about the truly important things in life and about following the beat of a different drummer long before individuality became so popular. I won't lie - I got all wibbly with the frankly sentimental view of family. I love Frank Capra!

And last night we saw Appleseed Ex Machina, which was very pretty, empty, and Woo-ified. John Woo homages abounded (not that I mind - I am a BIG fan of slow-mo ass kicking and doves in flight). The first five minutes make the movie worth it.

And that's all the news that's fit to print, unless anyone wants to hear me bitching about my work manuals. LOL!

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I have been anxious all weekend and you know what that means! Shop, shop, shop. At least it wasn't eat, eat, eat...

Speaking of which (sorta), I am contemplating canceling my gym membership. I have really let that go lately and I could certainly use the money. It's bad, I agree but you know...

Anyhoo, this is pretty damn sweet! The local anime club has rekindled itself and has been holding gatherings and whatnot, but I have never been able to go. But Utena and Rose of the Versailles and the possibility of Takarazuka?! I am in!!!

We saw As You Like It on Friday night and it was mostly good. The leads were a little green, stepping over each other's lines and stuttering a bit, but Touchstone was awesome and several of the lesser characters did very well. As usual, the company takes some liberties. Last year, The Tempest was set in outer space. This time, the play was set...under the big top!

title or description

Aw, my brother just called to see what kind of snacks/food we want when we go visit. That is totally his wife's doing - he would never be that gracious himself. I don't know whether to be touched by the thoughtfulness or alarmed at the Stepford-ization of my bro...

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Why am I awake you ask?

Because I have become addicted to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets . Oh, the lulz! And I don't even know a bunch of the fandoms on there! It's crack, I tell ya!

Also, I still have not seen all of Gurren Lagann, but this AMV is fantastic! I get a lump in my throat watching it...

Alas, I better go to bed: tomorrow (er, today) is Filipino food at the 'rents house to celebrate Mother's Day. Mmmm, lumpia and pancit bihon!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies on the flist! Have a great day...

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I swear I am going to behave after this, Budget. I will not cross the line again for at least one or two months. BUT. When the Best Buy down the road is on the list of Best Buys that are discounting their anime, you must ACT. So, I did.

All the anime was 50% off, so I got the following:

Beast King Go-Lion, 3rd collection
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, limited edition
Negima!, complete collection
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, complete series
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, season 1
Code Geass, season 1, parts 1 & 2 (I am going to give it another shot)

I did show restraint - I actually put some stuff back. ^_____^


I made Japanese curry tonight. Yummy, but no matter how little I make, once all the meat and veggies are put together, they expand somehow and suddenly I have enough to feed a family of six! Seriously - I used ONE potato, half an onion, a handful of baby carrots, and less than a pound of meat. Now we will be eating curry for days to come. Not that I am complaining, but I would really like to learn to cook something without making leftovers.



Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:35 pm
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Happiness Meme, day 7!

- I found a check for $20 that has been at the bottom of my purse for the past three months (a refund from the place we stayed in Cabo). Woo!

In other news, I am very blah. I have no motivation to work out, eat healthy, or return phone calls. Le depressed. Le lame.

I always feel vaguely guilty for being sad; I think I can blame that one on my mother! LOL! She never could understand why I was so moody and emotional. She used to tell me that if I was going to survive in this world, I would need thicker skin. She was right, in a fashion. But I am still, at heart, a big ol' cream puff.

Did see the first disc of Beck Mongolian Chop Squad and enjoyed it very much, even though I have never cared for that art style. Will have to check out the rest.


Feb. 1st, 2009 01:48 pm
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Happiness Meme, Day 6

- I finally ordered Clamp School Detectives and I got it for less than $30, with free shipping to boot. Woo!
- It is 2pm and I have no intentions of getting out of my pajamas AND I am watching the ANTM marathon.
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Great news! JP reminded me that the company store has a mini-post office and I was able to mail everything out to everyone without going nuts and killing several people with a letter opener like last year! Huzzah!

Birthday looming, like a specter (really, that's how you spell it?)  on the horizon. At least it's the beginning of my vacay! I have decided that for my birthday, I am going to:

1. Drag JP to see Twilight (shush)
2. Spend some time shopping for things I do not need (not too much though, as funds are limited)
3. I am going to drop some moola on itunes (it is a birthday ritual)
4. Go out for dinner with the familia (actually celebrating multiple birthdays and anniversaries, but who cares?! I am going to have pasta and sangria!)

I am currently obsessed with a song off the Brainpower'd soundtrack, Ai no Rinkaku. I know, right? I never even got through the series, but I bought the CD years ago for some reason and listened to it non-stop because Yoko Kanno is love. Then some jackhole stole my CD case FILLED WITH VERY EXPENSIVE ANIME CDs and I forgot all about the soundtrack. Because my attention span is wee! But I heard it again and I love it again! The End.


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