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Happy Halloween!!!

I just got back from my weekend of David Cook concerts. He sounded fantastic and was in fine form. His co-headliner Gavin Degraw and their opening act Carolina Liar were both great, too. Unfortunately, neither venue was anywhere near capacity, although Austin's ACL was probably three-quarters full (Houston Arena was maybe one-third full...). So a little depressing, but the fans were excited and loud, so that was nice. DC actually walked through the audience, getting everyone up on their feet. It was hilarious! He walked right in front of me but I didn't get a good picture. I should have sat down so he would have pulled me out of my chair but I don't think fast on my to speak. Oh, well. He's still adorable and his voice is just yummy. Gravelly goodness.

I took today off to eat candy relax after all that driving, do some chores, and buy some candy (we are such procrastinators, OMG). I have been toying with the idea of doing Nanowrimo this year, but I have no real hopes of finishing. I just like the idea of forcing myself to write something - it seems like the older I get, the less I write because I am so preoccupied with "life." But it's good to make time for the things you really love. So, I think I will take another stab. All I need is an idea! LOL...
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Mainly for me...I have to keep this shit straight:

Thursday, 10/13 - JP leaves for NY (I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!) and we have a Recognition Event at work (woohoo, half day!)
Sunday, 10/16 - JP returns
Wednesday, 10/19-10/20 - Jen and Gary arrive for a quick visit
Saturday, 10/22 - Paul's belly dancing show at the downtown theater
Thursday, 10/27 - Flash Gordon is showing downtown at the Slab Cinema. Flash! Ah-ahhhhh!
Saturday 10/29-10/30 - Drive to Houston and then to Austin to see David Cook in concert (YAY!)

There is other stuff in there, but those are the high points I think.

And wouldn't you is starting to get crazy-busy.  : (

In other news, we went to see Xanadu the Musical at the local community theater last weekend. It was hilarious! Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Good times, though. I was impressed by the amount of actual roller skating occurring onstage. It makes me really wish I had seen the show when it was on Broadway.  Oh, well.
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Work is so ridiculously busy right now, but everyone assures me that once all the projects close in November, we can take it easy for the remainder of the year.

Woohoo, David Cook tour! He's making three stops in Texas, so I can definitely swing one, maybe two of those (assuming I can get tickets).

I was invited to take part in the Morrissey pre-sale, but I missed the email somehow and thus when I tried to buy tickets a few hours after they went on sale to the public, THEY WERE SOLD OUT.

I will never understand ticket sales and hope all ticket brokers DIAF.

Okay, that's it for me, I think. So cranky because I spent the whole day in meetings. That always makes me frowny-face.
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Got back from the beach on Monday. Much fun was had by all (I will post a pic or two when I am not feeling like a total lazy ass). The weather was great, the waves were rockin', I drank icy-cold beer, and we ate the best seafood ever. All in all, a great mini-vacay.

The first night we were there, I couldn't sleep and wound up watching My Sister's Keeper. I totally lost it, freaking sobbing like my heart was broken. Terrible, terrible. Ugh. Just typing this, my eyes are welling up with tears. Talk about a total manipulation of every bad feeling I have been having lately.

Speaking of which, no new info on my dad and chemo. Still waiting. This past month has been the longest month of my life. I swear, every day is like a week. I don't even know.

Work continues to suck what is left of my soul, but whatever. I am trying that thing where I don't let stuff bother me. So far, it's not really working, but I'm going to keep at it. They can all fucking suck it.

I just realized I haven't checked my email in forever and the thought just exhausts me, so my sincerest apologies if anyone out there has written me - I will catch up soon, hopefully. Right now, I am just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak.

And finally, I just watched the Idol finale. I like Lee, but Crystal was robbed. I am more upset that Simon is leaving and that I was DENIED one David Cook appearing on stage. Yes, this is my life and I refuse to apologize for it. Also, Janet Jackson!!! Who thinks she looks and sounds just like her brother? Listening to her sing, though, made me sooo nostalgic for her 90s stuff. My dance team ripped off so many of her dance moves, LOL. I think I am going to go youtube her old stuff. Later, y'all.

