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Checking in for what is now becoming my quarterly update. Fail, fail, fail. I miss ye old days of LJ, but the internet's evolution stops for no man (or woman). I'm sure someday I will be on tumblr, but for now I will resist and instead delight you with the highlights of my ho-hum life.

Work is going well; I was promoted again, which is nice. I basically live and breathe the huge, scary project they were supposed to remove me from several months ago. Instead, I stayed on and expanded it to cover the entire group my former boss presides over. It's stressful, but I enjoy being at the center of it, proving that even though I'm an introvert, I'm still a glory-hog. Oink, oink baby.

JP and I are good. He has been in Seattle this past week, visiting his family at their gorgeous lake house and attending PAX Prime. Last month, we went to Space City Con in Houston, an old school sci-fi convention. I was mainly there to kick it by the pool, but I did get to see Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown, Dr. Who) and he was a hoot. JP was in geek heaven, hanging out with all his old favorite sci-fi actors.

My mom was hospitalized earlier this summer. Scared the Hell out of us. It was ischemic colitis and she was in the hospital for about a week. She's slowly getting better, thank goodness.

My most exciting news is that I have been on a rigorous diet/workout routine since late April and have lost almost 40 pounds. It's been tough but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I don't really deny myself - if I want pizza, I have pizza. I just eat less of it. Limiting snacking is tough, but seeing the scale go down has been a great motivator. We'll see how long I can keep it up! Working out is actually kind of fun because my co-worker goes with me. She's a hardcore athlete, but very sweet and encouraging.

I guess those are all the "big" things. I'll just leave a picture of the bb rainbow cake I made Nay-nay for her 40th birthday because I am so proud of it (gloryhogsayswhat?):


I'm alive!

Aug. 17th, 2012 10:51 pm
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I haven't given up on LJ, but I must admit it's been distressingly easy to not post for over a month. Hope all y'all are well. I've been busy, mainly working and watching a lot of Netflix. I recently bought a fitbit and am enjoying playing with it. It's the nicest, most high-tech pedometer I've ever seen. But I'm trying to make an honest effort to exercise and document what I eat. Fitbit even records my sleep patterns (apparently, I fall asleep in 3-12 minutes and wake up 3 or 4 times a night, on average).

Last weekend was the San Japan con and JP and I attended as panelists. We hosted an all-day cel and toy showroom every day of the convention. It was exhausting! We barely got to see the rest of the con, but had a blast talking about cels to the people who wandered through. JP shot a quick video of our room. We set up and broke down that whole thing three times, LOL!

In other news, nearly naked Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy gets two thumbs up from me! I know a lot of people were bummed when Matt Damon bowed out, but I really like Jeremy Renner's take on the assassin who starts to ask too many questions. There is a scene between him and Edward Norton that lasts only a minute or two, but is so powerful. Sin eaters, indeed. Rachel Weisz is also awesome. I have a total girl-crush on her and always have had since The Mummy (incidentally, she does not age. Fact.)

I am trying to be good about money because poor JP's root canal became abcessed and we had to take him to a specialist who basically undid the crappy job his crappy dentist did in the first place. Of course, the insurance wouldn't cover a second root canal on the same tooth (DON'T get me started) so we had to pay $1100 out of pocket. That's gonna leave a mark!

So, no more clothes shopping for the time being, although I am seriously lusting after this coat (because it will be so useful to me here. In South Texas):


Okay, I guess that's it. I'll try and pop in here more often.
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For some reason I am reading like four books at once, which was fine when I was young and sharp but now I'm just confused and grumpy. Also, my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older. Verrah scary.

I felt like posting, but I really had nothing to say. So, yeah. Here's what I came up with...

Things I Am SO Ready For

1. The muthafuckin' weekend
2. Taking JP to see Esther's Follies Friday night (which also means hanging out in Austin, woo woo!)
3. Visiting the Kid and his wife in about 6 weeks (San Diego, here I come!)

Things I Am SO Over

1. Eating healthy (so. difficult. especially after a whole year of eating crap. delicious crap.)
2. Work. Do not get me started - it's just depressing.
3. Getting my finances in order (I know it's important, but boring!)

I am listening to Nelson's (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection. I approve of their use of parenthesis.
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I have fallen in love with The Mighty Boosh (a little late to the party, but whatever) after JP foisted a few episodes on me. It's just absurd and lovely and funny and whimsical and even though I haven't seen all the seasons, I am already re-watching some of the eps. I have really weird crushes on the four main characters (including a lisping Naboo and the guy in the gorilla suit).

