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Oct. 8th, 2013 09:53 pm
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Okay! turns out my baked goods for the San Antonio Aids Foundation charity event are due tomorrow, not Thursday! So pies are baked and cooling as is my naked cake (only one after all, turns out I am not Betty Crocker on steroids). Will wrap everything up, including naked cake layers, and finish frosting/decorating tomorrow when I get home. JP thinks I'm crazy for spending all this time and money, but to me it's way more fun than just donating money (although they'd probably appreciate that more, LOL).

ANYWAY, meme time! I hope I remember how to do them...

30 Days of Blogging meme

1. Introduction and recent photo

So, even though all I ever do is talk about myself (me, me, me), I guess I can give a quick rundown. My name is Melissa (but I answer to Missy, Melly, and Mel). I'm 40 (ugh), work as an Operations Analyst for a huge insurance company, and live with my longtime boyfriend JP and a whole parcel of cats. He is actually the crazy cat lady, not me. I started keeping an online journal back in 2001 (holy mairde it's been 12 years), mainly because some of my fellow anime cel collecting peeps were on Live Journal so I tagged along.

I have a big, wonderful family that drives me crazy. If it were not for them, I would not still be here in South Texas, dying from the relentless oven of a climate and the never-ending stupidity of Texas lawmakers in general. My dream is to retire early and move somewhere north, where there are real seasons. I hear they are nice.

I live traveling, reading, baking, writing, and watching anime and historical dramas (combine the two and I am your slave). I love Shakespeare, Jane Austen, poetry, maps, watching sci-fi with JP, and all-you-can-eat meat at Brazilian steakhouses (the salads are good, too). Although I have been kicking ass and taking names at work, the thing I am most proud of is that over the last 5 months, I have lost over 40 pounds. It hasn't been easy, but it feels great. I can finally shop in the regular clothes section again, which is nice. I have a new-found interest in athletic gear and exercising (although running bites and you can quote me on that).

In honor of Halloween, here is a recent photo of me at Target. JP and I were trying on the foam wigs and dying of laughter. I kinda liked this one, though...who knew I could rock some blond hair?

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I have no words for what is going on (or not going on, rather) in Congress right now. I will just say that I am not surprised that dumb fuck Cruz is from Texas. I am shocked and saddened by how many people I know and love are spittle-yelling, virulent Tea Party supporters. I feel like telling them that he who shouts loudest is not the winner, but what's the point? It seriously turns my stomach. I feel like once my parents and older brother are gone from this world, I cannot leave Texas fast enough.

I've never affiliated myself with any political party because I am always willing to listen to both sides; however, the divide has gotten so ridiculously huge and the messages so negative, I feel like there is no point in even trying to see things from both sides. Everyone else is digging in, so I will too. As a minority woman hanging on to the middle class by her fingertips, I cannot in good conscience support the Republican Party. As a human being, I cannot abide the Tea Party Republicans. There are plenty of things about the Demos I don't like, but guess what? At least their lies sound believable.

See what I did there? Said I wasn't gonna talk about it...and yet I did.

So, on to other news. I am beat! This Thursday, the San Antonio Aids Foundation is having a charity event and my sister and I have offered to provide some bake sale items (she has gotten mad-talented at cake decorating and I am still obsessed with baking, because I am on forever! diet, LOL). I am making a rainbow cake (hee!), a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and ombre icing, and a dozen pies-in-a-jar (apple and raspberry). To prevent myself from staying up until 3AM on Thursday morning and cursing the day I ever offered to do anything for anyone, I am trying to prep stuff this weekend. So I assembled all the pies and put them in the freezer tonight. Easy but time-consuming! On Wednesday night, I will bake the cakes and on Thursday, I will pop the pies in the oven and put frosting on anything in the kitchen not moving.

I need to lie down...

I have seen that 30 Days of Blogging meme going around and I was going to start it today, but I think I will postpone. I still have dishes to do and for some reason at 8PM tonight, I decided to wash all the sheets, bedspreads, and comforters. Whyyyyyy?????

So, next time: meme!

Now, enjoy some pie in a jar (OF COURSE I had to taste test!)

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Lately all I have wanted to do is bake cakes. It started with making Nay-nay's rainbow birthday cake and for the past month, I will use any excuse to whip up something: homemade ding dongs for my brother because he was disappointed that they have not reappeared on grocery store shelves; experimenting with making tiny single and double servings of cake (you know, for the DIET); and now: my brother and sister's birthday cake:

You do NOT want to know how I made that icing. I know frosting is just butter and sugar but I don't want to actually see it! LOL...
This particular specimen is vanilla cake layered with nutella, marshmallow icing, and macerated strawberries. I'm sure we will all take a bite and go into diabetic comas. But what a way to go!

