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So, I came into this weekend BUMMED because I was going to miss Mumford & Sons AGAIN (missed out on tickets in Austin and next week in Houston) but then all this great shit started piling up (on Friday the 13th, go figure!).

First, in the huge scary sponsor meeting I was recognized by three different groups for all the awesome things I have been doing on the project. My boss wasn't there to hear it, but her boss was and she teased me about it so I know she will report back all the praise I received. This is way better than getting yelled at, which is the norm in these meetings.

Then, on the way home, the Kid called and told me that he had just been unofficially offered a job in El Paso. Woo! Finally, after 10 years in Yuma, he is moving halfway back home. I mean, it sucks that they are no longer going to be close to San Diego, but now that they have the bb Gabs, they don't really road trip that much. And they will be only 8 hours away (a mere hour and a half flight) which is totally effin' awesome. End of an era, though. Having him in Yuma was the last tenuous link I had to the West Coast. Oh, well. Gotta pour one out for my time in Cali. LOL...

And, finally, this morning I went to Old Navy because they had 50% off one item and I am constantly in need of new jeans. Well, I realized while trying some on that I had gone down another size. I didn't trust the one smaller pair I had, so I ran out and got a few more samples to make sure the jeans I had were not stretched or sized incorrectly (verify initial test results!). But I really was in a smaller size, so hooray!

I fully expect, after all this good luck, that my house/car/bowels will explode.


Jun. 30th, 2012 09:29 pm
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My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby! I am so excited for them. This kid, who my brother, JP, and I are now referring to as 'the wee baby Seamus' (for you Archer fans), is going to be SO spoiled...
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This weekend, we went to see Moonrise Kingdom and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (I HAVE NO REGRETS!).

Moonrise Kingdom is just wonderful: funny and sad and strange and poignant. If you grew up in the 60s/70s, there is something about the whole flavor of the movie that will really resonate. I am actually not a big fan of Wes Anderson (I have to be one of three people on the internet that did not enjoy The Royal Tenenbaums) - most of his stuff just depresses and confuses me, but this movie is lovely. Hearts in my eyes, you guys.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (STILL NO REGRETS) isn't as horrible as I thought it would be. The action sequences were actually pretty bad ass. The story was just eh and I am still not a fan in any way, shape, or form of vampires. But overall, I'm glad we went to see it and I would see it again for the fight scenes alone.

I feel like I had more to report, but what a surprise! I can't remember...

I did get motherfuckin' BOX seats to Madama Butterfly with my email discount. I'm gonna live like the rich folks! LOL...

Only one more week (and a day) until my vacation! Woohoo! The Kid and Traci will be here and it will be party time!
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Haven't posted in awhile - life has been kind of hectic lately. I just got back from visiting my brother and his wife in Yuma, AZ. I love going out there. We usually just hang out, visit their local haunts, and cap off the visit with a drive to San Diego. I love returning to SD - I have plenty of good memories that overshadow the bad. But something about that drive through the mountains and the desert...during the day, it's no big deal. But at night, it comes close to breaking my heart. Even after all these years.
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For some reason I am reading like four books at once, which was fine when I was young and sharp but now I'm just confused and grumpy. Also, my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older. Verrah scary.

I felt like posting, but I really had nothing to say. So, yeah. Here's what I came up with...

Things I Am SO Ready For

1. The muthafuckin' weekend
2. Taking JP to see Esther's Follies Friday night (which also means hanging out in Austin, woo woo!)
3. Visiting the Kid and his wife in about 6 weeks (San Diego, here I come!)

Things I Am SO Over

1. Eating healthy (so. difficult. especially after a whole year of eating crap. delicious crap.)
2. Work. Do not get me started - it's just depressing.
3. Getting my finances in order (I know it's important, but boring!)

I am listening to Nelson's (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection. I approve of their use of parenthesis.

So tired...

Aug. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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The McNay Art Museum was gorgeous (and free!). Their collection is small, but it is one of the most beautiful spaces, ever. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone in the car so I didn't take pictures. They have a gorgeous Chagall that I am in love with, but hands down, the greatest thing we saw was a pop art piece done by Roger Shimomura. It was several different anime characters mixed with the Power Puff Girls and spaceships and in the center was the artist dressed as Jan Cogo from SF Saiyuki Starzinger, holding a paintbrush. ♥ ♥ ♥

I am easy like a Sunday morning, people.

