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So, I came into this weekend BUMMED because I was going to miss Mumford & Sons AGAIN (missed out on tickets in Austin and next week in Houston) but then all this great shit started piling up (on Friday the 13th, go figure!).

First, in the huge scary sponsor meeting I was recognized by three different groups for all the awesome things I have been doing on the project. My boss wasn't there to hear it, but her boss was and she teased me about it so I know she will report back all the praise I received. This is way better than getting yelled at, which is the norm in these meetings.

Then, on the way home, the Kid called and told me that he had just been unofficially offered a job in El Paso. Woo! Finally, after 10 years in Yuma, he is moving halfway back home. I mean, it sucks that they are no longer going to be close to San Diego, but now that they have the bb Gabs, they don't really road trip that much. And they will be only 8 hours away (a mere hour and a half flight) which is totally effin' awesome. End of an era, though. Having him in Yuma was the last tenuous link I had to the West Coast. Oh, well. Gotta pour one out for my time in Cali. LOL...

And, finally, this morning I went to Old Navy because they had 50% off one item and I am constantly in need of new jeans. Well, I realized while trying some on that I had gone down another size. I didn't trust the one smaller pair I had, so I ran out and got a few more samples to make sure the jeans I had were not stretched or sized incorrectly (verify initial test results!). But I really was in a smaller size, so hooray!

I fully expect, after all this good luck, that my house/car/bowels will explode.
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Let me explain, no wait...there is too much. Let me sum up:

- First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Hope yours was as good as ours. Except for someone not getting beer in a timely fashion to my mother (whom I love more than life itself, but I cannot tell a lie...she really needs to have a few drinks if she is going to be in the kitchen), all went smoothly and there was much joy and laughter.

- Work-wise, soon after I made my promise to post more often, I was forced nominated to take over a huge project that my co-worker was in the process of fucking up. I was told that I was the new project manager 20 minutes before my first big meeting. So, you can imagine how that is going. Basically, I have no idea how to do any of this and have been working crazy overtime to try and get shit done. Thanksgiving was the first day I had off since September (unless you count the day I called in violently sick...which I DON'T). But on the up side, they haven't fired me yet so...go me!

- The week I was violently sick was of course the time when Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard rescheduled their concert here. I dragged my sad carcass to the theater and sucked down approximately a hundred lozenges so I wouldn't hack up a lung during the performances. And even though I felt like shit, I enjoyed the HELL out of that evening. Glen was in excellent form, even though his set was short and his strings kept breaking. Eddie EFFING Vedder sang for 2.5 hours, including two long-ass encores. He was fantastic and the whole thing was basically three hours of two gifted musicians and their guitars. Totally awesome and worth every penny even though my seat was kind of crap. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

- And finally, JP and I came out swinging in regards to Black Friday. I splurged and bought an iPad. He got a 3D monitor so we could try it out. Also picked up a GPS and a basic blu-ray player. We got some movies, some clothes, and I even bought some Christmas gifts for other people (one for you aaaaand three for me).

And that about wraps things up for now. Good night my dear friends. Catch you on the flip side...

I'm alive!

Aug. 17th, 2012 10:51 pm
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I haven't given up on LJ, but I must admit it's been distressingly easy to not post for over a month. Hope all y'all are well. I've been busy, mainly working and watching a lot of Netflix. I recently bought a fitbit and am enjoying playing with it. It's the nicest, most high-tech pedometer I've ever seen. But I'm trying to make an honest effort to exercise and document what I eat. Fitbit even records my sleep patterns (apparently, I fall asleep in 3-12 minutes and wake up 3 or 4 times a night, on average).

Last weekend was the San Japan con and JP and I attended as panelists. We hosted an all-day cel and toy showroom every day of the convention. It was exhausting! We barely got to see the rest of the con, but had a blast talking about cels to the people who wandered through. JP shot a quick video of our room. We set up and broke down that whole thing three times, LOL!

In other news, nearly naked Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy gets two thumbs up from me! I know a lot of people were bummed when Matt Damon bowed out, but I really like Jeremy Renner's take on the assassin who starts to ask too many questions. There is a scene between him and Edward Norton that lasts only a minute or two, but is so powerful. Sin eaters, indeed. Rachel Weisz is also awesome. I have a total girl-crush on her and always have had since The Mummy (incidentally, she does not age. Fact.)

