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Aug. 17th, 2012 10:51 pm
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I haven't given up on LJ, but I must admit it's been distressingly easy to not post for over a month. Hope all y'all are well. I've been busy, mainly working and watching a lot of Netflix. I recently bought a fitbit and am enjoying playing with it. It's the nicest, most high-tech pedometer I've ever seen. But I'm trying to make an honest effort to exercise and document what I eat. Fitbit even records my sleep patterns (apparently, I fall asleep in 3-12 minutes and wake up 3 or 4 times a night, on average).

Last weekend was the San Japan con and JP and I attended as panelists. We hosted an all-day cel and toy showroom every day of the convention. It was exhausting! We barely got to see the rest of the con, but had a blast talking about cels to the people who wandered through. JP shot a quick video of our room. We set up and broke down that whole thing three times, LOL!

In other news, nearly naked Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy gets two thumbs up from me! I know a lot of people were bummed when Matt Damon bowed out, but I really like Jeremy Renner's take on the assassin who starts to ask too many questions. There is a scene between him and Edward Norton that lasts only a minute or two, but is so powerful. Sin eaters, indeed. Rachel Weisz is also awesome. I have a total girl-crush on her and always have had since The Mummy (incidentally, she does not age. Fact.)

I am trying to be good about money because poor JP's root canal became abcessed and we had to take him to a specialist who basically undid the crappy job his crappy dentist did in the first place. Of course, the insurance wouldn't cover a second root canal on the same tooth (DON'T get me started) so we had to pay $1100 out of pocket. That's gonna leave a mark!

So, no more clothes shopping for the time being, although I am seriously lusting after this coat (because it will be so useful to me here. In South Texas):


Okay, I guess that's it. I'll try and pop in here more often.
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Happy 20th anniversary, anime Sailor Moon! Everyone seems to hate Usagi, but I love a girl who loves to eat! LOL...

Memories of watching anime from this time frame just make me so damn happy. Holler, cel folk from back in the day!!! *hugs*

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So, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I dragged my ass out of bed and JP drove us to the middle of Darkest Texas so we could watch the Leonid meteor shower. We didn't see a whole bunch, but we saw a few impressive ones. Very, very beautiful. Cold as hell. And spooky because it was very dark and very lonely. But totally cool.

Afterward, we returned home and I trudged off to work aka The Longest Day EVAR on roughly three hours of sleep. Joy! Then I came home and instead of resting, JP and I went to the San Antonio Museum of Art! Yaaaay!


The weekend before last we actually went to the museum to see Frederik Schodt talk about his latest translation effort, Hayao Miyazaki's Starting Point: 1979-1996 (reminder to self: go pick that up). Anyhoo, it turned out kind of awesome because duh! anime and especially Miyazaki! And also, JP and I brought some of our cels and afterwards we set them out on a table in the lobby and garnered quite a bit of interest (well, JP did - you know how I looove interacting with people, LOL). Anyway, it turned into an impromptu lesson on animation art and I actually had a good time mingling (after I helped myself to the free! pinot noir and snackage that the museum had on hand). Everyone was really polite and engaging.

Er, front story?

Well, in addition to this, the museum was also planning on showing some Miyazaki movies which is why we went again on Tuesday night (to see Laputa in the museum auditorium....nice big screen, stadium seating). And while the crowd was not particularly large, there were some blowhards one aisle back who were maniacally laughing and talking throughout the movie until JP turned to them in a quiet moment and said, "Hey, guys the soundtrack would sound so much better without you adding to it." And if this wasn't awesome enough, some guy right behind us said, "Straight up." I couldn't help but laugh. JP is my hero! Anyway, the assholes shut up and we enjoyed the rest of the movie in relative silence (with the exception of the toddler who was asking questions towards the end because BABIES CAN'T READ SUBTITLES, GENIUS PARENT!).

Ahhhh, that felt good to get out.

Work sucks, no surprise there. I am feeling particularly put upon and it's depressing. Woe.

Okay, just two more days, people and it. Is. On. Thanksgiving Vacation 2009. WOOOO!!!
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Only one and a half more days of work, hooray! Because I have been sick, my boss has been letting me work at home. I'm kinda torn between loving it and hating it. On the one hand, I spend a lot of time managing work flow and the system, which I never really enjoy and had gotten away from over the past couple of years. But on the other hand, I am at home! Working in my PJs! No makeup, no running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and no fires to put out.

Did anyone else watch the pilot of Glee last week? I thought it was kind of a downer, a little too dark for my tastes. And I don't  care what anyone says - beautiful girls, no matter how obnoxious, would never be treated the way the main character is treated. Believe me, I went to school with some lovely, vile creatures and they were all popular. That being said, I am in love with the glee versions of Rehab and Don't Stop Believin''.