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Checking in for what is now becoming my quarterly update. Fail, fail, fail. I miss ye old days of LJ, but the internet's evolution stops for no man (or woman). I'm sure someday I will be on tumblr, but for now I will resist and instead delight you with the highlights of my ho-hum life.

Work is going well; I was promoted again, which is nice. I basically live and breathe the huge, scary project they were supposed to remove me from several months ago. Instead, I stayed on and expanded it to cover the entire group my former boss presides over. It's stressful, but I enjoy being at the center of it, proving that even though I'm an introvert, I'm still a glory-hog. Oink, oink baby.

JP and I are good. He has been in Seattle this past week, visiting his family at their gorgeous lake house and attending PAX Prime. Last month, we went to Space City Con in Houston, an old school sci-fi convention. I was mainly there to kick it by the pool, but I did get to see Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown, Dr. Who) and he was a hoot. JP was in geek heaven, hanging out with all his old favorite sci-fi actors.

My mom was hospitalized earlier this summer. Scared the Hell out of us. It was ischemic colitis and she was in the hospital for about a week. She's slowly getting better, thank goodness.

My most exciting news is that I have been on a rigorous diet/workout routine since late April and have lost almost 40 pounds. It's been tough but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I don't really deny myself - if I want pizza, I have pizza. I just eat less of it. Limiting snacking is tough, but seeing the scale go down has been a great motivator. We'll see how long I can keep it up! Working out is actually kind of fun because my co-worker goes with me. She's a hardcore athlete, but very sweet and encouraging.

I guess those are all the "big" things. I'll just leave a picture of the bb rainbow cake I made Nay-nay for her 40th birthday because I am so proud of it (gloryhogsayswhat?):

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Merry Christmas eve, gentlefolk! Here, have some pictures:

Oh, yeah - I'm off for the next 5 days! Woot! )
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Drunk baking while watching Holiday Inn (omg, black face!!!). Pictures later. Of the baking. Not the black face.

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Speaking of "drive-by" reminds me of how, back in the high school, someone shot at Nay-nay's car and apparently she told her parents she was at my house (when in fact she was out with her boyfriend). So for years, her parents eyed me with distrust and never wanted her to go over to my house. She finally came clean (20 years later!) to all of us and I laugh every time I think of it, although I guess I should be kinda mad.

The most disturbing part of that story is that I didn't really consider the fact that someone shot at my bestie a big deal...high school was a fairly violent time - gangs beating the Hell out of each other at parties, guys pulling knives and brass knuckles out when they fought in the school courtyard. I remember being at a party once and someone firing several shots into the house. And when we left that night, all the tires of the cars on that street had been slashed. Wow, I guess my school was a little ghetto. Go me for not turning into a chola (gang girl), LOL!

ANYWAY, I just came in here to say that I wish to make darling desserts in jars as Christmas gifts for the extended familia, but apparently no one in San Antonio cans and preserves anymore because I have looked and looked and cannot find damned jelly jars! I guess I can order them, but what a pain. Though it will be worth it if I can pull this off (trust me, they won't be that pretty):

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I do not think I can adequately convey how tired I am. Maybe if I posted a picture of a deflated tire...

Big news at work which I will discuss later. Suffice it to say that the Bukowski was right - the gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them.


Tomorrow is our god-damned holiday cookie exchange, so I just made 8 dozen chocolate-peppermint sugar cookies:

Will someone please tell me what the Hell I am going to do with 8 dozen cookies?! LOL...
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We went to see Twelfth Night at the annual Shakespeare in the Park on Friday night. The Magik Theater always set the Bard's plays in different times. This one had a Beach Blanket Bingo facade, complete with brightly colored bathhouses, a live band playing 50s beach music, and Fabian doing his best Keanu Reeves surfer impersonation. Not bad, but missing something. The weather, however, was lovely and the white wine sangria, lip-smacking good.

I bought the most enormous white and gold floppy straw hat yesterday. It is both ridiculous AND glorious. So far, my plan to start saving extra money is not going so well. Today will be better. *nods*

Speaking of spending money, though, I am thinking about asking for a kindle for my birthday. My inner librarian has been steadfastly against it, but I realize that I just don't have the room for all my damn books plus packing three or four hardbacks every time I go on vacation is getting hard on the old carcass (dragging my carry on across San Fran, on the BART, and through the airport convinced me). I may have to keep some books for nostalgic purposes and because I love the way they smell...but I just feel like I'm ready to take the next step. *excite*

Ugh. I want a cupcake so bad right now, but all my milk is spoiled and I'd rather be hogtied to an anthill than go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe later...
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We celebrated JP's birthday and I made Dalek/Dr. Who cupcakes! Just a time I will probably use a different type of cookie on top to make it more proportional.

