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On Thursday night, JP and I went to see Shakespeare in the Park. They were doing Othello, which made me a little nervous because the troupe normally performs children's theater and comedy is more in their wheelhouse. However, the two actors who played the main parts, Othello and Iago, were really wonderful and made the play one of the better ones we've seen so far. However, I cannot with audiences anymore. People were laughing during some of the most tragic scenes. Bitch, a man has been mentally undone and is strangling his wife. Not hilarious. I just don't know.

Disappointed in you, Shakespeare audience.

Anyway, when I got up for work on Friday, I felt like HELL. Like I was hungover. Only I hadn't been drinking. Shakespeare hangover, LOL. Thankfully, I only worked half a day and went home before...

Michelle's wedding! My co-worker, with whom I've experienced many ups and downs over the past 10 years, finally married her boyfriend yesterday at the lovely Spanish Governor's Palace. I offered to help her, so I got to the venue a couple of hours early to direct the caterer, the bar staff, and the band. I decorated all the tables and set up the side courtyard where they were getting married with candles and rose petals. I was drenched in sweat by the time all the guests arrived, but everything looked beautiful and went off without a hitch. Yay for our side! I really liked that she had music the whole time - a guitarist while people arrived, mariachis during dinner, a jazz band for the rest of dinner/dessert/mingling, and then a DJ for the last hour and a half for dancing. I helped clean up afterwards and then went home to take a 30 minute shower because I felt (and smelled) so gross.

This morning, I am completely stiff from all the running around/dancing I did.

Wedding hangover!
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Happy 20th anniversary, anime Sailor Moon! Everyone seems to hate Usagi, but I love a girl who loves to eat! LOL...

Memories of watching anime from this time frame just make me so damn happy. Holler, cel folk from back in the day!!! *hugs*

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To the lovely and awesome [ profile] sardonicynic: Baby, you're the greatest!

Thank you for the heart...
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I'm back. And exhausted. While on "vacation," I spent about 1 hour relaxing and the rest of the time running around trying to round up family and check on my parents and keep the Kid and his wife company since she wanted to see and do everything on the cruise ship. Still, I'm glad I did. Now I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing this Friday and Saturday.

I've been trying to catch up on the flist and I'm almost done. It seems like some of y'all have been having a rough time and I just wanted to pass out hugs to [ profile] iammine and [ profile] ryoneko and also give my condolences and the biggest squeeze ever to [ profile] sardonicynic. Thinking of all you ladies as I sit among my unpacked suitcases, grateful to be home and just a little disoriented.

My little one-eyed kitty Kyo nearly died while I was gone. Thank goodness JP was here - he took Kyo to the vet and cared for him so well that I could barely tell how sick he had been. The vet wasn't sure what was wrong, but apparently Kyo's digestive track just shut down. The vet gave JP some vile, all-purpose meds and somehow they seemed to work. That cat has defied the fates again and again.

I haven't uploaded any pics from the cruise, but I thought I would leave this on here - I bought a piece of artwork on the ship (I am weak when it comes to any kind of art, whether it be a cel, a painting, or a giclee print, which is what this is):

Oh noes, no more wall space!!!


Feb. 26th, 2011 12:07 am
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Yay, announcement! I am officially a Treasury Analyst for the VP and I start on Monday! Scary! I am totally frightened of my new boss, but hopefully it will all work out.

I went out tonight and had sushi with a friend - it's a great little place, very chic and low key at the same time. I enjoyed just hanging out at a nice restaurant on a Friday night, sampling sashimi and people-watching. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a giant martini, but I stuck with hot green tea for dinner. Then I came home and drank 3 large diet cokes with vodka. Yay!

Tomorrow is shopping with mom and a hockey game with JP. I feel like I am riding an incredible winning streak right now. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

In American Idol news, I am in serious like with Paul McDonald, the indie and laid-back singer with the beautiful tone to his voice. ♥

I will end this entry with MOAR poetry because I love it! )

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Many thanks to dear [ profile] whitereflection  for the delicious fruit! ♥ I am mad-craving some fresh-cut fruit and that's no lie...

Work continues to be mostly horrible, although in the depths of our great frustration and despair, we have some great, semi-hysterical laughs. So, uh...yay?

I wish I had news, but I have been living at work. I did find out who will be performing at our Christmas party: Darius Rucker (from Hootie & the Blowfish) and Band From TV. Pretty nifty, yeah? The only bummer is that the party takes place during my vacay and I was hoping to go see Nay-nay. I'll have to see if I can go visit her the weekend before. 

Wow, I am putting myself to sleep. How sad. 

Good night, all.
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Seriously, that show is pretty darn funny!

Bit of a hangover from my night out with Sandra and the girls, but overall I am okay. Last night, I went to her house and had the largest Bloody Mary EVER before we went to a club to meet some friends. I had a good time, Every time I go out I tell myself I am too old but I still go. LOL! We caught up a bit, which was nice. Not worth a Bloody Mary/Corona hangover, but...