ETA: I totally forgot to mention my one great LOL moment of the show - the Alanis/Crystal duet when Crystal sang, Is she perverted like me, would she go down with you to the theater? I swear I nearly peed myself, laughing. Ah, censorship. You always make me giggle like a 12-year-old.
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Idol Gives Back: David Cook with little girls - 1, My ovaries - 0

He is just too adorable with children, makes me all gooey and goofy.

In other news, I will probably clear at least 10 hours of OT this week. Save or splurge? Hmmm.

Also, this thread of poetry made me cry, but only because most of them are so damn touching and hopeful and happy in an uncommon way.
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Feeling better because I got some stuff done: picked up groceries, colored hair so people will think I am still a whippersnapper (heh), and filed taxes (nice refund! Huzzah!).

I feel like I should be making phone calls to loved ones, but instead I am going to make my famous curry! YAY!

I had a dream but I am cutting it for possible TMI aka sexytiems...nothing graphic, though. )

Okay, time to be domestic...
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Ugh, boys night on American Idol did not over-impress me. And contrary to popular opinion (it seems), I LOVED Andrew Garcia's spin on Fall Out Boy. I thought it was original and that he sang it really well. And for all those children who are all, "You don't mess with Fall Out Boy!" I say "IT IS FALL OUT BOY, NOT ELVIS OR INSERT ICONIC BAND HERE!!!" They are acting like FOB is untouchable but I contend that they should be touched all over. LOL...ew, I just had a mental image of Pete Wentz. Yuck.

Also, I loved Casey James's performance of Heaven (LOVE that song) and although I think they both beefed it in their songs, I still love Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert for the lovely tones in their respective voices. Lee is SHORT! He looks like Elliott Yamin's good-looking brother...

Also, David Cook shout out!!!

Okay, really? That's all I got? I guess so. Back to my excruciating task of trying to write something when the well has run dry. Ugh.
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Nay-nay's grandma bought me a ticket to see Wicked in Austin so I could go with all of them for Nay-nay's birthday at the end of August. ♥

I wish DC would come to a club venue near me (I am so demanding) - I have seen him at two festivals and to me, it's a totally different vibe when you are squashed in a dark, smoky club.

Work is ridiculous since my co-worker is gone for the next two weeks and I have all his work and mine. Plus we are starting spec meetings for the new system that is going in before the end of the year. That. Will. Be. Ugly. You read it here first.

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  La, la, la - three day weekend...

- Brother out of hospital, after a late night sprint through the hospital sprinklers (my family's insanity, let me you show you it)
- Continuing to wait on dad's biopsy results (fingers crossed, etc)
- For real, I am still obsessed with David Cook and his band and all their incarnations. Can't explain it, don't want to...
- Off to see HP in all its 2 plus-hour glory, wot wot!!!
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I know this has been mentioned on LJ many times, but I don't think it can be said enough: Transformers 2: Electric Boogaloo BLOWS. Robot fights were cool and of course, Peter Cullen's totally awesome voice makes everything better. But other than that, zip zilch nada. Story, humor, characters all reeked. Although, JP found this HILARIOUS FAQ for those of you who might have questions about the WTF?! plot of this movie. Spoilers warning!

You know what else blows? Going to a baby shower and getting babies shoved at you, followed by the inevitable, "Don't you want one?!" It's almost as much fun as getting asked about my marriage plans. Oh, well. At least there was cake and crazy Melinda asked me if I would consider going on vacation with her sometime. So the day wasn't a total bust. Oh, and I also won the 'put a paper plate on your head and draw a baby' contest so that was cool. Apparently, no one minded that I drew the baby's face on its tummy. The cake was delicious.