David Cook is coming to Amarillo and I am very conflicted about this. He's in Texas, but he couldn't possibly be any further from me and still be in the state! Ten hours to be exact. *sigh* What to do, what to do.

Also, animegame has put a cel up on ebay that I have been ogling for years and years on their website. But I think I am going to have to pass - I have at least two mini and one proper vacays this year and need to conserve the fundage. Oh well. *snuffle*

I am eating Halls Defense Vitamin C supplements and they are delicious in the way that things that are good for you are delicious. Mmmm, lozenges...

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Getting a slow start to the new year. Mainly because I have been WORKING MY ASS OFF. I had substantial OT this week. Of course, I shouldn't complain because I need the money. So, you know, go me!

JP and I have been watching one of his Christmas gifts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since I've never seen it. I am enjoying it muchly (we just started season 2). Girl power, huzzah!

I have also been killing time by playing Bejeweled and drooling over the pictures in this community: [livejournal.com profile] ofmornings . Seriously, though? Who has the time to make all these delicious breakfasts and photograph them in such pleasing arrangements? You know what I had for breakfast this morning? Cold pizza straight out of the tin foil. Try taking an appealing picture of that.

Anyhoo, time to go look at the Big Web Auction and sulk. Toodles!

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Hello, hello. I am almost out of sick land, but still saddled with a horrible cough and burning eyes. My body is worn out, yet my mind is racing, so you can imagine how happy I am about that.

So, let's list things!

1. I really, really want to buy the soundtrack for Across the Universe and am trying to justify its purchase since I am already over budget for October. I just love the Beatles and I love it when I hear good covers of their music (you would think that would be the opposite case for a fan, but whatevs I'm weird).

2. Speaking of being broke, OMG! Lupin III hanken! Why now, Mandarake?! It's like they are torturing me on purpose! I don't even particularly care for the image, but how many times am I going to come into contact with a Lupin III hanken? Also, the Big Web auction is full of evil goo and I must stay away. *sniffles*

3. In other news, there are lots of movies I want to see, almost none of which got particularly fantastic reviews: Across the Universe, The Game Plan (stop laughing), Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Kingdom, and Into the Wild.

4. And, finally, in news befitting my financial status: Netflix (love you, love you, love you) offers so many hours of movies that I can watch instantly on my computer as part of my plan. So, I started browsing and although some of the selections are unimpressive, the documentary list is mouth-watering. I have already watched The Great Happiness Space, about host clubs in Osaka (very interesting and sad and at the same time kind of hard and fake - I still totally want to go to one and have a champagne call, though). Am planning on some trashy Madonna: Truth or Dare later. Perhaps tomorrow, I will tackle the delectable four-hour In Search of Shakespeare so that I can regain a brain cell or two. Whee!!!
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Went out with my friend Roberta and through a series of misshaps, wound up sitting in the front row (only two seats left) of the movie Pursuit of Happyness. And, wonderful message/heartwrenching depression aside, that movie? Was like 75% Will Smith running. Jerky, moving cameras. First row. OMG, the motion sickness! I had to keep looking down so as not to upchuck. I glanced over to Roberta to see her doing the same thing. We laughed about it the whole way home. Urp.

BTW? Will Smith crying? Made me sob every time. Good job, Will. Good job.

In happier news, JP bought us the coolest toy EVAR. It is so wonderfully awesome that I can't explain it. Go get one and see for yourself! Tell me it doesn't remind you of every cheesy-cool sci-fi you watched as a child. ^___________^
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Crap day at work ended with a crap drive home and then...wonderfulness exponentiated!!! Real word? Dunno...


1. My Allen cel from Lizzard arrived. Huzzah! More beautiful than the image I have always admired. First cel purchased in...gads, it's been over a year!
2. Birthday gifties from [profile] wonderelf! THANK YOU ARWEN!!! I took a picture of all the Ouran magnets on my fridge, but my camera phone sucks. Oh and BTW - chibi Conrad with my birthdate? BEST THING EVAR!!! Totally turned my day around to get your package, honey. You (and the international postal service) have impeccable timing, for reals.
3. I love it when JP scratches my back.

4. To further my joy, I ordered some dinner from Sushi Zushi and have just finished some hamachi and unagi nigiri sushi followed up with a bit of katsudon.
5. Also, much to my dismay, I find that the two glasses of wine I had with this meal have completely intoxicated me. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

It's raining outside. I'm listening to lovely music and finishing the last of my Gewurztraminer. Hasenpfeffer. Whatevs.

So very happy. *squeezes the flist*
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Yeah, baby!!!

Have been wanting a cel of Miss China FOREVER. Yay! ^________^

Spirit of Wonder
Spirit of Wonder

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Unless one of ya'll has a shitless, smoking Nicholas you feel like parting with. ^_~

No idea if it is even authentic, but I laughed so hard that I had to make it mine.


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