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On Thursday night, JP and I went to see Shakespeare in the Park. They were doing Othello, which made me a little nervous because the troupe normally performs children's theater and comedy is more in their wheelhouse. However, the two actors who played the main parts, Othello and Iago, were really wonderful and made the play one of the better ones we've seen so far. However, I cannot with audiences anymore. People were laughing during some of the most tragic scenes. Bitch, a man has been mentally undone and is strangling his wife. Not hilarious. I just don't know.

Disappointed in you, Shakespeare audience.

Anyway, when I got up for work on Friday, I felt like HELL. Like I was hungover. Only I hadn't been drinking. Shakespeare hangover, LOL. Thankfully, I only worked half a day and went home before...

Michelle's wedding! My co-worker, with whom I've experienced many ups and downs over the past 10 years, finally married her boyfriend yesterday at the lovely Spanish Governor's Palace. I offered to help her, so I got to the venue a couple of hours early to direct the caterer, the bar staff, and the band. I decorated all the tables and set up the side courtyard where they were getting married with candles and rose petals. I was drenched in sweat by the time all the guests arrived, but everything looked beautiful and went off without a hitch. Yay for our side! I really liked that she had music the whole time - a guitarist while people arrived, mariachis during dinner, a jazz band for the rest of dinner/dessert/mingling, and then a DJ for the last hour and a half for dancing. I helped clean up afterwards and then went home to take a 30 minute shower because I felt (and smelled) so gross.

This morning, I am completely stiff from all the running around/dancing I did.

Wedding hangover!
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Anyone else jonesing for a proper vacation? I need to get away from work for more than a day or two and I need it stat! Unfortunately, the mechanic looking at my Jeep today will probably be getting that vacation money. *cries* My broken things, let me show you them.

But seriously, for the Jeep being 11 years old, I'm not surprised that I've been having car trouble. Hang in there, darlin' - I can't afford a new vehicle yet!

So, 100 Healthy Things memage! I have three!

4. I started working out again this week. It hurt. Do not want.

5. I went to see my opthamologist today in spite of my loathing for visiting doctors and also the fear that this will be the visit that she finally diagnoses me with glaucoma (it runs rampant in my family gene pool, among other things). My exam went fine, although every year she gives me more tests, scaring the beejeezus out of me.

6. As a reward for not crying (she always does double burn-y drops because my eyes are so hard to dilate), JP and I went to see the Darwin exhibit at the Witte Museum. It was great - they had a bunch of his notebooks and letters, as well as fossils and original plant specimens. As much as we biology geeks know about natural selection, we knew almost nothing about Darwin himself, so learning more about him was awesome.

Near the end of the exhibit, there were some notes and a video with modern-day biologists talking about creationism and intelligent design. The most startling thing? A poll taken in the U.S. about 10 years ago stated that 57% of the people questioned believed in creationism. Why don't we let that marinate for awhile.
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I do not think I can adequately convey how tired I am. Maybe if I posted a picture of a deflated tire...

Big news at work which I will discuss later. Suffice it to say that the Bukowski was right - the gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them.


Tomorrow is our god-damned holiday cookie exchange, so I just made 8 dozen chocolate-peppermint sugar cookies:

Will someone please tell me what the Hell I am going to do with 8 dozen cookies?! LOL...
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I'm back. And exhausted. While on "vacation," I spent about 1 hour relaxing and the rest of the time running around trying to round up family and check on my parents and keep the Kid and his wife company since she wanted to see and do everything on the cruise ship. Still, I'm glad I did. Now I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing this Friday and Saturday.

I've been trying to catch up on the flist and I'm almost done. It seems like some of y'all have been having a rough time and I just wanted to pass out hugs to [ profile] iammine and [ profile] ryoneko and also give my condolences and the biggest squeeze ever to [ profile] sardonicynic. Thinking of all you ladies as I sit among my unpacked suitcases, grateful to be home and just a little disoriented.

My little one-eyed kitty Kyo nearly died while I was gone. Thank goodness JP was here - he took Kyo to the vet and cared for him so well that I could barely tell how sick he had been. The vet wasn't sure what was wrong, but apparently Kyo's digestive track just shut down. The vet gave JP some vile, all-purpose meds and somehow they seemed to work. That cat has defied the fates again and again.

I haven't uploaded any pics from the cruise, but I thought I would leave this on here - I bought a piece of artwork on the ship (I am weak when it comes to any kind of art, whether it be a cel, a painting, or a giclee print, which is what this is):

Oh noes, no more wall space!!!

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I came home and fell asleep for like 3 hours. Now, I am wide awake. Fuuuuck. I just need to get through tomorrow...

