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I can't seem to do anything right this weekend...

In other news, it finally got cold here after I gave up hope and put away all my sweaters. Said sweaters have been pulled out again and are currently strewn across the bathroom. : /

Anyone else watch the Grammys? I faded in and out but had a damned good laugh at Nicki Minaj (?) singing in a British accent and getting sex-ay with a bunch of dancers dressed like priests. It's like Madonna in reverse. Maybe I am getting too old to watch this show. I did enjoy the band called The Civil Wars. Loved their sound.
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For some reason I am reading like four books at once, which was fine when I was young and sharp but now I'm just confused and grumpy. Also, my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older. Verrah scary.

I felt like posting, but I really had nothing to say. So, yeah. Here's what I came up with...

Things I Am SO Ready For

1. The muthafuckin' weekend
2. Taking JP to see Esther's Follies Friday night (which also means hanging out in Austin, woo woo!)
3. Visiting the Kid and his wife in about 6 weeks (San Diego, here I come!)

Things I Am SO Over

1. Eating healthy (so. difficult. especially after a whole year of eating crap. delicious crap.)
2. Work. Do not get me started - it's just depressing.
3. Getting my finances in order (I know it's important, but boring!)

I am listening to Nelson's (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection. I approve of their use of parenthesis.
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I am doing laundry and crying over episodes of Long Island Medium. Are you kidding me with this show? Anyone else watching it? I don't even think I believe it, but everyone crying over their dearly departed is just wrecking me.

Just another Sunday...
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Mmm, tasty three-day weekend! Plans include the Muppet Movie sing-a-long today and a whole lot of nothing later. Maybe I will finally haul some of this crap to goodwill. Who knows?!

I have been spazzing out over the Deathly Hallows II trailer - as many of you know, I have a huge squishy soft spot for Alan Rickman and that whole end part about Snape just gets me every time I read combine the two and I just don't know if I will be able to stand it. ♥ ♥ ♥

Plus, the whole ending of the saga is just going to wreck me. I may have to go into seclusion.

Friday morning I did not wake up to see the wedding (because I love sleep more than anything in the world), but I did catch the highlights that night on BBC America. For me, it's all about the ceremony and the history of everything. The weight and beauty of all that tradition. My favorite parts were random, like the trumpets announcing the Queen's arrival into Westminster, the aerial shots inside the cathedral, and the WWII bombers flying over the palace. I also thought the trees inside were a romantic, fairytale addition.

Most people around here had no patience for all the hoopla of the event and I can understand that. They will never be our sovereigns or even people we will have to be worried about, from a foreign policy/political standpoint. But I just love the idea of a prince finding and marrying his princess in a traditional and beautiful way.

*waves tiny British flag*

Also, LULZ:

Next time, I will talk about eating meat until you think you might die, why JP is the sweetest boyfriend ever, and saluting the end of National Poetry Month. I know, it's gripping. Try to contain yourselves...
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I can't remember the last time I was this excited for the weekend.

I worked 63 hours this week! I am le tired...

Time to get my drink on!
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I am enjoying a bowl of cherries after a full day of going to the movies (Toy Story 3 - AWESOME), shopping, and a long hot bath. I wish it could always be the weekend. This upcoming work week is going to be HELL.

I am doing laundry  and I pulled a fortune cookie fortune out of my jeans pocket that says "A person needs only three things to be happy - someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."

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I was at work until 9PM tonight and the less said about that, the better. My goal for this weekend is to update my resume, dammit!

American Idol results spoiler! )

Tomorrow I will check in with my mom, do the three cubic tons of laundry currently heaped in my bath tub (yeah, that's right - in the tub), and cut a check to the gaht-damned mortgage company for my escrow adjustment or whatever the Hell it is they call this yearly shakedown.

And maybe sushi this weekend? I worked enough overtime to afford it, by gum!
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Happy birthday to[ profile] iammine  and [ profile] katanas_edge  (belated)!!!

I am so very, very tired. I have a case of the Februaries and that's no lie. I am counting down to the weekend - sushi dinner with a former co-worker and a friends to celebrate her birthday. Also, I plan on sleeping. Lots.

What's new with y'all?