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Jack cake for potluck tomorrow. I definitely need some sort of decorating classes. Red velvet cake with white icing.

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I am so excited because I walked out of the house today and it was actually cool! Of course, it was 90 degrees by lunchtime, but this morning! I almost thought about going back inside for a light jacket!

I obviously get way too excited about this shit.

In other news, my cake was totally eclipsed by this awesome cheescake one of the ladies made with crumbly toffee chips on top. It was quite delicious. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board (these potlucks are going to turn me into a mad scientist baker, JFC).

JP took Spike to the vet today because he keeps throwing up all the time. Our little kitty was the model patient and JP said everyone was impressed with how well behaved and calm he was. They think he is okay, but suggested a couple of things for us to try, changing the food, etc.

I do have to admit our cats are pretty badass and that has everything to do with JP - he works with them a lot, training them, playing with them, and trying to keep a consistent sense of order in the group. You can take the wildlife ecologist out of the zoo, but you can't take the zoo out of the wildlife ecologist. Or something like that. I love the cats, that's no lie. But I spend a fraction of my time with them. JP walks out of the room and if the cats are awake, they are bound to follow him. It is hilarious and strange and adorable. 

Okay, done rambling for now. Ta!
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I had MAD craving for something sweet, so I made chocolate cupcakes with melted chocolate on top. Shiny! Most will go to work tomorrow. Most.

Oh and "Reverand" Terry Jones can DIAF. That is all.

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But it's more fun to show the bad stuff! Fudge-topped chocolate brownies with raspberries:


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Yesterday was horrible 16-hour day at work. Ugh.

Today, I made cupcakes! Chocolate and banana with chocolate frosting and fresh blueberries as decoration:


Taking them to work so people can nom on them and tell me how awesome I am, LOL...

In other fascinating news, I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom and my hands STILL smell like bleach. Yuck.

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Let's have a random post, shall we?

I saw Iron Man 2 last night and enjoyed it muchly, especially the scene near the end in  the Japanese-style garden, with flying flower petals and mecha, LOL.

Today we went to see Robin Hood and all the haters can step to the left, because I thought the movie rocked! And while I am disturbingly prone to loving Ridley Scott movies, I think this one was just a very original retelling with spectacular fight scenes. There were little things that bothered me, like Russell Crowe in general (just not a fan), the fact that his Merry Men didn't have enough face time (IMHO), and the little issue of the entire English army never showing up at all, even though they were supposedly right behind Robin (or if they DID return, where were all the Nottingham men? Dead?). But these are little quibbles. Mostly, I love anything that includes medieval England, bone-crunching battle scenes, hot archers, and the Robin Hood myth. Mmmmhmmm. Two thumbs up.

Then, we came home and watched Walt Disney's Robin Hood, which was totally awesome, too.

I recently bought the Kitchen Princess manga and have been tearing through it. I love this sweet, sappy shit. Also, I am dying to try the cupcakes made with pancake mix in paper cups. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Work tomorrow. Yuck.
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Nice post...

We celebrated JP's birthday today by shopping and then family dinner at Olive Garden and cake and presents after. I bought him the Beatles Rock Band with the limited edition instruments for the PS3 and I made his cake:

It was tasty.

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Mmm, love the lovely no-work Fridays! I did bring stuff home with me (a binder full of software admin guides) that I have to read by next Tuesday. DO NOT WANT.

I ran a couple of errands earlier, including picking up a couple of pairs of jeans at Old Navy (on sale for $19 apiece and it's tax-free weekend, baby). Oh, Old Navy! Why do you tempt me with your sales and your cute scarves, and blouses with lacy trim?!

In super-dooper exciting news, I am going to see my sweet baboo Arwen over Labor Day weekend. That's right, uh-huh, going to see her, can't stop, what was I saying? Oh, yeah! Visiting the greater San Francisco area, one of my favoritest places in all the world. ^_________^

And finally, I thought I would make Nay-nay a vegan, diabetic chocolate cake for her birthday, but the recipes I've come up with so far do not fill me with any great amount of confidence. I think the potential for disaster is rather high on this one. What to do, what to do...if any of ya'll have any tried and true tips for uber-specialized baking, I'd love to hear it!

Okay, off to go do stuff.
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We had a potluck today (as "essential" personnel, we worked on the business holiday) and I baked cupcakes! They were a big hit. Hooray!!

Also, I would just like to thank the great state of California (who is issuing post-dated checks that are breaking our system). Because of them, I have to cut my vacation short and do a little work next week.
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My threat gift to JP for Valentine's Day...



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