Today I got my hair cut (finally!) and we saw The Other Guys, starring my sekrit boyfriend Will Ferrell. It was hilarious and weird all at once. But what else do you expect with Mr. Ferrell?! Good times.

Tonight we went to the Magik Theater (local children's theater) to see Snow White and the Seven Amigos. It was awesomely funny, being a little amateur and slightly offensive. But if you were to mix Snow White with a dash of The Magnificent Seven and dress it up with sombreros and Speedy Gonzalez style accents, you will have the gist of it. Still, the actors (who also put on Shakespeare in the Park every year) show that comedy is their strong suit. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Came home and had a nice long talk with the Kid, wherein we discussed the theory of barefoot running, argued over the correct pronunciation of "Chagall," and quoted a good portion of The Matchmaker.

All in all, it's been a good couple of days. ^______^
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OMG, you guys. Work. WORK. Why is it every time I take a day off during the week, I wind up working massive overtime on the other four days? It's like, why did I bother taking the day off in the first place if I am going to wear myself out later on? I am so tired.

I would talk about what's going on at work, but what's the point? I feel demoralized and hurt, but at least it's a job and it's paying my mortgage, so I just have to suck it up, right? The president of the bank is touring our facility next week and I am one of the people who will be "allowed" to talk to him. Maybe I will hit him up for a job, LOL...

In better news, the Kid and his wife are coming to visit us in early July, on my week off. YAY! And the following weekend, JP and I will be holding a cel panel at San Antonio's fledgling anime con, San Japan. I'm looking forward to it because anything that isn't work-related makes me happy and excited.

We saw Get Him to the Greek last weekend and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I am not a fan of Jonah Hill, but he did alright here. P Diddy or whatever the Hell he calls himself was pretty freakin' hilarious. And I know everyone seems to hate Russell Brand, but as I have only seen him play one character, he doesn't annoy me in the slightest. I think he did great in the role.

Tonight, new Futurama! Again, so excited!
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No meteor shower last night - while we were waiting for it to start, clouds moved in and that was that. The Kid put it best in his text when I complained to him about it later: Goddamn nature fuckin' shit up...


Spent all day with my mom, buying last minute Christmas stuff and then hanging with her and my dad and JP watching Pirates of the Caribbean on blu-ray DVD (early birthday gift from my man). Also took my mom to see New Moon and verily, she swooned. She thought it was very romantic, even though we giggled through the silly parts. I still contend that you cannot spend three quarters of the movie parading that underage beefcake Jacob and his fine ass abs chest biceps everything and then flash Edward's scrawny, pale upper body. That shit is rough!

Anyhoo, meme!

Day 04 → Your favorite book

At this moment in time, I want to say Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic. I have always loved this book, how it is so lyrical. It reads like poetry in some parts, like colorful snapshots strung together to make a story. I picked this book because although I love Shakespeare and Austen and Hemingway and Alcott, they are a world apart from me. They are the gods on the mountain while Alice is more the monk on the hill. I would love to be able to write like her. It's just lovely.
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I have been anxious all weekend and you know what that means! Shop, shop, shop. At least it wasn't eat, eat, eat...

Speaking of which (sorta), I am contemplating canceling my gym membership. I have really let that go lately and I could certainly use the money. It's bad, I agree but you know...

Anyhoo, this is pretty damn sweet! The local anime club has rekindled itself and has been holding gatherings and whatnot, but I have never been able to go. But Utena and Rose of the Versailles and the possibility of Takarazuka?! I am in!!!

We saw As You Like It on Friday night and it was mostly good. The leads were a little green, stepping over each other's lines and stuttering a bit, but Touchstone was awesome and several of the lesser characters did very well. As usual, the company takes some liberties. Last year, The Tempest was set in outer space. This time, the play was set...under the big top!

title or description

Aw, my brother just called to see what kind of snacks/food we want when we go visit. That is totally his wife's doing - he would never be that gracious himself. I don't know whether to be touched by the thoughtfulness or alarmed at the Stepford-ization of my bro...