Don't be jelly, JP - you are still my number 1 weirdo!

Hmmm, I think that's it except to say I made a carrot turnip mash the other day and it was delish!

Oh, the excitement! I can't take it!
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Before I forget (and I will), my name at Pottermore is DreamCrimson36. My tumblr  is melcreada, but it's not set up by any means...

Yesterday was Saturday A Go-Go!!! I got up early, got mah hair did (chopped off quite a bit because blow drying has become an epic chore, for me anyway), met mom and Paul for "dos-aritas" at Martha's Mexican Restaurant (margarita machine was not working properly so they were EXTREMELY runny...meh, not impressed), and then hoofed it home so JP and I could do some shopping (needed that like I need a hole in the head).

Finally got home, freshened up, and went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love (why is there a comma after Stupid? Is Crazy Stupid not defining Love?). It was actually a really good movie - I love Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling and they were both fantastic! I wasn't sure where they were going sometimes, but that's what made it so interesting. And the little byplay between the couples was great...the silliness, the banter, the knowing someone better than you know yourself...all those split second intimate moments just made the film for me. Go see it, you will love it!

I took a nap this afternoon and had a lu-lu of a dream.

Dream nonsense...posted because I love remembering my bad-ass ones. )
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Got back from Fort Davis last week and I've been running around like a crazy person ever since. We had a blast at both state parks (nearby Balmorhea had a giant spring-fed swimming pool). The Davis Mountains are beautiful and lonely. No cell service at the lodge (although we had cable TV...score!).

We went to the highest point in the park to star gaze and watch passing storm fronts. We drove up to the McDonald Observatory (still not totally impressed, but we had a cloudy night and didn't get to see the giant telescope). Fort Davis proper is like two blocks long and everything is mom and pop-type places. No Walmart, no fast food. It was totes awesome, but I don't know if I could have survived more than a few days there. However, all in all, it was a fantastic vacay - exploring the parks and Fort Davis (the actual fort is really cool!), vegging out, kicking back with my Kindle in the middle of the afternoon.

Peektures )

In other news, we saw the documentary Buck, about the real life Horse Whisperer. As predicted, I cried through a respectable portion of it. But it's a sweet and simple film with a beautiful message. If you are an animal lover, you will love it.

Also, we went downtown to catch Harry Potter again but while we were killing time at Rivercenter Mall, JP had his wallet stolen. >__< Thankfully, they found the wallet (minus the cash and credit card) at the bottom of the pool at the Marriott Hotel that is attached to the mall. They made off with about $30, but JP cancelled his card right away and the thieves missed the Game Stop card and movie passes. All in all, best possible scenario for a robbery.

We did wind up seeing Harry Potter (but not then...IMAX comped us tickets for the following day) and I did like it better the second time around. I dunno...spoilers? Highlight to read: 

I love Alan Rickman and I thought he did a great job in his flashback scenes, but something about it left me cold. Like, if you didn't know the story already it was just as if he lost his childhood friend, not the love of his life. I guess I felt a bit cheated. I also wish that they would have shown the other people who came to fight for the Order. It wasn't just a handful of adults and children versus thousands of Death Eaters. Voldemort was creepily AWKWARD but I guess they were trying to make him tragic? A slice of his back story would have solved that.

Anyhoo, all the kids were great and I cried when McGonagall did the spell on the statues and when Harry was talking to his mom and the Maurauders (dude, his dad gets NO screen time...where's the love for poppa?!). I also hate how his parents are too old...they were killed when they were what, 21? They are not aging well in the ghost world. I actually liked the fan fiction ending on seemed sweet and not totally cheesy and forced, the way I felt it was in the book.

So, overall, I did enjoy it although it wasn't exactly how I envisioned it. I have begun re-reading all the books. YAY!!!
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Got my Jeep back today! Yay! It doesn't quite feel the same, but I guess I just need time to readjust. I was in the rental car for 6 weeks!!!

Listening to JP play Portal 2 - the AI computer (Glados?) is SO BITCHY. It's hilarious!


May. 8th, 2011 10:24 am
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Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies on my flist! Hope you have a great one!

