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Ugh, so tired. Work blows. So, let's (finally) continue the meme. This one was hard, as I have hundreds of quotes that I love (although most are bits of poetry). So, I picked a random pretty from Mr. Shakespeare.

30 Days of Blogging

3. Your favorite quote

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on...

- The Tempest

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Well, it's been all go-go-go! around here lately, with no signs of stopping. Despite having one of the worst work weeks in recent memory, I feel upbeat and ready to tackle the world again. The denial is strong in this one.

Also, have been doing small, fun things this weekend, like going to the Halloween store and trying on pieces of costumes (the Brunhilde helmet with horns and braids attached was my fave). We have been invited to a Halloween party next weekend, so we have to decide what to dress up as already. JP struck on the idea of us going as Tea Party Republicans and I have to admit some of his ideas are pretty damn funny. I have some hippie clothes - maybe I will go as his counterpoint.

Today, we took some friends to Guenther House for breakfast and afterwards we came home and played a couple of board games. This is the second time we have done this and it's been a lot of fun. I am not really a board games kind of gal - in my secret heart of hearts, I am fiercely competitive and a sore loser. It's hard to break free of that, even though everyone else at the table just wants to have fun. It's a stupid hang up of mine and I need to get over it already.

ANYWAY, long story short (too late!) - my weekend basically told me, "Buck up, little camper!" And I did.

And now, I bring you: 30 Days of Blogging meme

2. 20 Facts About You

Cut, just cause... )

That was harder than I thought!

Me, me, me

Oct. 8th, 2013 09:53 pm
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Okay! turns out my baked goods for the San Antonio Aids Foundation charity event are due tomorrow, not Thursday! So pies are baked and cooling as is my naked cake (only one after all, turns out I am not Betty Crocker on steroids). Will wrap everything up, including naked cake layers, and finish frosting/decorating tomorrow when I get home. JP thinks I'm crazy for spending all this time and money, but to me it's way more fun than just donating money (although they'd probably appreciate that more, LOL).

ANYWAY, meme time! I hope I remember how to do them...

30 Days of Blogging meme

1. Introduction and recent photo

So, even though all I ever do is talk about myself (me, me, me), I guess I can give a quick rundown. My name is Melissa (but I answer to Missy, Melly, and Mel). I'm 40 (ugh), work as an Operations Analyst for a huge insurance company, and live with my longtime boyfriend JP and a whole parcel of cats. He is actually the crazy cat lady, not me. I started keeping an online journal back in 2001 (holy mairde it's been 12 years), mainly because some of my fellow anime cel collecting peeps were on Live Journal so I tagged along.

I have a big, wonderful family that drives me crazy. If it were not for them, I would not still be here in South Texas, dying from the relentless oven of a climate and the never-ending stupidity of Texas lawmakers in general. My dream is to retire early and move somewhere north, where there are real seasons. I hear they are nice.

I live traveling, reading, baking, writing, and watching anime and historical dramas (combine the two and I am your slave). I love Shakespeare, Jane Austen, poetry, maps, watching sci-fi with JP, and all-you-can-eat meat at Brazilian steakhouses (the salads are good, too). Although I have been kicking ass and taking names at work, the thing I am most proud of is that over the last 5 months, I have lost over 40 pounds. It hasn't been easy, but it feels great. I can finally shop in the regular clothes section again, which is nice. I have a new-found interest in athletic gear and exercising (although running bites and you can quote me on that).

In honor of Halloween, here is a recent photo of me at Target. JP and I were trying on the foam wigs and dying of laughter. I kinda liked this one, though...who knew I could rock some blond hair?

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Tranquil, eh? Someone better tell my blood pressure that. Everything else is lovely...

Thanks for the meme, [ profile] annearchy!

Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, indigo, and blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

We went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which is completely awesome, touching, funny, and the best travel commercial for India that I have ever seen. I swear, if work ever gives me the chance, I am totes going!
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Anyone else jonesing for a proper vacation? I need to get away from work for more than a day or two and I need it stat! Unfortunately, the mechanic looking at my Jeep today will probably be getting that vacation money. *cries* My broken things, let me show you them.