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So, you know, like maybe I bought something I hadn't planned on, but when the Universe speaks to you, you should be smart enough to listen.

(Almost) every year, I try and make a trek out to Yuma to see the Kid although for the past couple, he has traveled to San Antonio instead. However, with flights getting so cheap, I thought visiting him might be a good idea. Well, as coincidence would have it, I learned that David Cook was performing at the San Diego County Fair in June. So, I have decided to kill two birds with one stone. HOORAY! Unfortunately, when I made the decision, the tickets had been on sale for over 24 hours, but I still got right center, 10th row seating, so not too shabby.

Am very excited about this latest turn of events...hope it all works out.

In other news, I am officially on strike from my body because it SUCKS ASS. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to this super cough. I am going to go take an allergy/cold medicine cocktail and knock it the fuck out...
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Just one more day and I'm off to Cabo! The Kid and Traci are actually getting married tomorrow because the whole "wedding in Mexico" seems to have some legitimacy issues stateside. So, when he called tonight, I sang him the first verse of My Fair Lady's "I'm Getting Married in the Morning." Well, it made me laugh. Heh...

I am getting more and more zen as the trip approaches. I know once we get there, all Hell will break loose, what with last minute details, etc. But I don't care. I'm on vacation, bitches!!!

I hope I don't forget anything.

Also, everyone in San Antonio was FREAKING OUT over Hurrican Ike. Like, the water and camping aisles of all the stores I went to were wiped out. I wanted to grab a bullhorn and yell at people, "We are 200 miles inland!" I know the storm was huge and that we could have gotten a lot of rain. But the odds were against it and we actually got next to NO rain.

I thought it was eerie - we had a beautiful sunny day while Galveston was getting pummeled. Anyhoo, I am so over this town panicking over any kind of weather abnormality: ice, hurricanes, smoke from slash and burn in Mexico. This city just needs to grow a pair. We have wonderfully mild weather compared to a lot of other places.

As a completely random tangent to this diatribe, in the Philippines we used to prepare for typhoons by filling the bathtubs with water and pulling out the kerosine lantern and a few candles. The power would sometimes be out for days. My dad used to make us do our homework, no matter what, and I remember sitting right next to that damn Coleman lantern, sweating like mad and trying to figure out !@#$ fractions. Ah, the good ol' days...

I have eaten a disgusting amount of food today and my iPod refuses to transfer music to iTunes on my laptop. Other than that, all is well.

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So, now that ya'll know about my dark and demented dream world of late, I figured I would talk meaninglessly about shoes! Hurrah!

Well, the Kid's wedding is in less than two months. I have the dress (two, actually, and by some weird coincidence, they are both black and white). I just have to decide if I want ankle length and gauzy or mid-calf and empire waist/accordion skirt. Both are very pretty and I love them so much, I might just do a costume change mid-way through the event. LOL!

But on to the serious stuff. I am doing silver jewelry and shoes and am trying to decide amongst fancy, not-so fancy, or comfy. The only rule here is the sandal must be sparkly! I figure I can spurge on shoes because the two dresses were clearance rack finds. wOOt!

And since I am talking about shoes anyway, I have to admit a long-held, secret desire to own a pair of nice cowboy boots. I never have, mainly because up until a few years ago, you would NEVER see me in jeans (Texas, what have you DONE to me?!). Plus Western-style tends to run narrow and my wide foot tends to not like that. But now? I think I am ready. In my crazy-ass dreams, I think I would wear these (they come in wide width) or perhaps I could pull these off...but then I wake up and wonder if they make faux cowboy boots that would run a little cheaper.

This completely delusional shoe dream was brought to you by Zappos and Bootstar!

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In six months, I will be in Cabo San Lucas, at the Kid's wedding. Sandy beaches and ice-cold margaritas...yay!

Willie Nelson concert was fan-fucking-tabulous BTW. He sounds just AWESOME, especially considering he is my dad's age (74!). He sang all the songs I grew up with, making me misty and nostalgic. The venue was small and outside, but the weather was perfect and I brought cushions for my parents' seats so they would be comfy.

They had a great time, which really pleased me because they were complaining the whole way up right until we sat down. I knew it was money well-spent when my dad leaned in to say, "I never thought I would see Willie Nelson in person."

