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Let me explain, no wait...there is too much. Let me sum up:

- First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Hope yours was as good as ours. Except for someone not getting beer in a timely fashion to my mother (whom I love more than life itself, but I cannot tell a lie...she really needs to have a few drinks if she is going to be in the kitchen), all went smoothly and there was much joy and laughter.

- Work-wise, soon after I made my promise to post more often, I was forced nominated to take over a huge project that my co-worker was in the process of fucking up. I was told that I was the new project manager 20 minutes before my first big meeting. So, you can imagine how that is going. Basically, I have no idea how to do any of this and have been working crazy overtime to try and get shit done. Thanksgiving was the first day I had off since September (unless you count the day I called in violently sick...which I DON'T). But on the up side, they haven't fired me yet so...go me!

- The week I was violently sick was of course the time when Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard rescheduled their concert here. I dragged my sad carcass to the theater and sucked down approximately a hundred lozenges so I wouldn't hack up a lung during the performances. And even though I felt like shit, I enjoyed the HELL out of that evening. Glen was in excellent form, even though his set was short and his strings kept breaking. Eddie EFFING Vedder sang for 2.5 hours, including two long-ass encores. He was fantastic and the whole thing was basically three hours of two gifted musicians and their guitars. Totally awesome and worth every penny even though my seat was kind of crap. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

- And finally, JP and I came out swinging in regards to Black Friday. I splurged and bought an iPad. He got a 3D monitor so we could try it out. Also picked up a GPS and a basic blu-ray player. We got some movies, some clothes, and I even bought some Christmas gifts for other people (one for you aaaaand three for me).

And that about wraps things up for now. Good night my dear friends. Catch you on the flip side...
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Merry Christmas eve, gentlefolk! Here, have some pictures:

Oh, yeah - I'm off for the next 5 days! Woot! )
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Well, my anger has abated and I forgot half the stuff I wanted to bitch about in my last entry, so I guess I'll forget about that post. For now.

Although my birthday is not until tomorrow, I have been celebrating the Hell out of it all weekend long:

- Thursday night the familia took me out to eat (celebrating all the December birthdays/anniversaries) followed by cake and presents at my parent's house.

- Afterwards, JP took me to the midnight showing of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, which was entirely awesome (although I still like the first better). I mean, I enjoy hoyay! as much as the next gal, but it felt a little over the top/anvil-y for my taste. But all in all, a great movie. Can't wait to see it again!

- Friday I headed out of town to see Nay-nay in Austin. That night we went downtown to see Esther's Follies, an Austin institution. It's a part skit, part singing, part magic show that is lightning quick with the jokes and costume changes. Truly unique and hilarious! Afterwards, we wandered down 6th Street looking into all the bars, tattoo parlors, and fancy hotels. We stopped for couple of drinks at an Irish pub, which was the only semi-quiet place on the street (for us old folks) and finally went back to Nay-nay's house.

- Saturday we did some shopping and found ourselves back in downtown Austin, looking at the window displays that are part of the Holiday Window Walk. Students from the local college put displays in tony stores and people get to vote on them. My favorite was the ball gown made from wrapping paper. That was some serious Project Runway shit!

- Afterwards, we went to Romeo's for some awesome Italian food (the bruschetta was to die for, with roasted garlic, olive tapenade, and fresh tomatoes). There was also a band playing bluegrass music. I don't know why they were playing in an Italian restaurant, but they sounded good.

- We then found our way to Pioneer Farms to see an interactive performance of A Christmas Carol. The farm is a living history museum run by volunteers. For the show, they walk small groups around the farm to different tableaux where actors perform to you, as if the audience was Scrooge. It was simple, yet effective.

- We ended the night with a few drinks and fell into bed, exhausted. I didn't drink too much this weekend, mainly because the last time I was at her place, I drank a whole bottle of Rose Regale and nearly puked it up on her carpet. Huzzah for tolerance!

- Today, we woke up late, went for mani/pedis (my toes are glittery red), and I drove home. I can't wait to collapse into bed!
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Whoever (my sister) told me that the birthing scene from Breaking Dawn was "not that bad" LIED TO ME. Ugh, why do I continue watching these movies...


