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90s rap music is my guilty pleasure...

Meme stolen from everybody (thanks, everybody)!

- Pick up the nearest book to you.
- Turn to page 45.
- The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

If it did not claim a majority, it was inching ever closer to that goal. (Ummmmmm...)
    - Mysteries of the Middle Ages, Thomas Cahill (history nerds, unite!)

Conversations with the Kid or Why do people think we are weird? )



Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:00 pm
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The Kid and I rediscovered IM and it's good to see we are as stupid as ever!

Where we talk about visiting, bad Van Damme movies, and the homeless )

Also, there is a meme (yes, still!):

Day 15 → A fanfic

Tried and true, my favorite fanfic of all time is the wonderful Shoebox Project: a hilarious and lovingly crafted story of the Marauders in the HP-verse. The main author started writing original fiction and getting published, so I'm sure this longstanding project isn't high on her to do list, but the story is fantastic and includes photographs (like the one below) and handwritten notes. If you have any interest in the Marauders, you need to check this one out. Sometimes I forget this story isn't canon - that is how good and right it all is. ^___^

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Feeling better today. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I needed to hear them. *huggles*

I think I will be taking [profile] angelic_editor's advice this weekend and pamper myself with some luxurious bathing, a manicure, and pedicure. Mmhmm.

Also, I don't know why, because I am sure it will be depressing as Hell, but I really, really want to see When the Levees Broke.

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Although I am all sad-like, I had to share. Was at work at an ungodly hour this morning and all the employees were talking about the impending hurricane, making it sound like it was going to be The Great Deluge. And as they were all listing the supplies they had purchased, one of the guys turned to me and asked, "What did you buy to prepare for the hurricane?" And without missing a beat, I replied, "A six pack." Bazing! I do amuse myself muchly sometimes. Especially because I actually did buy some Dos Equis yesterday.

Why I love conversing with the Kid. )

We are such dorks.

And, oddly enough, speaking of Shakespeare: a hella big thanks to [ profile] summer_queen and [ profile] white_death for making me think of all my favorite quotes from the Bard. A lovely way to spend half an hour.

If you see this, post a Shakespeare quote in your journal.

Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

- Sonnet CXVI: Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds


Feb. 20th, 2005 11:46 pm
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Wikipedia is internet SMACK. The Kid and I just spent like 2 hours discussing Arianism, Constantine I, the derivation of 'Xmas,' and vesica piscis. o_O

Dude, I know. We are such history whores.

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Because this never, ever gets old... )

In other news, JP and I are traveling to Disney in less than 2 weeks! If a hurricane doesn't trap us in an airport or the hotel, natch. The first and only time I went to the park was almost 20 years ago, so this should be a treat. I shall live in Epcot, I just know it. <3

Also, Sarah Brightman is supposedly coming to San Antonio and Paul bought me tickets as an early birthday gift!!! Yay! I hope she really comes; we have awful luck with cancellations 'round here.

A more thoughtful and deeply depressing entry on houses and love and lawn mowers forthcoming. Maybe.

Time to shower and do something with my day. Homework would be good.
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Someday it will end, I swear...

For all you Dave Chapelle fans:

ctafoya: I think i'm gonna go on the bullrider's circuit
malamops: LOL! wtf?! i'd totally go see you!
ctafoya: see me get stomped by a 2000 pound bull
malamops: and i'd be "woo!"
malamops: and you'd be all trampled on the ground, yelling "clap for me, bitches!"
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Actually made the conference call this morning. ^_^; It's weird. I have had many business meetings and interviews and tours, but I always feel like the precocious child that is allowed to tag along. Like I am not nearly mature enough to even be there, but can remain as long as I don't color on the walls or throw a tantrum. I wonder if the feeling ever goes away, because it's giving me a serious inferiority complex. LOL...

Have nasty ol' writer's block on my first paper (which is due tomorrow). Everything I write is either awkwardly complex or simplistically cheesball.


The Kid and I have been IM-ing each other, quoting our favorite movies. How did it get started?

ctafoya: tentacles
malamops: N.T. teNTacles. Makes a big difference.
ctafoya: impressive
malamops: aren't i, though?
ctafoya: dorkhead...
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I've been sleeping like a deranged narcoleptic lately. Feels great, but slug se moi!

Took Return of the King over to my parent's house because Dad wanted to see it. He promptly fell asleep 20 minutes into it, so I left it for him to watch at his leisure. I still cry throughout much of the movie. I love it so. Yes, I do.

Been having desultory convos with the Kid all throughout the day and he continues to crack me up. We are silly and bitchy and nerdy. We say "BURN!" alot and talk about 'The Song of Roland.' Hur, hur.

Got my Sarah McLachlan tickets in the mail. Already! Yay!

Still happy. Pausing outside the gym to admire the wide blue arc of sky rather than crawling straight to my Jeep. Enjoying the balmy nights and warm breezes, instead of cursing them. Finding my whole life so much more bearable in this frame of mind. I am filled with peace. I wonder if that means I am going to bite the big one soon? ^_~ Just kidding.

Just plain weirdness. And Bugs Bunny. )
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Survey! Cut, 'cause I'm thoughtful like that. )
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Told my boss I needed time to prepare for school presentation and she let me go home early.



Well, my presentations got good reviews from everyone but I didn't win the contest my boss was sponsoring for the meeting. Actually, I think I should have won something, seeing as how I did BOTH of my "team" presentations all by myself.

I was whining about it to the Kid:

malamops: Dude, why do I always wind up doing all the work in group projects?
ctafoya: Hey, it's high school all over again!
malamops: Tell me about it.
ctafoya: And college too, ne?
malamops: Dammit!

Why do I fear failure so much? It's not like I don't come into daily contact with that concept! It's like my best friend and stuff. I'm like, "Hey Failure! S'up?" And he goes, "Well, you're stuck in a dead-end job, your college loan debt looks like the national deficit, and let's face're not getting any thinner, Chubby!" And I'm all, "Bite me, Failure!" And he's all, "Wanna go have lunch later?"
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The random shit we talk about for hours on end...

malamops: dude. a mosquito the size of my head just flew in through the open window.
malamops: we are so fucked this summer
malamops: the bugs are taking over!
ctafoya: you need a shotgun. yes, a shotgun.
ctafoya: for the bugs of course.
malamops: of course
malamops: i sprayed some Raid on him and he coughed a little and giggled
malamops: ruh-roh
ctafoya: oooohhh, bad move. you just pissed him off.
malamops: INCOMING!
ctafoya: if you hear "pilot to bombadeer" just get out.
malamops: hee. i'll be under my desk if you need me...

In other news, GIP!

And pictures of Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana in matching tunics should be illegal. I drool, therefore I fan(girl).


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