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Have been running around like a mad person, working and spending my time off either helping mom at grandma's house or just being with her because she is a little down.

Busy, busy little bee, as my father used to say whenever he would come across me engrossed in a book/homework/project.

At grandma's, I found a pair of pretty, old fashioned champagne/martini (?) glasses that are shown in a picture of my grandparents toasting each other. I thought they would make a nice wedding gift for the Kid, along with a copy of that picture. Also found some Texas-themed glasses for him, seeing as he loves all things Lone Star State-related.

My mother gave me some of my grandmother's costume jewelry, but the best thing I found that no one else seemed to want were a couple of partially disintegrated notebooks that included, among other things, a hand-written family tree going back a few generations and some notes on my grandma's life. I am going to transcribe them and hand them out to anyone who is interested. I'm very excited because I had interviewed her in the past and, like an idiot, lost the notes and the paper I wrote. I also found a diary of my aunt's from the late 1940s, but we gave that back to her.

It's hard going through grandma's things, but funny too, as we are finding all kinds of stuff that takes us back to childhood and happy memories seem to be scattered throughout the tiny, rundown old house.

This Sunday we went to see 27 Dresses, which was cute and predictable fun. I then took a couple of movies to my mom's house and hung out with her. We watched The Queen and Marie Antoinette. I was disappointed in The Queen because I had really high expectations (it had been nominated for lots of awards). I found it rather snooze-worthy. Which is pretty damn insane, considering my overdeveloped interest in the British monarchy. Helen Mirren was great, though. Made me feel sympathy for the Queen, which can't be an easy thing to do.

Marie Antoinette was lovely eye candy, but not much else. All those desserts! LOL... I actually thought it was a depressing movie, mainly because you already know the ending. However, Sophia Coppola gets all my love and a box of chocolates for using New Order on her soundtrack for the movie. I dug around and FINALLY found my New Order CDs so I could hear Ceremony. *lurves*

I am so old, for reals. Somebody, please humor me and tell me you love New Order, too! ^_~

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I am alive, kinda. Have had the last few days off to spend with the Kid. He asked his girlfriend to marry him, which was great. I like her a lot and couldn't be happier for him. I have always worried that he was too alone and now he has someone who I think compliments him really well. I hope it is all smooth sailing for them.

The only bad part is having various family members ask me when I am getting married and that's always a pleasant question to dodge. The best news in all of this is that they will be getting married in Cabo San Lucas next year, so you know: woo, vacation!!!

I am chugging along with NaNoWriMo, a little behind but not too bad considering I was with my family all the time. I need to get back on track and since the Kid left today, it's time for me to get cracking. Er. Yeah. Come on, plots! Any day now!

Tomorrow, work. But week after next I have off for Thanksgiving. Huzzah!
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Good: The Kid surprised us by driving from Yuma to spend a week with the familia. Yay!

I have yet to spend more than a few minutes on before being booted off the site and/or the site crapping out entirely.

Good: Whatevs, I should be writing anyway.

Bad: The story, she sucks! Hardcore. You ever start writing something and just go, "Aw, hell naw..." I don't want to start all over again because there's nothing else I feel like writing and I have almost 6K words. I am not being modest; I can toot my horn with the best of them. This is stinky crap. But, oh, well. Carry on and whatnot.

I asked for and received part of next week off to spend with the Kid and the fam.

Bad: Apparently, excitement over NaNoWriMo + seeing the Kid again + work crap = massive depression. Yeah, crying at the drop of a hat, not wanting to even drive to my parent's house because all the emotion is just too exhausting. I am such a basketcase, it's almost comical. If I were a fictional character in my story, I would off myself in the first scene. I am so annoying.

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My eyes are barely open, for serious.

So, the three minute update? Here goes:

Family: the Kid is in town for a visit, so that means late nights and lots of beer and laughter. Family in and out of the house and just wonderfulness in general. Tonight, he and I went to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant. We had the BEST time, sitting at the sushi bar and cracking up with  the sushi chef, who had aspirations of being a comedian. Mmm, so happy that I feel full. Just brimming with the warmth of it.