Last night we went to my company's Christmas party. It was nice, as usual. Huey Lewis and the News sounded great, but they didn't sing Stuck With You. Boo! Otherwise, very nice. Huey Lewis looks exactly the same as he did in the 80s. That's the power of love!!! LOL...

Paul and I went to my parent's house to help mom decorate her tree. My older brother showed up for a bit, energetic and happy (so awesome to see), and for half an hour there was a lot of laughter and reminiscing. Also, my dad was roasting a turkey (just because) and he cut it up and gave us all some delicious meat to take home.

I decided not to apply for the manager positions. I hope I am making the right decision.

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I have tons of Christmas favorites, but here are my top five:

1. Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, particularly her cover of River. Just beautiful and heartbreaking.
2. Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker (complete). Every single piece of music brings up images of Christmas.
3. Any Christmas song ever sung by Ella Fitzgerald. My favorite is a tie between It Came Upon a Midnight Clear and Baby, It's Cold Outside.
4. Loreena McKinnett's Midwinter Night's Dream. She mixes anxient and new age beautifully and this is lovely ambient holiday music.
5. White Christmas by Bing Crosby. Nothing like the classics...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was really nice, except for one incident that unfortunately involved my immediate family. But for now, all is well and I am trying not to stress over it. I work tomorrow and then have the rest of the week off (hooray!).

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Many thanks and cups of hot cocoa to [ profile] white_death  and [ profile] ellen_drell  for the lovely Christmas cards and gifties therein. ♥ ♥ ♥

I have been running around all day, but got lots accomplished so, go me! I went to the grocery store (ugh), bought some shirts for my dad (on clearance, wot wot!), made my sangria, bottled my blackberry cordial, and finished wrapping Christmas presents. All that's left to do tomorrow is paint my nails and meet Nay-nay for lunch before going to help Mom get ready for the partay!

Check out these sweet boots I am wearing to the shindig, thanks to Zappos birthday gift cards from JP's family:

Très magnifique, no? Oh, Michael Kors, you can make a boot!
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I am almost completely off for a whole week!!! I just have a couple of things to work on from home and I am sure I will get getting a million calls on Monday when they move the servers and test them, but otherwise I am in the clear. SWEET FREEDOM!!!!

I got my hair colored at the beauty school again and the lovely young gay man who worked on me asked if I wanted my make up done. I knew it was a mistake, but I said yes and he shellacked it on! I mean, the actual eye and lip stuff was fine, but the base! He used a paintbrush! I can't stand that shit on my face and I don't care what anyone says, I think it makes you look older, not younger. At least the makeup part was complimentary - they just do it to practice or for funsies. I left looking like a J. Lo drag queen. But Kate was a sweetheart and he did a good job coloring my hair so I forgive him for the 5 pounds of makeup he troweled on.

I have already started Christmas shopping for some stuff. I don't love to do it, but I get a kick out of wrapping and giving the presents. That is my favorite part, alongside the baking and the Christmas music and the baby Jesus. LOL. ♥ ♥ ♥

I have some good news on the job front (I think), although I can't disclose anything until the deed is done...sometime in February of next year.

So, we went ahead and bought a 55" Toshiba TV at Sears - it was on sale and they were offering $110 Sear's Rewards dollars to use in the store, so we jumped on it. It's very...big. Like, I need to knock down a wall and move the couch back big. o_O I also bought JP the sound system he wanted and we are going to upgrade the TiVo, so no more personal spending for me this holiday! But I am satisfied...we have been looking to buy a second TV for awhile now. Two televisions in the house! How decadent! ^_~ That makes me feel like I am successful...although I don't think anyone else would consider it that way.

In other news, we ate hot wings for dinner last night and now my stomach is giving me a what for - hopefully it settles down because later JP and I want to check out a state park. 
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Wonderful Christmas and thank goodness it is over! I am wiped! Last night was the big family party. Everyone brought a lot of booze and that's all I have to say about that. Later when it was just the familia, we opened gifts. I got a lot of beautiful things, but the best two gifts I got were:

Knowing my great love for Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back) and my
frustration with the lack of a DVD, JP bought me an old copy on VHS AND a collection
of the original lobby cards that were put in the theaters when the movie was released.
I love this man, for serious. Also, please admire my French manicure because those
are my actual nails. Wot, wot!