I met up with Nay-nay on Friday night and we enjoyed watermelon martinis at Olive Garden (YUM) and then went shopping for clothes I didn't need (bought a fabulous dress, though).

Yesterday, JP and I went to see Thor and, I must say, it was pretty good! Chris Hemsworth is just gorgeous and even though I am pre-disposed to love anything Kenneth Branagh does anyway, he did a great job moving the story forward and preventing it from looking or sounding ridiculous (which is no easy task when you are talking about THOR). My favorite bits included the main character coming to Earth because I love 'fish out of water' scenarios. Oh, yes - Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings are fantastic in their small roles. Highly recommended!

And now I leave you with this...JP found it and thought of me. A skinny, English steampunk rapper. Does my boyfriend know me or does my boyfriend know me??

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Having a lovely Diet Coke with vodka and lime while watching Dr. Who. I don't know what the Hell is going on, but it doesn't interrupt my enjoyment of the show even though I still like David Tennent better.

About my earlier notes:

- JP is the best boyfriend because he repaired my parent's computer after my father somehow managed to shred a game CD in the drive. He's such a sweetie! ♥

- Thursday a former co-worker of mine chose me to be her guest at her anniversary luncheon at Chama Gaucha, a Brazilian steakhouse that has the most beautiful salad bar I have ever seen and about 5-7 waiters at any given time that circle around your table cutting meat off large metal skewers and putting it on your plate. They just keep coming and coming. An endless attack of MEAT. Every cut of beef, lamb, and chicken you can think of. So, so delicious. I have eaten at a place like this before but this was definitely the fanciest. Will go again when I am done digesting this meat. Like in a month or so...

- And finally, one last poem until the mood strikes me again for National Poetry Month and fitting, based on my activities tonight:

vodkaquiet )

ETA: THANK YOU,[ profile] iammine, for the lovely tin hat! LOL! I love hats, actually...
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We celebrated JP's birthday and I made Dalek/Dr. Who cupcakes! Just a time I will probably use a different type of cookie on top to make it more proportional.

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Came home from work and JP had made dinner, which included buying my favorite wine and a delicious strawberry daiquiri cheesecake for dessert. I love my man. ♥

We ended the night by watching a Top Gear marathon on BBC. I am proper lucky!

Good night all!

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JP, wearing a mask from the Bioshock event earlier this year. We handed out candy and glow sticks cause we are hardcore. And now, time for some Charlie Brown and Garfield!

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I am so excited because I walked out of the house today and it was actually cool! Of course, it was 90 degrees by lunchtime, but this morning! I almost thought about going back inside for a light jacket!

I obviously get way too excited about this shit.

In other news, my cake was totally eclipsed by this awesome cheescake one of the ladies made with crumbly toffee chips on top. It was quite delicious. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board (these potlucks are going to turn me into a mad scientist baker, JFC).

JP took Spike to the vet today because he keeps throwing up all the time. Our little kitty was the model patient and JP said everyone was impressed with how well behaved and calm he was. They think he is okay, but suggested a couple of things for us to try, changing the food, etc.

I do have to admit our cats are pretty badass and that has everything to do with JP - he works with them a lot, training them, playing with them, and trying to keep a consistent sense of order in the group. You can take the wildlife ecologist out of the zoo, but you can't take the zoo out of the wildlife ecologist. Or something like that. I love the cats, that's no lie. But I spend a fraction of my time with them. JP walks out of the room and if the cats are awake, they are bound to follow him. It is hilarious and strange and adorable. 

Okay, done rambling for now. Ta!

H and G

Sep. 13th, 2010 08:17 pm
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Y'all know who y'all are. ♥ ♥ ♥

JP made me watch the first episode of Darkplace and I found it disturbingly enjoyable. It is so...odd and awkward. LOL...

So. Hungry.
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JP set up his telescope the other night and we saw the moon in all its pock-marked, lonely glory. It was beautiful and totally awesome. I can't WAIT to look at planets and other heavenly bodies. Hee.

After a Hellish 9-hour work day yesterday, I went to Roberta's bridal shower at a pricey Mexican restaurant. It was nice and there were tons of women there, mostly from her work. Afterwards, the girls invited me to a bar down the street for a couple of drinks and a couple of shots of Patron. So smoky, though. Yuck.

Now me and my slight hangover-y headache are off to hang out with Mom and Paul for "girl's afternoon."