Jun. 28th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Back from a weekend at Nay-nay's house. We shopped, ate fondue (YUMMY), picked grapefruit from a tree, made jewelry at a little Wiccan shop, and got stuck in an hour-long traffic jam where she threatened to 1. go off-road in her Taurus and 2. get out of the car and give the construction workers a bollocking for closing all but one lane so they could fix a sign. LOL!

All in all, a fun weekend!

Oh yes and we discovered a great German restaurant which had delicious food in New Braunfels! Double yum!


Nov. 10th, 2008 09:34 pm
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Just a quick how-dee-do as I am in the middle of a long-ass weekend (I don't return to work until nice).

Not much to report. Drove to San Marcos yesterday to visit Nay-nay. We went shopping at the outlet mall there and I bought three sweaters. Thank goodness it's down to the low 80s around here. I need help, ya'll!

The funny thing about hanging with Nay-nay is that no matter what we are doing or what kind of mood we are in, I immediately want to start hanging with her 24/7. It's weird. Reminds me of that summer in high school where we were attached at the hip, picking each other up from work, hanging with Jason and Brian at their strangely parent-less houses, and getting those guys who worked at the bowling alley to buy us alcohol. Yeah, we were cool! LOL...

I am treading water with nanowrimo. I can't complain because as of today, I am over 15K words and I haven't even BEGUN the big plot point. Huh. What can I say? I am a wordy mofo. 

iTunes can suck it. And you can quote me on that.I have been trying to transfer music from my back up drive to the laptop and ARGH! I am having to open each music folder individually. I wish to kill and eat iTunes, but I don't think it would be very tasty. But I bet it would hardly have any calories.

In bad news: my sister went all Marathon Man on my teeth in a particularly grueling cleaning session today. Ow, they hurt. Also, I keep getting streaks of light across my field of vision, so I can't wait to find out what that means. Also, tomorrow Davy-boy goes in for a dreaded test to find out whether or not his symptoms are indicative of the big C. All I know is, if he does have cancer, his body does not have the immune system to fight it. 

But I can't borrow trouble, so I'll just end this with a positive note: 25% off sale at deep discount dvd! I am SO there...


Oct. 24th, 2008 11:57 pm
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Well, I am craving sweets 24/7 and my acne has flaired up and I have great pain in my girly parts, so you know what's coming next. Damn, I hate having a period. What has it ever done for me anyway, other than getting me out of going to the gym every once in awhile?

I also threw down at work today. We are instituting a change and I was the fool that got to inform all the employees at the daily meeting and they were maaaaad. It's not even a big change, but everyone had to put their two cents in. I normally keep my cool, but man! They were working my last nerve and the PMS took over. I snapped at a couple of them, nothing heinous, but still. Grrr and stuff.


Many thanks to [ profile] ellen_drell  for this fantastic waste of time. Although I have come to the conclusion that I kinda look like my brother in drag in a lot of these pictures. And it's a great pic of me, too! I took my glasses off and my double chin is totally invisible!

The hilarity of Yearbook Yourself rears its dated head... )

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I am going to go make myself a michelada and maybe do my nails! Oh, the excitement!

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Cabo trip is bearing down upon us and I am totally unprepared (as usual).

Calm. Calm. Am remaining calm. I need to get a grip because at the moment of this journal entry:

- my credit card is maxed out
- there is money in my checking account that can only be accessed if I go to the bank and get it (my bank only has the main branch and it is packed all day, every day. Ugh.)
- I am freaking out as parents seem to be depending on me to take care of all trip details, etc. as well as answer any and all questions they have
- How did my credit card get maxed out?
- Must burn lots of CDs, etc as I was dumb enough to promise to do this for the Kid at the last minute. Couldn't help it, though - I have done nothing to help in the planning of the wedding and I felt like this was my chance. Stupid.
- I feel like I got nothing accomplished this weekend (well, I did finally watch my Netflix movies)

And in other news, today we saw Hamlet 2, which was quirky and funny and probably something we will see again. Loved the stage presentation at the end. Rock me, sexy Jesus!

Also, watched the first 6 episodes of Flight of the Conchords and while it had its funny moments (looooove the crazy-eyed fan Mel), I'm not quite won over yet. I found some of the songs hilarious and others tiresome. Does this mean I am old? Cannot appreciate "new" comedy? Hmmm.

Anyway, what the Hell am I doing awake? Gots to get some sleep. Night all!