I am starting to get obsessed with David Cook's pre-idol band, Midwest Kings (I know, I am always late to the party). The lead singer (Andy Skib of Cook's current band) has such a distinctive voice and some of their stuff sounds so like the mid-90s: a later Alice in Chains, Toadies kind of vibe which is just sooooo my type of music. Ah, college days...

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This week at work=insanity. For some reason, we are crazy-busy. Not that I am's just weird.

And speaking of work, I should re-tool my resume but I think I need someone else to look at it. It's gotten to the point where it looks fine to me, but that is probably because I have written and re-written the damn thing 20 times. Bore-iiiing!!!

This weekend is our Sparkling 4th of July Houston Weekend (I thought that title up all by myself). We will be staying in Galveston (along with, what I expect will be the entire population of Texas, anxious to escape to the beach for the weekend). We are going to see David Cook (YAY) and poke around Moody Gardens and NASA (rawk) and I. Am. Going. To. A. Lush. Store. Finally - I have never been and cannot wait!

Oh yeah, and if it isn't too scuzzy, we might even visit the beach!

I will not let the fact that I just started my period OR the fact that the monstrous growth rate of my hair has made my cute new 'do look all shaggy (and I am not about to start getting trims every 2 weeks...grrr) break-a my stride! Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no! I got to keep on moving!

David Cook! Fireworks! Millions of people on the highways...all around me...smothering me...

Okay, stopping now. Have a good night, everyone!
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Very, very quickly:

- I have not had a moment to BREATHE in like a week and it doesn't look any better for the next few days.
- Wicked was awesome, absolutely loved it!
- David Cook was even awesomer and I had loads of fun at his concert. ♥ ♥ ♥
- Overall, had a great time visiting my brother and sister-in-law, although I returned needing a vacation! So exhausted...
- I was supposed to have tomorrow off but somehow I got scheduled and I can't reach anyone who can give me a definitive answer, so to work I go...

More details on my trip later. Right now, I am having a bloody Mary and trying to relax before I have to start unpacking/doing laundry/preparing for work tomorrow.

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Damn, all those crying dancers on So You Think You Can Dance made me boohoo...

Meme from the awesome (and soon to be airborne) [ profile] annearchy . Thanks, sweetie!

80 Questions )

Shakespeare in the Park this weekend plus I have to start getting ready for my trip to Yuma/San Diego (YAY! Wow, I really need a vacay), and I have have HAVE to get a hair cut. *hate*

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Yay, weekend! I am going out tonight with the girls, wot wot! Actually, I am not that excited but whatever. It gets me out of the house. LOL!

Tomorrow is my cousin's daughter's wedding (I cousins' kids are getting to the age where they can marry. Yikes.).

Oh! And David Cook is coming to Galveston! That is only 4 hours away! Boogie!

That's a lot of exclamation points.

Here is my completely pointless rant about AI's Adam Lambert and his gaiety... )

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Only one and a half more days of work, hooray! Because I have been sick, my boss has been letting me work at home. I'm kinda torn between loving it and hating it. On the one hand, I spend a lot of time managing work flow and the system, which I never really enjoy and had gotten away from over the past couple of years. But on the other hand, I am at home! Working in my PJs! No makeup, no running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and no fires to put out.

Did anyone else watch the pilot of Glee last week? I thought it was kind of a downer, a little too dark for my tastes. And I don't  care what anyone says - beautiful girls, no matter how obnoxious, would never be treated the way the main character is treated. Believe me, I went to school with some lovely, vile creatures and they were all popular. That being said, I am in love with the glee versions of Rehab and Don't Stop Believin''.

David Cook is coming to Amarillo and I am very conflicted about this. He's in Texas, but he couldn't possibly be any further from me and still be in the state! Ten hours to be exact. *sigh* What to do, what to do.

Also, animegame has put a cel up on ebay that I have been ogling for years and years on their website. But I think I am going to have to pass - I have at least two mini and one proper vacays this year and need to conserve the fundage. Oh well. *snuffle*

I am eating Halls Defense Vitamin C supplements and they are delicious in the way that things that are good for you are delicious. Mmmm, lozenges...