I am craving sweet stuff in the worst way, especially those giant Mexican cookies that are yellow and have a ring of hard bread around them (we call them chamulkos but I don't think that is the common name). The panaderia that was down the street closed so I have to drive over to my parent's part of town to get some. *sadface*

And in LOVING IT! news, although I can't verify the veracity of this, it's a beautiful thing if it happened:

A letter from J.R.R. Tolkein, telling a German Nazi publishing house, in his very British way, to screw off.  )

Please appreciate the restraint I showed in not mentioning The Mighty Boosh in this entry...I am still weirdly obsessed...
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What's up, flist? Not much to report...just one more day of work and then this weekend we are off to the deserts of west Texas (forecast: rain...of course! LOL).

Stolen from poetry community, to commemorate the end of the space shuttle program:

High Flight

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air...

Up, up the long, delirious burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or ever eagle flew -
And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

— John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
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Back from our whirlwind tour of San Francisco that included Arwen's wedding (beautiful!), catching up with old friends, sightseeing until I seriously thought my legs would fall off, and even (shhh!) a quick visit to Skywalker Ranch (JP has connections). All awesome. I love San Fran, except for the aggressive bums.

Picture from the top of the tower at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park:

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So, we left for the coast on Sunday, got back today, and had an okay time EXCEPT:

- Monday afternoon JP slashed his foot open on something sharp in the ocean (you know, the world's TRASH BIN). We got him some antiseptic and band-aids STAT, but that area of his foot has turned red, blue, and purple, so we are a little concerned. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

- Later that night, I got the worst stomach ache EVER and spent most of the evening trying not to hurl instead of kicking back on the balcony with a few cold brews.

Ah, vacation. At this rate, I am positively terrified to go to Arwen's wedding in San Fran next month!!!


But ain't they cute???

More poetry because the month is getting on - Bill Holms, speaking of the Icelandic language:

For once you have begun a sentence, the whole course of your life is laid out before you )
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The big news in San Antonio was that it actually snowed! The cool part was that every highway in the city shut down and I got to go into work late. The not cool part was that nothing got sanded, so when I did go in, everyone was sliding around on the road and also, you know, work. Still...pretty groovy for South Texas!

Picture taken from my front door:

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Yay, I am finishing this meme! And then going to bed...I am bushed!

Five People Who Mean A Lot to You )

Four Turn-Offs )

Three Turn-Ons )

Two Smileys That Describe Your Life Right Now )

One Confession )
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Many thanks and cups of hot cocoa to [ profile] white_death  and [ profile] ellen_drell  for the lovely Christmas cards and gifties therein. ♥ ♥ ♥

I have been running around all day, but got lots accomplished so, go me! I went to the grocery store (ugh), bought some shirts for my dad (on clearance, wot wot!), made my sangria, bottled my blackberry cordial, and finished wrapping Christmas presents. All that's left to do tomorrow is paint my nails and meet Nay-nay for lunch before going to help Mom get ready for the partay!

Check out these sweet boots I am wearing to the shindig, thanks to Zappos birthday gift cards from JP's family:

Très magnifique, no? Oh, Michael Kors, you can make a boot!
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Other than being sick, I had a lovely birthday weekend. Friday night was Filipino takeout with the familia, followed by cake and presents. Saturday night was the company Christmas party. Band from TV is great (wow, Scott Grimes can sing!) - you could tell the guys were just having so much fun. Also, Darius Rucker is very talented, but he has no...charisma, no patter. We left during his set.

All in all a nice party, although I am disappointed that these events become all about who they get as the entertainment, so they tend to chintz on all the other details. But it was free food, free concerts, and free transportation (they had buses running between our campus and downtown) so I guess I should just shut up about it.

Today, JP and I went downtown to see Hubble 3D at the IMAX, such being the nerd's idea of a right good time. Mmm, learning. We went ahead and bought the year pass to the theater - it's all the IMAX movies you can stomach for a year, discounted regular movies, free upgrades on popcorn/drinks, and validated parking. Since the theater is located in the mall attached to the Riverwalk, we figured we would get good use out of the pass. The movie was AWESOME, by the way. The Hubble pictures and the footage of the space shuttle taking off and the shots of Earth from orbit...that stuff chokes me up every time I see it. ♥

Afterward, we had Sbarro's Pizza and wandered around the mall before coming back home. Not my most exciting birthday, but definitely a good one.

P.S. - happy belated birthday, [ profile] ryoneko!
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this: manga, not obvious mental illness, puts boy in institution; mother fights others' rights to read!

Oh, please. Isn't there some local book burning they can point this lady to so she can quit it with the crusade against manga? Stupid people make me sad.

My "vacation" this past week has involved running around like a crazy person, non-stop eating, dangerous levels of beer drinking, loads of time with the Kid and familia, and a local anime convention (to which I return tomorrow). I can't wait to get back to work so I can get some rest, LOL!

Hope y'all are well. I am le tired, but you know. No rest for the wicked...
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I am enjoying a bowl of cherries after a full day of going to the movies (Toy Story 3 - AWESOME), shopping, and a long hot bath. I wish it could always be the weekend. This upcoming work week is going to be HELL.