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Uneventful weekend, beginning with a work recognition event at the bowling alley. I aquitted myself well in the second game, with three strikes and a spare. Not bad, considering I only bowl about once every 3 or 4 years and my score on the first game was a whopping 72. I am embarrassed to admit my forearms were sore for the remainder of the weekend. Frailty, thy name is flexor carpi...something.

I finally saw Sex & the City movie. It was cute. Not any better or worse than the show. I liked it, but something was missing for me, I guess. I love my friends, but I don't think I could ever talk about some of those things with anyone! Plus, my background of multiple schools and moving, etc. has given me a slight complex about long-lasting, close friendships. It might also have something to do with me being Sagittarius. Apparently. I'm like the wind, baby!

We also saw American Teen, which was downright depressing in many aspects. Still, it had its moments. God, I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore. It's like everything is hurtling towards you at the speed of light...and all you can do is stand there like a jackass and take it. You know what I mean.

Also cried through Once a couple of times this weekend because I love good Irish angst. And the music rules. I can't wait to see them at Austin City Limits Music Festival!

I made a pineapple cake tonight, but it's total pants. As in, it tastes like pants. LOL! I will feed it to my minions at work and they will rejoice. Or get sick. Maybe both.

Okay, bedtime is way overdue! Se ya'll on the flip side!
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Today my boss asked me what "LOL" meant. Hee! I tried to explain, but I don't think she got it, to be perfectly honest.

My electric bill was almost $200 this month. That is like a 30% jump from last month. IT IS BARELY JUNE. I will be rocking myself in the corner if anyone needs me.

I am transferring music onto iTunes and I gotta say I hate, hate, hate the general music folder. It is just so huge and untidy! I have lots of sub folders, but the main folder still bothers me because I need medication. Anal retentive!


Anyway, in random news, JP bought me an iPod FM transmitter for my car because he rocks and is obviously worried that I will leave him for David Cook. I really do need that medication, yes? Delusional! Seriously, though, I have been wanting one but hadn't budgeted for it and then he goes and gets one for me. He rules.

Over the weekend, we saw Kung Fu Panda (which I enjoyed muchly...loved Jack Black and his noodle shop dad!) and Don't Mess with the Zohan, which was funny but not high on my repeat viewings list. Although, let me just say...John Turturro saying he loves shoes has to be the sexiest thing I've seen in at least a week! Medication now, please!

Okay, I'm done. Lots of overtime in the next couple of days to knock out two big projects. By myself. Again.
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Geez, it has to be PMS, but I am seriously emo and every freakin' negative thought and emotion is THIS BIG and clawing its way out of my chest. I hate that. I usually get through it by writing or latching onto something to obsess about (THANK YOU, 24/7 weekend coverage of AI hometown visits, TWOP, etc). But damn. I just don't want to do anything. I want to lie on my bed and cry. Then sleep. A lot.

It passes. It always does. But sometimes it's hard to take.

I know I could go to my doctor and get something that would make me feel better or at least a little more even, but I think this is natural and I just have to ride it out. Glorious sadness and all that.

Okay, I'm done. My pity party is going to pub crawl somewhere else.
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1. It is hot here. Like, it was 80 degrees today and even now, I have both fans on upstairs because it is so muggy.

2. If my damn ear would stop hurting, I wouldn't care about the snot, coughing, etc. Stoopid ear.

3. Because I have zero attention span, I started reading the Pamela Aiden books and promptly put them down to start devouring the Love Com manga. It's really cute, although I like the anime better. I guess because all the characters speak in Osaka dialect, which I find endearing. Hmm, what can I pick up next?

4. I've decided, quite abruptly and randomly, that I want the extended recordings of the LotR soundtracks. But they are a bit expensive. For why does not iTunes sell them? *sadface*

5. I spent the weekend watching the ANTM: Cycle 8 marathon on VH1. I have no freakin' clue why I like this show, but I love that I can Tivo all the episodes and fast forward through the boring bits (of which there are several).

6. I also saw my cousin last night, whom I haven't spoken with in a couple of years, and we talked and talked and talked and it was really nice. Everyone always said we were a lot alike, although they admit Becky has a more sunshine-y disposition. In other words, I am teh emo. Oh, well. It was great catching up and we exchanged emails so we can keep in touch (she lives on the coast with her mom).

Is that it? Yes, I think so. I'm going to watch Fellowship of the Rings and eat some popped corn, as JP likes to call it.


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