Will you have the goodness to look at this badass present? Julie made (MADE WITH HER
OWN HANDS) me a Shakespeare keychain complete with ruff collar and quill. Her skill
and thoughtfulness put me to shame. I am not worthy!!!

Also, these pictures count for my meme: Day 09 → A photo you took (two for the price of one, baby).

Everyone, have a great day!!! I am off to watch a PBS double whammy of The Nutcracker and La Boheme whilst eating roast beef sandwiches. Mmmhmm....
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Ugh. So tired. Have worked 27 hours in the past two days with two more to go. Working the week of Christmas blows, not only because we are short-handed and ridiculously busy, but our new hardware refuses to work  right so guess who gets to stay and wait for the programmers? I'll give you a hint - it's not my boss. Add to this grocery shopping (violent urge meter: murder), preparing for annual family-filled Christmas party at my parent's house (violent urge meter: maim), and various other undone errands (violent urge meter: mischief/mayhem) and you have one grouchy chica.

I hate to say it, but I am so ready for Christmas to be over!

Okay, that was the crap. Here is the good stuff:

- birthday/anniversary party at my parent's house was good. I got money, a gift card (Old Navy!), and a purse I had picked out from Fossil. JP got me Pride & Prejudice on blu-ray, which rocks ass! All in all, a good day.

- the next day I headed up to Austin to hang with Nay-nay. Her and Danny took me to County Line on the Lake for lots of barbeque and a beautiful view. Later, we went shopping and then to her brother's house where her sister-in-law had made me a cake. Aw! That night, we went to Applebees to watch the Dallas game and break the law (we smuggled a few airline liquor bottles in to make mixed drinks, ghetto-style). Afterwards, we retired to her house, I drank a whole bottle of Rosa Regale, and was mildly sick the next morning. Lovely, lovely weekend.

- JP and I made our reservations to go to San Francisco in February. We are staying at the Hotel Bijou, which is quaint and has a mini-theater that plays a double-feature every night and is apparently right around the corner from the local crack den. Sweet. We got a screaming good deal: two round trip airline tickets and 4 nights at the hotel for $650. Rock on.

Finally, I got off track with my meme, but allow me to er, re-track it

Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

I don't like seeing animals being made to perform. Especially large ones. It makes me sad, even though I know a lot of them probably have better lives among humans than in the wild. That doesn't make it right. : (
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My breakfast plan for a cheese omelet and fresh fruit was thwarted by the leftovers in the fridge. Mmmm, leftovers.

Damn, I gotta wrap up (hee) my Christmas stuffs! I am dragging it out and that is just irritating!

Memeage continues...

Day 05 → Your favorite quote

"It's very weird to succeed at 39 years old and realize that in the midst of your failure, you were slowly building the life that you wanted."

- Alice Sebold

This quote just makes me feel better about getting older. It's nice to think that every day can be a fresh start and that we can always be working toward the kind of life we want, the kind of person we want to be. The, er, best is yet to come!

And speaking of the best yet to come, a large and shiny happy birthday to [ profile] ryoneko! Have a great day, sweetie!
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First of all, THANK YOU [ profile] katanas_edge and [ profile] hamburger for the Christmas cards! *snoogles*


Day 03 → Your favorite television program

Seriously, I am struggling with all of these "favorites"! If I had to choose at this moment in time, I guess I would say 30 Rock is my favorite TV series. I laugh so much when I am watching this show. Liz Lemon just owns me! Love, love, love. I think the casting is awesome and the writing so spot on. Great stuff...

I need to make a shopping list...
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I haven't been commenting on a lot of posts and for that, I FAIL. I am thinking of you guys and I am reading, just so you knows...

We went to the company Christmas party, which was nice. REO Speedwagon had lots of energy and got the crowd all revved up. Saw a handful of people we knew, ate too much, and listened to a couple of the band's big hits, and beat it out of there. With the exception of my poor feet (high-heeled boots for the lose!) it was a successful evening!