I am trying to be good about money because poor JP's root canal became abcessed and we had to take him to a specialist who basically undid the crappy job his crappy dentist did in the first place. Of course, the insurance wouldn't cover a second root canal on the same tooth (DON'T get me started) so we had to pay $1100 out of pocket. That's gonna leave a mark!

So, no more clothes shopping for the time being, although I am seriously lusting after this coat (because it will be so useful to me here. In South Texas):


Okay, I guess that's it. I'll try and pop in here more often.
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Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies...why do I not own it?!

The best thing that happened to me today was Lane Bryant had a $20 off $40 coupon online and I used it, along with their ongoing special, to buy lots o' underwear! Hooray! I don't know about you, but getting 6 new pairs of fancy undies for $26 is enough to turn any day into awesomesauce. 

It's the little things...

Stolen from the awesome [ profile] annearchy:

Please leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ/DW USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. More fun for all. In theory, at least.
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Last night, our neighbor's 4-year-old son somehow managed to shove their water hose into our dryer vent opening and flooded our dryer, laundry room, and part of the kitchen.


Thank goodness JP figured it out almost immediately and he got to work taking apart the dryer, cleaning it out, and running it so it would absorb excess moisture that was left in the machine. We mopped everything up and let the neighbor know (she was apologetic and promised to pay for everything). We had someone come out today and they cut out some of our drywall and put anti-mold stuff in there. Now, we need to find someone to fix the walls and that should be it.

It could have been worse, but it shouldn't have happened at all. I try to be understanding, but I can't relate - even as a child, I never had that kind of carefree, what-would-happen-if attitude. Even my mom jokes that I was born an old woman. But oh well. What are you going to do? At least our laundry room floor got cleaned...

Right before this happened, I had just finished making the most awesome, crispy lemon pepper wings. They were delicious! Baked in the oven (and broiler for a few minutes), all I did was put salt and lemon pepper seasoning and baste them with an olive oil/lemon juice/lemon rind mixture. I will have to do it again since we didn't get to properly enjoy them fresh from the oven.

And finally, it's fall again and my boot lust is back in full force. If these weren't so expensive, I would be wearing them already:

And also these (although technically I think these are "shooties"):

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I ended my crappy work week by splurging on some ballet flats and sandals at DSW, picking up a six pack of Dos Equis, and getting pissed while watching The Mighty Boosh.

Things are looking up!

What y'all doing this weekend, flist?
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First and foremost: thank you, [ profile] iammine  for the lovely gifties!!! And also, happy birthday to [ profile] summer_queen! Hope you have a great day!

So, on Thursday night we went to the circus that was the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I must admit our audience was pretty lame, once again giggling at totally inappropriate moments. That is so gross to me. The movie itself had a lot of things I loved and a few things I hated. Normally, I am way lenient on the decisions the film makers go with because the story is their interpretation, not mine. But there were some things I was really looking forward to that failed to live up to expectation. Eh, what are you going to do? I want to see it again before really putting my thoughts into words.

That being said, I cried like a big ol' girl through a good chunk of the film.

Yesterday, we went to Fredericksburg Trade Days, which is held inside/outside on some farm land near the town proper. There are stalls and little huts filled with antiques and homemade goods. Anything you can think of, they were selling. They had food and music and the crowd wasn't huge, so that was nice. We must have had 10 drinks between the two of us because it was SO HOT. We had fun, though, and I got a turkey leg! Hooray! Came home, took the most wonderful shower ever, and fell asleep to Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. ♥


Frederickburg photos from last week... )

A few weeks ago, I saw an elaborate old-fashioned toy: a large, red-curtained stage that plays highlights from The Nutcracker. There were four rotating stages showing different parts of the ballet and playing eight pieces of music. It was beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it. Well, JP bought it for me and it came in the mail yesterday. !!! I love this man. My pictures don't do it justice.

The Nutcracker stage... )


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The Kindle is now $114 if you allow Amazon to put ads on it. And the covers are 20% off when you buy a Kindle. AND they are doing free two-day shipping right now because of Father's Day. It was too much to resist.

*tiny yay*
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We went to see Twelfth Night at the annual Shakespeare in the Park on Friday night. The Magik Theater always set the Bard's plays in different times. This one had a Beach Blanket Bingo facade, complete with brightly colored bathhouses, a live band playing 50s beach music, and Fabian doing his best Keanu Reeves surfer impersonation. Not bad, but missing something. The weather, however, was lovely and the white wine sangria, lip-smacking good.