Work: I clocked 53 hours last week and we just started testing. Like less than ten percent of our volume. We go live tomorrow and I will be in the office at 4 a.m. to make sure everything kicks off okay. Hold me. I mean it.

JP has been a cleaning maniac lately. He shames me. The house smells lovely and we can walk through the rooms without tripping over stuffs. The empty sink alone is reason to rejoice. Thank you, honey.

Okay, enough with the sap. I have eaten something like 12 pieces of sushi and washed them down with two large bottles of Kirin Ichiban. I need sleep.
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The last time I was in Yuma, I bought my brother two HIDEOUS shower curtains for his apartment (and blamed my mom for the choice). Well, ever since then, he has moaned about the lighthouse and flowers, respectively, and hinted darkly about knowing who was *really* responsible for the whole fiasco. So, as an end to our little bathroom drama, unbeknownst to him but knownst to me, I sent him this.

Tell me THAT is not a thing of beauty and a joy forever! It was that or a Badtz Maru one and I tremble to think what he would do to poor Badtz. LOL...

And yes, I am home again. Took a page out of [ profile] iammine's book and am having a mental health day. Oh, how my ragged sanity needs it! The local dollar theater is showing Howl's Moving Castle and I might pop in for a $.50 movie. FIFTY CENTS during the weekday! Can ya dig it? I also need to shop for some presents (lots of people born in March, I'm just sayin'...)


Apr. 16th, 2005 05:46 pm
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First off, THANK YOU all you lovely people who *squeed* over the house and wished me good luck. We had it inspected and found a few things that were semi-serious, but thankfully nothing with the foundation, etc. The air conditioner gave us a couple of bad moments when it WOULDN'T START, but eventually the inspector and A/C guy banged and jiggled and got it going. Eep.

However, the seller is giving us some money in escrow for the air con. We are hoping he won't be difficult, but nothing so far has proved him to be otherwise. He obviously doesn't care about the house, wants it off his hands, and wants to do it as quickly and cheaply as possible. Our problem is, we are paying his asking price so that we do not have to deal with this. So, we'll see. I am getting my loan rate locked, meeting with the realtor, and waiting to see what the seller will do. Keep those fingers crossed! LOL...

And in other huge news, I was at my parent's house for dinner last night, standing in the kitchen, when all of a sudden, the Kid came rushing through the door! I must admit I screamed was a little overwhelmed. I cried was so happy and completely poleaxed suprised. Am deliriously relieved to see him. <3 Yay!
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Came down, down, down.

I returned from Padre with a wee tan, thanks mainly to grey skies and a total of three hours spent under actual sunshine slathered in actual sunblock. But, all in all, a very nice trip. The beach was lovely and, under that brief blue sky, the ocean was five shades of blue-green. The drive was great, too: excepting the pit I call San Antonio, the hill country and lush farmland of the Valley were gorgeous. Wildflowers grew in every imaginable color and even the squatty cacti had incredible yellow blooms. The wind was incredible and rocked my little Jeep back and forth a few times. Whee! Not.

The Kid and I spent even more time together tonight when we went to the store for my parents. My father had washed the mats in my brother's car and had put them back (still wet) so when we opened his doors, the smell of old bean water/dead wet dog wafted out. We couldn't roll down the windows because of the rain, so we pinched our noses closed and did an impromptu duet to Radiohead's 'Weirdo' which was playing at the time. And a good time was had by all the people gagging in the smelly car.

You know, some people (boyfriends especially) like to tease me about my close relationship with my brother. It's hard to explain. Maybe it's because I took care of him so much when we were kids. Maybe moving to a foreign country made our family very insular. Perhaps all the time we spent together just made him and me very similar. Sure, he has his faults and he drives me up the wall like any normal brother, but like the rest of my family, he's part of me. Love me, love my selfish, spoiled, kooky, we'll-drive-you-crazy-in-five-minutes-flat-or-your-pizza-is-free! family.

Okay, speech over. On to a new topic. I seriously need to cut back on the cels people. My finances are, well if not in the toilet, then commode-bound. I am considering a hiatus. But in order to do this, I think I'm gonna need some sort of parental block on all cel sites and Yahoo! Japan. Wah.

Yay - as the lily I represent DEATH! >_<

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