But seriously, for the Jeep being 11 years old, I'm not surprised that I've been having car trouble. Hang in there, darlin' - I can't afford a new vehicle yet!

So, 100 Healthy Things memage! I have three!

4. I started working out again this week. It hurt. Do not want.

5. I went to see my opthamologist today in spite of my loathing for visiting doctors and also the fear that this will be the visit that she finally diagnoses me with glaucoma (it runs rampant in my family gene pool, among other things). My exam went fine, although every year she gives me more tests, scaring the beejeezus out of me.

6. As a reward for not crying (she always does double burn-y drops because my eyes are so hard to dilate), JP and I went to see the Darwin exhibit at the Witte Museum. It was great - they had a bunch of his notebooks and letters, as well as fossils and original plant specimens. As much as we biology geeks know about natural selection, we knew almost nothing about Darwin himself, so learning more about him was awesome.

Near the end of the exhibit, there were some notes and a video with modern-day biologists talking about creationism and intelligent design. The most startling thing? A poll taken in the U.S. about 10 years ago stated that 57% of the people questioned believed in creationism. Why don't we let that marinate for awhile.
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So lazy with the memage and LJ in general. I don't want to come and blather about work (it's mostly going well) and we haven't been doing much lately because I work a lot and also, we are boring.

Although, last weekend I went to see Nay-nay in Austin and she took me to the best place on Earth: Pinballz, an old-school arcade with hundreds of pin ball machines, also air hockey, skeeball, and 80s games like Pole Position, Donkey Kong, and (my fav) Ms. Pac-Man. As if this cacophony of awesomeness wasn't enough, they were also giving (GIVING) away Dos Equis beer because it was Cinco de Mayo. There weren't a lot of people there, so we (I) drank up and played old-timey games (I rule at the Star Wars pinball machine). I feel as if this visit should qualify as a good thing for my mental health, LOL...

Also, we did go see The Avengers (twice!) and it was excellent (both times!). While I do not proscribe to the 'Joss Whedon is a god!' theory, I do think he is one Hell of a storyteller. The humor and the chemistry and the flow were just great. And yay for him getting some serious mainstream love.

Oh, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? Hubba hubba!

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Back from the coast, covered in mosquito bites. But had a fab time anyway. Itchy, so very itchy. Then, dear [ profile] rakshi posted this and it just made my day!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I am going to blog about ways I plan on improving my all-around health. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I figure it's a fitting topic to cover because I am not very good at looking after myself sometimes.

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Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies...why do I not own it?!

The best thing that happened to me today was Lane Bryant had a $20 off $40 coupon online and I used it, along with their ongoing special, to buy lots o' underwear! Hooray! I don't know about you, but getting 6 new pairs of fancy undies for $26 is enough to turn any day into awesomesauce. 

It's the little things...

Stolen from the awesome [ profile] annearchy:

Please leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ/DW USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. More fun for all. In theory, at least.
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90s rap music is my guilty pleasure...

Meme stolen from everybody (thanks, everybody)!

- Pick up the nearest book to you.
- Turn to page 45.
- The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

If it did not claim a majority, it was inching ever closer to that goal. (Ummmmmm...)
    - Mysteries of the Middle Ages, Thomas Cahill (history nerds, unite!)

Conversations with the Kid or Why do people think we are weird? )

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Finally, after taking way too long, I bring forth answers to a meme provided by the lovely [ profile] sardonicynic. Girl, how you managed to fill out like 6 of these in the time it took me to do one is truly amazing. And humbling. LOL...

If anyone wants to take part, here is the meme - I will oblige with the questioning!

Comment with "Come at me, bro," and:
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

My long-winded answers... )
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Yay, I am finishing this meme! And then going to bed...I am bushed!

Five People Who Mean A Lot to You )

Four Turn-Offs )

Three Turn-Ons )

Two Smileys That Describe Your Life Right Now )

One Confession )
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Ten day meme thingie, continued. Tomorrow, work. Blegh.