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Still sick - I feel like I have coughed up a lung, for reals. I am a little worried, cause my breathing is kinda wheezy but I'll give it one more day before giving in and going to the doctor/med clinic.

American Idol was rather anti-climactic for me. I really only watched the finale to see David Cook perform. ♥ ♥ ♥

The other night I had two fabulous, Nyquil-fueled dreams and that is about the only thing I have to report other than I can't believe I'm motherfuckin' sick for the upcoming three-day weekend. !@#$

My dreams, let me show you them. )

Okay, bedtime. Ugh. Wheezing!!!

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The Times has a great article on Obama's first 100 days. I like how Joe Klein gets in a couple of digs about our society's non-existent attention span. I mean, I'm no better than the next person, but he is spot-on about our 15-second culture.

A friend of mine called me last night in tears because a mere three months after she quit her dream job and moved to Alabama to be with her long-time boyfriend, they are already on the outs. She's staying with a co-worker and making plans to return to SA. I feel terrible for her, although on more than one occasion I (and others) expressed our doubts about the guy. Ah, l'amour...why are you such a bastard?

I was filling out an online college application and they want to know the EXACT date I took the AP English test...18 years ago. Why?!?!

I feel a great desire to call all my siblings, so I'll take myself off.

R.I.P. Adam Cook. : (

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JP is made of AWESOMESAUCE because he freakin' installed a car stereo in my Jeep. AND he's never done anything like that before AND it works and everything! I have had my factory radio for 8 years and the cd player hasn't worked for about 6 of those years. JP saw this one on clearance at Target for $45. It's a radio, cd player, AND it has an mp3 player jack so I can listen to my ipod. Huzzah!

I don't understand how my very straight hair gets so frizzy when it rains...

I took a nap and had a lovely dream about David Cook (no sexy tiems, though). He was getting ready for a show and we were just hanging out and talking. At one point, I was lying on the bed next to him, with my head on his shoulder, but was all very innocent. Like he was an old friend or even my brother. *le sigh* My imagination...what a let down you are turning out to be...

A meme I can get behind - animated films! )

Le tired

Apr. 14th, 2009 10:54 pm
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David Cook shoutout on AI! Wot, wot! Kris Allen sang one of my all-time favorite songs from the movie Once, but Kris - you are no Glen Hansard.

I keep making Japanese curry! I can't stop! I have a problem!

Really, Melissa? This is all you've got? Well, I can't talk about work because I will get all 'le-boo-hoo' so, the answer is yes.

This weekend is Taste of New Orleans: belly dancers, beer, no shade to speak of, and some of the best damn fried bread EVAR. Also, turkey legs!!! I don't think I have devoted enough time here to explain in detail my great love of smoked turkey legs. Another time, perhaps...

I am totally excited about the following things:

Death Cab for Cutie (May)
David Cook (June)
Wicked (June)

For now, Coldplay and NINJA tour are off limits. BUT time will tell...
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Hockey game was fun last night. We had pretty good seats, although I think I prefer to sit higher so I can see all the action clearly and not in between people's heads (ah, the curse of the short person down front).

I am currently bleaching the Hell out of my shower because I have been on a cleaning kick this weekend (blah).

I have also been reading a lot of crazy shit about David Cook's tour and some of his more er...persistent fans and the whole thing is rather depressing. I don't know who is worse: the insane fans that follow him across the country or the hateful internet people who mock them and say the most horrible things (even though some of it is funny, not gonna lie). The whole thing makes me sad to be a DC fan somewhat, although I guess every famous person has this going on. I think I will just ignore it all and go to my show (or shows should he decide to come to Texas) and enjoy the music. *sigh* I think I need to bleach my brain after reading all that stuff.

And finally, April is National Poetry Month and although I cannot commit to posting on any kind of regular basis, I figured I would drop a poem or two around here when the mood strikes. So, here ya go!

When he leaves, he leaves a space )


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