Earlier today, I met my ex-coworker for lunch at Sushi Zushi (don't ask me, but despite a pounding headache, etc, I was ravenous). We had sashimi and a couple of rolls, mochi ice cream for dessert, and two pots of green tea. YUM. She wanted to complain about her new workplace, but it was a small price to pay for going out for sushi. Now that my brother is no longer here, there is no one to eat sushi with me except her. Anyway, after three hours (she had A LOT to say and hot green tea is fabulous for hangovers, apparently) we parted company and I came home.

And the meme marches on...

Day 9 - Your Beliefs )

Day 10 - What you wore today )

Original meme list )
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Back from Roberta's wedding, stuffed with finger food, cake, and drinks from the open bar, wot wot!!! Her wedding was tiny! I think a total of 35 people showed up, mostly from the groom's side of the family. They were all super nice...I wonder what happened to him? : ( Okay, that is my last "he's a dick" comment. From now on, I will keep my mouth shut. All I will say is that he was giving Javi dirty looks because he danced with Roberta a couple of times. That kind of insecurity is Hell to live with...I hope my girl knows what she is getting into.

The ceremony and reception were both on the base and I love being there! All the airmen are super friendly and polite and being on a base just takes me back to my childhood. We were early, so we drove around and around, looking at everything. ♥ ♥ ♥

It's weird to miss something like that, but once I start thinking about that time overseas, all the memories come flooding back and I realize that I had a rare and wonderful childhood (Reaganomics, notwithstanding). I miss the Bobbitt Theater, Magnolia ice cream, and Grande Island with its strange disconnected atmosphere and old cannons scattered around the perimeter. I miss taking my brother to the park or the library, just the two of us. Mostly I miss that feeling you get on a base - you feel safe, protected. Which is weird because in a war, who do you think will get it first? Also, I remember things like men with machine guns walking past our house and bomb threats emptying the school on a regular basis. But the good times definitely outweighed the bad. *sigh*

I am completely maudlin, guys. I think I had better go sleep it off. *^__^*
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JP set up his telescope the other night and we saw the moon in all its pock-marked, lonely glory. It was beautiful and totally awesome. I can't WAIT to look at planets and other heavenly bodies. Hee.

After a Hellish 9-hour work day yesterday, I went to Roberta's bridal shower at a pricey Mexican restaurant. It was nice and there were tons of women there, mostly from her work. Afterwards, the girls invited me to a bar down the street for a couple of drinks and a couple of shots of Patron. So smoky, though. Yuck.

Now me and my slight hangover-y headache are off to hang out with Mom and Paul for "girl's afternoon."

So insanely tired. I find it very funny that I am so anti-social, given the kind of environment I was raised in and the amount of time I spend with other people.

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Today was a much better day! I got to leave work early and spent the afternoon...napping. I am so productive! Also, JP got his telescope in the mail today and it looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out...

Many thanks and a HUGE *hug* to [ profile] whitereflection  for the delicious dessert waffle! Omnomnom!

And, as requested, here ya go, flist - please to be telling me about yourself with this meme! ^_~

28 Questions... )


Jun. 6th, 2010 02:57 am
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Yay, JP called me! I feel like I used to when we first started dating and I was always waiting for the phone to ring. ♥ ♥ ♥

1. Thanks to my friends who remembered that I was on my own this weekend and invited me for drinks at a local bar.
2. Thanks to the generous bar patron who bought the house a round of beers.
3. Many, many thanks to the crazy bar patron who bought the house not one, but two shots of Patron tequila. That really fucked me up. ^__^

I hope I am not hung over tomorrow...
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I have just discovered Goldfrapp and am entranced! It's like ELO absorbed Olivia Newton John circa the Xanadu years. Delicious...

And speaking of delicious, I am MAD craving chocolate, specifically some Toblerone. Uh-oh.

Today, we had lunch with Nay-nay and her hubby, who were in town visiting her grandparents. We had a total blast! I love her and can't wait to invite myself up to Austin again. ^____________^

See? I can be normal and social. Sometimes. Okay, once in a while. But it's better than nothing!

I raided Half Price Books and bought books on the following subjects: Kit Marlowe, Queen Elizabeth's governess, Shakespeare, notorious royal marriages in history, and Da Vinci (bad ass MacGyver extraordinaire). Mmmmm. Books. I love them.
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Random: I have always hated the time leading up to writing a paper or report. Thinking up what I really wanted to say. Once I had decided, the writing part was a breeze. It's just the before that made me anxious and cranky.

Wow, my inanity knows no bounds.

Sushi dinner tonight was DELICIOUS and followed by cake and episodes of Ouran at the birthday girl's house. My only complaint is that she and her hubby are smokers so two hours at her place and I walked out stinking like I had been out clubbing. Not fair! I didn't even get to shake my money maker!