I am doing laundry  and I pulled a fortune cookie fortune out of my jeans pocket that says "A person needs only three things to be happy - someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."

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Okay, enough of my bullshit whining. Time for a positive post!

- Am going to see the Kid next month and there will be much movie watching, meat-grillin', beer-swillin', and laughter going on. Also, possibly a day trip to San Diego, which always makes me happy.

- Tomorrow is Friday, thank you Jay-sus! Have OT up the yin yang, so I will try and sock that away to my "survival fund." *shifty eyes*

- JP is downstairs doing the dishes. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Hello, hello. I am still alive (go me!).

Earlier this week, JP and I went to Houston to see the Star Wars in Concert show and it rocked! Anthony Daniels charmingly introduced different film clips and pieces of music and the orchestra was just wonderful. JP and I somehow got bumped up to a suite at the Holiday Inn Express (who knew they even had suites?!) so that was good times, too. We stopped at NASA on the way back home since we have those year-long passes. Boogie! Great weekend, although it rained the whole drive back.

Do you know NASA has a free app for the iphone that shows pictures and mission updates? It's pretty groovy...

Even though I took Monday off for this trip, I still ended up with overtime this week as my days stretched on FOREVER at work. The testing can suck it! And since they are still trying to finalize software stuff, I am having to divide my time between helping with the testing and attending the most boring, yet numerous meetings in the universe. And doing a crap job at both, I might add. People are starting to comment on my crankiness, but seriously? They'd be cranky too if they were responsible for fixing this shit. They crack jokes when stuff breaks, but they are not the ones stuck at work at 8pm, arguing with programmers and fielding calls from anxious directors. I am so done!

Last night, after the latest installment of "What Broke Today?" JP and I headed out to Austin to visit their famous haunted house, The House of Torment. It had some scary bits and the animatronics were impressive (although few of them were actually moving when we walked by). But is was crazy-crowded (of course) and 95% of the people in line were considerably younger than us. There was a second, smaller haunted house that was included in our tickets and this one was a little better: not as open as the first one (so it was hard to tell what was coming), some disorienting rooms, and one part where we had to push our way through what JP called "a birth canal" in complete darkness. We capped the night off with a visit to the Waffle House, and came back home. Hooray!

Someday I will post my Tahoe and New York pictures and recap my NYC trip. But today is not that day. I am exhausted! Shopping today, handing out candy and movie watching tonight! We were invited to a Halloween party, but I am just too damn tired...
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Work can suck it. I am so exhausted! Admittedly, all the crap they keep throwing on me does make the week go faster. There is also talk of sending me to Dallas for the day next week, so I can see the new system up close and personal. Yay.

Okay, off to make some cupcakes. More interesting post later? That is a big maybe. Perhaps I will talk about Overpriced Pancake Theater or my weekend with Nay-nay!
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Met the girls after work at Pericos for a quick drink and it was fun. Then there was a bee in my Jeep and that was not so fun.

Yesterday, JP and I went to a free screening (thanks to my sister-in-law, the coupon queen) of Postgrad, which was cute and funny. Of course, because it was free, people had been waiting there literally all day (complete with lawn chairs set up inside the cineplex...freaks). We got there almost an hour early and still got good seats.

There was some Mexican-related humor, so that went down well with this crowd. Alexis Bledel isn't really strong enough to carry a movie and Carol Burnett was woefully underused. The best part of the whole thing was the manager guy announcing that anyone caught using a cell phone or texting would be ejected from the theater and that parents were expected to take crying/talking kids out to the lobby immediately. That got quite a few cheers. ^___^

I have been crazy busy lately with work and suddenly I guess I have some sort of social life. Huh. This weekend is Pancake Theater at Alamo Drafthouse and they are showing The Boy Who Could Fly (one of my old favorites). Then next weekend is Nay-nay's birthday and Wicked. Woo!

For reals, though - I am exhausted...


Jun. 28th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Back from a weekend at Nay-nay's house. We shopped, ate fondue (YUMMY), picked grapefruit from a tree, made jewelry at a little Wiccan shop, and got stuck in an hour-long traffic jam where she threatened to 1. go off-road in her Taurus and 2. get out of the car and give the construction workers a bollocking for closing all but one lane so they could fix a sign. LOL!

All in all, a fun weekend!

Oh yes and we discovered a great German restaurant which had delicious food in New Braunfels! Double yum!

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Very, very quickly:

- I have not had a moment to BREATHE in like a week and it doesn't look any better for the next few days.
- Wicked was awesome, absolutely loved it!
- David Cook was even awesomer and I had loads of fun at his concert. ♥ ♥ ♥
- Overall, had a great time visiting my brother and sister-in-law, although I returned needing a vacation! So exhausted...
- I was supposed to have tomorrow off but somehow I got scheduled and I can't reach anyone who can give me a definitive answer, so to work I go...

More details on my trip later. Right now, I am having a bloody Mary and trying to relax before I have to start unpacking/doing laundry/preparing for work tomorrow.



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