I bought the most enormous white and gold floppy straw hat yesterday. It is both ridiculous AND glorious. So far, my plan to start saving extra money is not going so well. Today will be better. *nods*

Speaking of spending money, though, I am thinking about asking for a kindle for my birthday. My inner librarian has been steadfastly against it, but I realize that I just don't have the room for all my damn books plus packing three or four hardbacks every time I go on vacation is getting hard on the old carcass (dragging my carry on across San Fran, on the BART, and through the airport convinced me). I may have to keep some books for nostalgic purposes and because I love the way they smell...but I just feel like I'm ready to take the next step. *excite*

Ugh. I want a cupcake so bad right now, but all my milk is spoiled and I'd rather be hogtied to an anthill than go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe later...
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In a charming mood today, so that's nice. I want to buy lots of things! Clothes, mainly. No reason. Just want to throw some money away, I guess. LOL! I should be working out, but rumor has it that we are going out for doughnuts later...

Le sigh.

Small poetry is sometimes the best poetry.


we are sudden stars
you and i exploding in
our blue black skins

--Sonia Sanchez
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So, we left for the coast on Sunday, got back today, and had an okay time EXCEPT:

- Monday afternoon JP slashed his foot open on something sharp in the ocean (you know, the world's TRASH BIN). We got him some antiseptic and band-aids STAT, but that area of his foot has turned red, blue, and purple, so we are a little concerned. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

- Later that night, I got the worst stomach ache EVER and spent most of the evening trying not to hurl instead of kicking back on the balcony with a few cold brews.

Ah, vacation. At this rate, I am positively terrified to go to Arwen's wedding in San Fran next month!!!


But ain't they cute???

More poetry because the month is getting on - Bill Holms, speaking of the Icelandic language:

For once you have begun a sentence, the whole course of your life is laid out before you )

Aw, yeah!

Apr. 12th, 2011 04:58 pm
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I took Monday and Tuesday off so JP and I can run away to Padre Island for a couple of days. :) It's so easy to get time off now that I am no longer a lynch pin!

Yesterday, I bought a necklace made of strands of pink and white freshwater pearls for $12.50 at Target. I love Target. ♥

MOAR poems? The more I listen to this, the more I like it - Anis Mojgani's Shake the Dust


Feb. 20th, 2011 07:21 pm
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Yay, a sale on my mattress means I am FINALLY going to buy it! Yes, I said this months ago, but, you know...I am teh procrastinator.

All those secession supporters need to GTFO. They are beyond ridiculous and every article I read on them has yet to convince me otherwise. I wonder what it's like to be that stupid. I bet it's actually pretty awesome.

I have no news to report other than to say I am sorry for ignoring my flist - I swear I have been reading, just not commenting because I am a lazy muthafucka. I don't feel like I have a lot to offer to the world right now, in terms of positivity and human being-ness. In other words, I have been basting in my own suckitude (and THAT, Ms. Palin, is how you create words).

Oh, yeah. I also have a total girl boner for this purse:

Pink, ruffly, looks like a pair of underwear I used to own.

In other words, awesome.
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My glasses broke I super-glued them back together. The arm won't bend, but they work. Guess I'll have to look at getting another pair...although I am not due for another eye exam until May. Boo!

In other news, I am loving all the "Little House on the Prairie" flower and gingham prints Old Navy is putting out, but I realized that when I tried them on, I looked like I had gone missing from the cotton fields and that...just wasn't right. Oh, well. But if they bring back pinafores, I am all over that shit. I loves me some aprons!

We saw The King's Speech today and it was truly excellent. To be honest, anything with Geoffrey Rush is excellent, but throw in Colin Firth, sprinkle some Helena Bonham Carter, and douse it in British history and it goes above and beyond wonderful. Great story. Positively painful in parts - Firth's dread at public speaking is just palpable. 

I didn't mention it, but work was totally shitty last week and I had my first "grown-up" meeting with the VP and the auditors and it didn't go well, so now I am considering running away from home. Anyone care to join?
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Is it weird to anyone but me that so many store/restaurant web sites make you hunt and click every blessed link to find their freaking hours??? I exempt national chains from this because of sheer quantity, but even at that, when I click on the information for a particular store, how about listing their hours next to the directions and phone number? Some places just don't list them at all which absolutely boggles my mind. I know I can call them, but often I am immediately put on hold and, on more than one occasion, given the wrong time anyway! It's a silly little thing that annoys me when I go online to look up store info. Blegh.

We saw Morning Glory and it is an excellent movie! Well-written, well-acted, funny, and touching. I love stories set in the broadcasting or newspaper business. Go see it, you will love it. Promise.