In other news, the Kid AND JP's birthdays are coming up. I should probably get some gifties. What to buy, what to buy.

And finally, I am totally going to buy some new underwear tomorrow! The fancy kind, too - I am so sick of Fruit of the Loom six-packs. It's time to put on the big girl panties. Er...

Okay, I'll stop.
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Wonderful Christmas and thank goodness it is over! I am wiped! Last night was the big family party. Everyone brought a lot of booze and that's all I have to say about that. Later when it was just the familia, we opened gifts. I got a lot of beautiful things, but the best two gifts I got were:

Knowing my great love for Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back) and my
frustration with the lack of a DVD, JP bought me an old copy on VHS AND a collection
of the original lobby cards that were put in the theaters when the movie was released.
I love this man, for serious. Also, please admire my French manicure because those
are my actual nails. Wot, wot!

Will you have the goodness to look at this badass present? Julie made (MADE WITH HER
OWN HANDS) me a Shakespeare keychain complete with ruff collar and quill. Her skill
and thoughtfulness put me to shame. I am not worthy!!!

Also, these pictures count for my meme: Day 09 → A photo you took (two for the price of one, baby).

Everyone, have a great day!!! I am off to watch a PBS double whammy of The Nutcracker and La Boheme whilst eating roast beef sandwiches. Mmmhmm....
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If any of my peeps out there have a non-paid account and would like a $10 coupon (details here), comment and I'll send it your way.

Damn, I have been posting a lot!
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Don't have a heart attack, but I am actually posting pictures from my trip to San Jose. I know, I know - I am like 3 months ahead of schedule. Enjoy!
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Met an old high school friend for lunch today. Made me all giggly and then wibbly and then a little sad. When I first met this girl, I couldn't stand her - she was mad-crushing on my older brother and I thought she was just trying to get on my good side because of that. But even after she found out my brother was gay, she still hung around and we became going out buddies.

We spent the lunch hour today just talking about some of our insanity: drunk times, good times, bad times, and even the time we hid from the police. Ah, the good old days! She is a very positive person and although this was supremely annoying when we were 20, I find I tolerate it a little better now. Anyway, yay for renewing friendships!

Also this week, I have happy hour with the girls on Thursday, a heart-to-heart over sushi with a co-worker on Saturday, and the Green Day concert on Sunday. When it rains, it pours. All this socializing is going to make me mucho exhausted!

Also, Nay-nay called me earlier today to tell me she might be out of a job. Again. Oy to the vey.
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I know this has been mentioned on LJ many times, but I don't think it can be said enough: Transformers 2: Electric Boogaloo BLOWS. Robot fights were cool and of course, Peter Cullen's totally awesome voice makes everything better. But other than that, zip zilch nada. Story, humor, characters all reeked. Although, JP found this HILARIOUS FAQ for those of you who might have questions about the WTF?! plot of this movie. Spoilers warning!

You know what else blows? Going to a baby shower and getting babies shoved at you, followed by the inevitable, "Don't you want one?!" It's almost as much fun as getting asked about my marriage plans. Oh, well. At least there was cake and crazy Melinda asked me if I would consider going on vacation with her sometime. So the day wasn't a total bust. Oh, and I also won the 'put a paper plate on your head and draw a baby' contest so that was cool. Apparently, no one minded that I drew the baby's face on its tummy. The cake was delicious.

I am starting to get obsessed with David Cook's pre-idol band, Midwest Kings (I know, I am always late to the party). The lead singer (Andy Skib of Cook's current band) has such a distinctive voice and some of their stuff sounds so like the mid-90s: a later Alice in Chains, Toadies kind of vibe which is just sooooo my type of music. Ah, college days...

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Yay, weekend! I am going out tonight with the girls, wot wot! Actually, I am not that excited but whatever. It gets me out of the house. LOL!

Tomorrow is my cousin's daughter's wedding (I cousins' kids are getting to the age where they can marry. Yikes.).

Oh! And David Cook is coming to Galveston! That is only 4 hours away! Boogie!

That's a lot of exclamation points.

Here is my completely pointless rant about AI's Adam Lambert and his gaiety... )

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Ugh. What is wrong with me? I can't stop coughing! No fever, no stuffy nose, no headaches, just phlegmy-cough from Hell.


So, I made my dreamwidth account (hooray!) - I am melcreada over there. Maybe that will make me (finally!) change my name here. Not that I have anything against joseishijin, but I've always associated that name with my cel collecting and since I really do not collect anymore, I thought this name fit me a little better. ^____^ I have already hunted a couple of ya'll down - feel free to friend me over there or comment here and I will find you. Stalker! LOL...

I am off tomorrow, so JP and I are having Indian and then going to a late movie. Huzzah!


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