Six things you wish you'd never done... )

Meme again

Dec. 31st, 2010 05:51 pm
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Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve, flist. I plan on lying around, drinking champagne, eating snacks, and watching TV (perhaps a Merlin marathon is in order?).

2010, you have been one bastard of a year. Thanks for making me stronger, but you can go fuck off now. Ring out the false, ring in the true. Or something to that effect. New Year's resolutions about weight, etc. coming up later, when I am not full of Taco Bell.

I did a few more day's worth of that meme:

Nine things about yourself )

Eight ways to win your heart. )

Seven things that cross your mind a lot. )

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Just got a text from work telling me I have to go in on Sunday. Oh, well. I can bitch about it or I can start another meme.


I know what you are thinking, but I am going with meme!! The ten-day one that is going around which I may or may not be doing backwards. Oh, well.

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now )

Also, saw Tron today and it was better than I thought it would be. Rather enjoyed it actually, although spoiler! I wish they had fleshed out Tron's backstory a little more. He was like EVOL 4 LIFE and then, oh wait! I'm good, yeah? So much wasted potential there.But other than that, pretty good.

We went to a hockey game tonight and that was also a lot of fun. I always love to see grown men punch each other in the head while wearing ice skates. Good times. Other than that, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing. I love it.
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Thanks to [ profile] annearchy  for reminding me of one of my favorite memes! And I laughed so hard at what I am going to get for Christmas! I am one sick bastard, yeah?

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In February I gave [ profile] summer_queen a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In September I helped [ profile] sardonicynic hide a body (-173 points). In October I donated bone marrow to [ profile] cherry_snows in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In June I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last month I pulled over and changed [ profile] shiroibara 's flat tire (15 points).

Overall, I've been nice (193 points). For Christmas I deserve a Pony Slaystation 3!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Imma keel me some ponies!


In other news, I spent my one day off this week worrying about stupid work. I did get to spend some quality time with my mom, though. That was nice. She fed me menudo and I took her shopping. ♥

Now, JP and I are going to see the meteor shower! Work should be killer tomorrow...
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Seriously, that show is pretty darn funny!

Bit of a hangover from my night out with Sandra and the girls, but overall I am okay. Last night, I went to her house and had the largest Bloody Mary EVER before we went to a club to meet some friends. I had a good time, Every time I go out I tell myself I am too old but I still go. LOL! We caught up a bit, which was nice. Not worth a Bloody Mary/Corona hangover, but...

Earlier today, I met my ex-coworker for lunch at Sushi Zushi (don't ask me, but despite a pounding headache, etc, I was ravenous). We had sashimi and a couple of rolls, mochi ice cream for dessert, and two pots of green tea. YUM. She wanted to complain about her new workplace, but it was a small price to pay for going out for sushi. Now that my brother is no longer here, there is no one to eat sushi with me except her. Anyway, after three hours (she had A LOT to say and hot green tea is fabulous for hangovers, apparently) we parted company and I came home.

And the meme marches on...

Day 9 - Your Beliefs )

Day 10 - What you wore today )

Original meme list )
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I have nothing interesting to report - just work, work, and more work. I am tired of acting like my co-worker's mother, trying to keep us on track and focused. The work is exhausting enough on its own, I don't need to be after him all the time as well, especially because no matter whether we succeed or fail, we will get equal praise/blame. So, it's either do all the work myself and let him get half the credit or drag him along behind me. At least with the dragging, he is doing some of the work. He's smart and a quick study, but trying to get him to follow a testing schedule is the most frustrating part of this whole project!

Look at that, I did have something to say! Unfortunately, not interesting.

Day 7 - my bestie! )

Day 8 - A moment )

Original meme list )
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I have no idea how I am so hungry all the time...

Day 6 - Your Day )

Original meme list )


Oct. 10th, 2010 10:21 pm
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Catching up on meme thingie...

Day Four - What I ate...thrilling! )

Day five - definition of love )

Original meme list )
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I was going to post this earlier, but I was too busy laughing my ass off at the Yahoo page, whose feature story was entitled, "Is It Un-Christian To Do Yoga?" OMG, ignorant world, never change.

Meme Day 3 - Your Parents )

Original meme list )


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