In cool news, David Sedaris had a book reading/signing at one of the Borders in town and we went. There were quite a few people, but he took his time with every person. Which is fantastic, yet incredibly tedious. I haven't read any of his books, with the exception of a few essays/stories, but I like what he does and enjoyed his talk. JP stood in line to get his book signed and got to meet him, so that was neat.

In other news, during my week off (WOO!), I plan on:

1. Taking my defensive driving class online
2. Starting my Christmas shopping
3. Making some blackberry cordial (I AM EXCITE! ABOUT THIS)
4. Sleeping
5. Family/friends/day trips/yadda yadda

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I was just looking for some galoshes...


ETA: I. Was. Just. Looking. For. Galoshes. OMG, Autumn. Boot season. Dooooomed! These boots are HOT. I would never wear them. But they are hot.
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Half-price bookstore + multiple 50% off coupons = MOAR BOOKS!!!

Mmmm, doughnuts....I mean, books. I'm gonna do me some learnin'!!!

We also saw Get Low today. It was a great movie - touching and funny and Robert Duvall and Bill Murray are awesome and the supporting cast is wonderful, too. Just a great story and impeccably acted. If you get a chance, go see it.

Ma, ma, ma

Jul. 25th, 2010 09:27 pm
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Went to see Sorcerer's Apprentice today and not only was it awesome (I love Jay Baruchel), but it gave me a pretty cool dream when I took a nap this afternoon. People and wizards lived side by side in a place that was a cross between America in the 1950s and Miyazaki's version of a European town. The dream was about them going to war and us regular folks holding down the fort. As in any wartime, we worried about food and refugees (my family and I for some reason were boarding a bunch of blonde sorority girls that were unpleasant and whiny). There was a long and involved storyline wherein I had something going on with a young wizard who was sent home because he was not ready for battle. Even in dreams, I am a cradle robber. He was terribly cute and nerdy and told me I was "good arms." It was sorcerer lingo and it meant that I was dependable or something. I don't know. 

Went to the grocery store tonight and I swear I saw someone who looked EXACTLY like my TV boyfriend, Geof Manthorne from Ace of Cakes. *^____^*

Now, I am making sweet potato 'tater chips in the microwave. Nummy!

Okay, I think I have bored everyone enough. Laters!
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Hope all the mommies on my flist had a good day! We went to my parent's house and my sister bought enough food for 20 people, even though there were only seven of us. *urp*

Dad is looking good, although he is not what I would call a good patient, always trying to do too much and pretend like he did not just have major surgery. His machismo is something to be reckoned with. The older he gets, the worse he will be - I am thinking of my grandfather, who was an ornery ol' cuss and my dad will probably go that way as well. *sigh*

I have been going through concert withdrawal or something. I haven't gone to one in forever. I really wanted to see Lady Gaga, but all four of her shows in Texas sold out by the time I realized I wanted to go. The Toadies will be in New Braunfels in August, but that isn't quite the same as a crazy, over-the-top Gaga extravaganza. Who else is touring this summer?

I have been re-watching Ouran Host Club and just laughing my ass off. It's holding up better than I thought it would. And speaking of anime, I really want to buy Special A and I would love to find Lovely Complex on DVD as well, although I do not believe the anime was ever licensed in the U.S. (???). I know I sound soooo 1999, watching anime on DVD, but the truth is, I don't like watching stuff on my computer (torrents, etc). Call me an old-fashioned girl, but I likes my anime on discs that I can watch on my semi-big screen TV and then put the cases on a shelf to admire.

What else? Oh, I found the cutest dress at Target but they had every size except mine (curses!). I also really want this dress (the back is beautiful), but again, it's not in my size and also I will not pay $60 for a dress because I am le cheap when it comes to clothes. I did, however, buy these incredibly cute sandals because it is practically summer which always means new shoes! Just like the beginning of every other season...

Okay, back to regularly scheduled Sunday night...ugh back to work tomorrow.
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I don't know how long it will last or if anyone on my f-list would be interested, but itunes is offering the entire first season of the TV show 10 Things I Hate About You for free. Available in HD. You can't beat that with a stick.


I have been feeling guilty for ignoring/avoiding family and friends lately, so I am going to try and stop doing that. I don't even know why I do it in the first just seems like all the energy I have is expelled at work and that's it. I know I have this shit backwards and I need to fix it. So, here we go. Any minute now.


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