Earlier today I went to the Kona Grill with the girls for sashimi, sake, and gossip. It was an educational lunch as well since I learned what a McDonald's McGangBang was.


Oh, yeah - meme time!

Day 02 → Your favorite movie

I went back on forth on this, but in the end I have to go with Whisper of the Heart. It's funny and poignant and painful, just like middle school. I can see myself in Shizuku at that age and I wish I had met a nice, handsome boy who made violins. Bonus that one of the main plot points revolve around John Denver's Country Roads, one of my favorite songs ever. It's a movie I never get tired of and it makes me nostalgic and wistful as well as happy and hopeful. I will say this movie beat out Fellowship of the Rings by a very, very thin margin...
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Right after I posted my emo vomit last night, the following song came on Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck) by David Ford. Oh, how I laughed. Yes. My absurdity knows no bounds, eh? EH?!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before a whole week off. Hooray! Things that are happening:

Sat: Lunch with the girls and company Christmas party in the evening. REO Speedwagon! Wow, I am excited. Why?
Sun (maybe): Christmas Pops! Singalong at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Rogue caroling FTW!
Sometime next week: Big birthday/anniversary dinner to celebrate a quarter of the family events for the year. I will be making my own birthday cake, which is not as pitiful as it sounds. I am kinda looking forward to it.
Next Sat/Sun: Weekend in Austin with Nay-nay! So happy about that. I need a little downtime with my bud.

Also to do this upcoming week: get stuff ready for Goodwill (I want to throw away so much shit, it is not even funny), finish making/buying gifts, ship some cards and gifts out, and cheer the fuck up already!
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Oh, brother I am sad. Like, crying in the car on the way to work sad (don't even remember what started me off). I hate when I get like this, especially because it is my favorite time of year and it always goes by so quickly. So, until I feel like a human being again (versus the pile of desperate sadness I am right now), I will try and post positive things. So, here goes:

1. During my lunch hour, I was driving in the cold gray drizzle, among maniacs and assholes, and as I was waiting at the light, I noticed some baby deer picking through the wooded area inside the fenced area of my campus. Aw...

2. I got to watch my sekrit TV boyfriend Geof for an hour tonight on two Ace of Cakes episodes. ^_____^

3. I had a great conversation with the Kid yesterday that lifted my spirits as we joked about Steven Seagal's pashmina among other absurd things.

Oh, yeah and before I forget: I am ridiculously late, but if anyone wants a Christmas card, please leave your information in the comments (I will screen, of course). I loooove buying Christmas cards. Thanks!
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Yesterday I cried through The Blind Side and then we went shopping (is anyone else vaguely annoyed at all the "pre-Black Friday" sales going on?). There are shades of my sister in the Sandra Bullock character. ♥

Today I am crying through reruns of My Fair Wedding. I get so emotional, baby.

Trying to curb the desire to go shopping again because I need to pace myself. Also this afternoon we are going to see The Nutcracker on the big screen. I have succumbed to the muthafuckin' Christmas spirit!
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They were playing Death Cab for Cutie in the grocery store tonight. Anyone who lives in San Antonio knows this is WEIRD. But whatever the reason, rock on! Totally put me in a non-homicidal mood, which is pretty hard to do when I am in a crowded store holding perishables...

Now that I have been slapped upside the head with the breaking story that CHRISTMAS IS COMING, OMGOMGOMG!!!!, I feel like going to Bath & Body Works and Starbucks. Yup, yup.
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Ugh. Work. The good thing about it was that I only had to use 10 hours of PTO for this whole week. Yay!

I also work next Saturday, which sucks, but that means I get TWO full days of differential pay on that pay check. Cha-ching!

Thanks to the awesome gift cards that various family members gave me, I was able to buy a fancy-pants computer chair and digital memory stick at Office Max AND a pink Sony Cybershot digital camera from Amazon for $44!!! Woo! I have been wanting a new camera and I got one for a song. Am very excited!

In other news, I have purchased way too much anime (damn you, Right Stuf). Starting in 2009, I am really going to get control of my spending.

Just as soon as I pre-order Ouran...