So insanely tired. I find it very funny that I am so anti-social, given the kind of environment I was raised in and the amount of time I spend with other people.


Jun. 6th, 2010 02:57 am
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Yay, JP called me! I feel like I used to when we first started dating and I was always waiting for the phone to ring. ♥ ♥ ♥

1. Thanks to my friends who remembered that I was on my own this weekend and invited me for drinks at a local bar.
2. Thanks to the generous bar patron who bought the house a round of beers.
3. Many, many thanks to the crazy bar patron who bought the house not one, but two shots of Patron tequila. That really fucked me up. ^__^

I hope I am not hung over tomorrow...
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Okay, enough of my bullshit whining. Time for a positive post!

- Am going to see the Kid next month and there will be much movie watching, meat-grillin', beer-swillin', and laughter going on. Also, possibly a day trip to San Diego, which always makes me happy.

- Tomorrow is Friday, thank you Jay-sus! Have OT up the yin yang, so I will try and sock that away to my "survival fund." *shifty eyes*

- JP is downstairs doing the dishes. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I had a short, but pleasant weekend. JP got me a stuffed Pooh and Eeyore (dressed as Cupid!) and the Playstation network game Flower, which is beautiful and relaxing and draws you in from the get-go. It's just lovely and moody. I already finished playing it! Me! And a game! I made dinner (chicken with spinach, cheese, and red sauce over noodles) and we just had a quiet night in.

Yesterday, we saw A Single Man and it was beautiful: sad and poignant, with small moments of joy and hopefulness. Colin Firth is a revelation. Go see it. It will break your heart and make you glad to be alive.

I am currently in the process of getting rid of some shelves in the master bedroom and there is crap EVERYWHERE! I also need to post San Fran pictures and talk about the vacay a bit because in spite of our difficulties at the end, the majority of the trip was a blast.

And finally, in case any of you were wondering, the book Vampire Darcy's Desire SUCKS ASS. As if there had been any doubt. The author talks disdainfully in the preface about horrible P&P sequels and then has the gall to write the worst fan fiction known to man! Eliza giggles and sucks face with Darcy every chance she gets while Darcy is the whiniest vampire ever. Buck up, little camper! If Regina Jeffers wanted to write horror, she should have paid more attention to the Bronte sisters instead of Austen - those bitches knew how to write a Gothic novel!
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Wonderful Christmas and thank goodness it is over! I am wiped! Last night was the big family party. Everyone brought a lot of booze and that's all I have to say about that. Later when it was just the familia, we opened gifts. I got a lot of beautiful things, but the best two gifts I got were:

Knowing my great love for Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back) and my
frustration with the lack of a DVD, JP bought me an old copy on VHS AND a collection
of the original lobby cards that were put in the theaters when the movie was released.
I love this man, for serious. Also, please admire my French manicure because those
are my actual nails. Wot, wot!

Will you have the goodness to look at this badass present? Julie made (MADE WITH HER
OWN HANDS) me a Shakespeare keychain complete with ruff collar and quill. Her skill
and thoughtfulness put me to shame. I am not worthy!!!

Also, these pictures count for my meme: Day 09 → A photo you took (two for the price of one, baby).

Everyone, have a great day!!! I am off to watch a PBS double whammy of The Nutcracker and La Boheme whilst eating roast beef sandwiches. Mmmhmm....
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No meteor shower last night - while we were waiting for it to start, clouds moved in and that was that. The Kid put it best in his text when I complained to him about it later: Goddamn nature fuckin' shit up...


Spent all day with my mom, buying last minute Christmas stuff and then hanging with her and my dad and JP watching Pirates of the Caribbean on blu-ray DVD (early birthday gift from my man). Also took my mom to see New Moon and verily, she swooned. She thought it was very romantic, even though we giggled through the silly parts. I still contend that you cannot spend three quarters of the movie parading that underage beefcake Jacob and his fine ass abs chest biceps everything and then flash Edward's scrawny, pale upper body. That shit is rough!

Anyhoo, meme!

Day 04 → Your favorite book

At this moment in time, I want to say Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic. I have always loved this book, how it is so lyrical. It reads like poetry in some parts, like colorful snapshots strung together to make a story. I picked this book because although I love Shakespeare and Austen and Hemingway and Alcott, they are a world apart from me. They are the gods on the mountain while Alice is more the monk on the hill. I would love to be able to write like her. It's just lovely.


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