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Well, it's been all go-go-go! around here lately, with no signs of stopping. Despite having one of the worst work weeks in recent memory, I feel upbeat and ready to tackle the world again. The denial is strong in this one.

Also, have been doing small, fun things this weekend, like going to the Halloween store and trying on pieces of costumes (the Brunhilde helmet with horns and braids attached was my fave). We have been invited to a Halloween party next weekend, so we have to decide what to dress up as already. JP struck on the idea of us going as Tea Party Republicans and I have to admit some of his ideas are pretty damn funny. I have some hippie clothes - maybe I will go as his counterpoint.

Today, we took some friends to Guenther House for breakfast and afterwards we came home and played a couple of board games. This is the second time we have done this and it's been a lot of fun. I am not really a board games kind of gal - in my secret heart of hearts, I am fiercely competitive and a sore loser. It's hard to break free of that, even though everyone else at the table just wants to have fun. It's a stupid hang up of mine and I need to get over it already.

ANYWAY, long story short (too late!) - my weekend basically told me, "Buck up, little camper!" And I did.

And now, I bring you: 30 Days of Blogging meme

2. 20 Facts About You

Cut, just cause... )

That was harder than I thought!

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Aw, my co-worker made me a CD that had Smile DK, Porno Graffitti, and the theme from Sailor Moon included on it. It is always nice to find fellow anime geeks, especially in my area where I am more likely to discuss the merits of spinning rims than I am of finding anyone who has even heard of Cowboy Bebop.

So, Big Web Auction huh? I am still kicking myself that I yet AGAIN missed out on another Lupin hanken last week. Here I have been worrying about the stupid economy instead of supporting it by spending money. Bad Mel!

Finally started watching Haruhi and while I find it cute, it is bordering on annoying. I do like the ending song, though. Watched all of the first season of Emma and loved it even though it was slower than a lame turtle. Just beautiful animation and actually pretty darn accurate. *hearts all things Victorian but damn glad I didn't live back then*

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Today, as I wallowed in TRAFFIC, a chubby teenage boy sitting in the bed of a truck waved to me. I waved back and he pointed to my Jeep and gave me a thumbs up. And while JP scoffed at the story, saying he was giving something else the thumbs up, it cheered me all the way home. I love it when people dig on the Jeep. ^____^

And in other inane news, I was listening to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, remembering that, as a child, I thought the lyrics, players only love you when they're playing, meant basketball players. And I was puzzled as to why they would only love you when they were playing. Because they loved to play and thus were reminded of you? Because they were doing their job and thereby supporting you? Yes, I know. Weird. Why didn't I just ask? I don't think I asked a lot of questions as a child - I just lived in my own isolated little world and figured things out for myself (usually wrong, but oh, well).

Am so digging on the opening song for Samurai Champloo, Battlecry. <3


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