Nov. 20th, 2013 07:34 pm
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Just posting this to make it "real." My father stopped eating and lost 30 pounds. He was jaundice so we took him to the hospital. His bile duct was blocked by a tumor.

Fucking shit.

So they put a stent in to clear his bile duct but they don't like how it's looking. He's going to the hospital again tomorrow for 3 days of chemo. I am terrified, but it helps just to write it down and be honest about how I am feeling right now.

Which is scared shitless.
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Ugh. So tired. Have worked 27 hours in the past two days with two more to go. Working the week of Christmas blows, not only because we are short-handed and ridiculously busy, but our new hardware refuses to work  right so guess who gets to stay and wait for the programmers? I'll give you a hint - it's not my boss. Add to this grocery shopping (violent urge meter: murder), preparing for annual family-filled Christmas party at my parent's house (violent urge meter: maim), and various other undone errands (violent urge meter: mischief/mayhem) and you have one grouchy chica.

I hate to say it, but I am so ready for Christmas to be over!

Okay, that was the crap. Here is the good stuff:

- birthday/anniversary party at my parent's house was good. I got money, a gift card (Old Navy!), and a purse I had picked out from Fossil. JP got me Pride & Prejudice on blu-ray, which rocks ass! All in all, a good day.

- the next day I headed up to Austin to hang with Nay-nay. Her and Danny took me to County Line on the Lake for lots of barbeque and a beautiful view. Later, we went shopping and then to her brother's house where her sister-in-law had made me a cake. Aw! That night, we went to Applebees to watch the Dallas game and break the law (we smuggled a few airline liquor bottles in to make mixed drinks, ghetto-style). Afterwards, we retired to her house, I drank a whole bottle of Rosa Regale, and was mildly sick the next morning. Lovely, lovely weekend.

- JP and I made our reservations to go to San Francisco in February. We are staying at the Hotel Bijou, which is quaint and has a mini-theater that plays a double-feature every night and is apparently right around the corner from the local crack den. Sweet. We got a screaming good deal: two round trip airline tickets and 4 nights at the hotel for $650. Rock on.

Finally, I got off track with my meme, but allow me to er, re-track it

Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

I don't like seeing animals being made to perform. Especially large ones. It makes me sad, even though I know a lot of them probably have better lives among humans than in the wild. That doesn't make it right. : (
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Have been sick since Christmas Day. First, with some horrible flu-type bug or food poisoning (not sure which) and now with the worst allergy attack so far this year. Yaaargh! I feel like my head is swimming in mucus. Oogy!

My apologies if I am tardy in replying to emails and whatnot, my friends.

Off to go lie on the couch and watch lots and lots of Futurama.
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Ever have one of those days when every single person is pissing you off and you have no sense of humor and you feel like you are being beaten into the ground? When just the sound of a loved one's voice only makes you angrier and you regress into a horrible two-year-old, pouting and whining and insisting on being as difficult as possible?

Yeah, I am having one of dems.


Actually, good things did happen today and JP was the only person I could stand being around, but I can't even be mature enough to admit that right now.


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