And now for something, er...completely the same! Stolen from [ profile] hamburger :

New Year's Meme! )

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Merry Christmas, everyone! I don't know about ya'll, but I am totally exhausted! I am so glad I have today and tomorrow to recuperate before returning to work on Saturday (ugh).

Visiting Nay-nay in Austin was a blast! On Sunday night, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse downtown, to their Xmas Pop Sing-a-long. They showed old Christmas music videos and TV specials on the screen with the words underneath and you sing along (duh) to such greats as the Muppets, The Grinch, and Last Christmas (Wham!). They gave us props (Santa hats, bubbles, candles) and they even had a snow machine! For the last song, we all stood and put our arms around each other and sang Happy Christmas (War is Over) and I won't lie, I got all teary. It was a lovely moment.

But the best part was afterwards. The Drafthouse host invited us all to go "rogue caroling," where we got song books and wandered around 6th Street, surrounding unsuspecting victims and singing Classics like Jingle Bell Rock and Dick in a Box. It was HILARIOUS! We even sang Baby, It's Cold Outside, with the girls on one side of the street and the guys (all 5 of them) on the other side. People laughed, honked, took pictures of us, and looked embarrassed as Hell when we followed them. It was great fun.

We spent the following day shopping at the Keep Austin Bizarre Bazaar (lots of cool and weird stuff) and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar (beautiful art and jewelry out of our price range). We drove around town, ate and drank too much, and just had the best time. I was in low spirits and being silly and mindless with her was just what I needed.

Yesterday I got up early and went to my parent's house to help my sister clean in preparation for the party. Then, I made my special sangria (I bought wine at the outlet mall!) and all the dips as well. I then came home, wrapped gifts, did a quick load of laundry, got ready, and hauled ass back to the parent's house to finish preparations.

It was a very nice party. JP spent HOURS settting up his Rokenbock toys for the kids to play with (my aunt has 12 grandkids between the ages of 2-18) and it was a hit! You couldn't keep the kids away. As one said, "It's like a real live video game!" *facepalm*

But we had fun and after my aunt's brood left, we opened presents. I got gift certificates to Amazon, Borders, and Office Max (yay, time for a new computer chair), and JP gave me a lovely stained glass window to go over the front door transom. The best gift of the night was for my sister and her husband, from JP (of course).

As some of you may know, my sister is something of a fanatic when it comes to rescuing stray animals. She has a big heart and expends a lot of money, time, and effort into rescuing dogs and cats. Her husband doesn't care for it, but he lets her do as she likes. So, for their gift, JP bought a movie poster from the new film Hotel for Dogs, took some funny pictures of Mike and Paula, pasted their heads on the two characters' bodies, and framed it. It was very well-done and had the entire family holwing in laughter. Good stuff.

The most beautiful gift I received was from [ profile] ixiepixie , who made me to COOLEST Totoro knit hat and sent us lots and lots of pocky. Thank you, Julie! You are the best!

I will be the first to admit that, to me, it hasn't really felt like Christmas. Usually, I get all excited and watch and rewatch my favorite Christmas movies, obsessively listen to Christmas music, bake goodies, and just radiate happiness. But this year, while not quite the Grinch, I still have not felt full of the holiday spirit. But in the end, everything worked out well. I was able to spend some time with family and friends and in that, my heart found some contentment.

So, today and tomorrow I will be enjoying the calmness and cleaning my bedroom, as it looks like the Ghost of Christmas present exploded in here...

Have a great day, everyone!

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Well, I'll say this about Bush: he's got good reflexes. Way to duck those shoes of mass destruction!

Yikes! Homeowners Association fees are due! It's always something and that's no lie. But the good news is all the bills are paid for the month and almost all my Christmas shopping is done (only three presents left to buy online and a few cards/gifts to mail and I am DUNZO). Not too shabby because I am usually sending stuff out on the 20th. Perhaps this year I will beat that date!

If you haven't signed up and want one of my uber-cute kitty Christmas cards (and really, who wouldn't?), just leave your address here. OF COURSE there is still time - it'll take me a couple of days to gather my nerve to enter the Hell that is the post office in December.

Only four more days of work and then I'm off for a week! *happy dance* And what makes this news even better? My boss will be out three of those four days! *happy breakdance*

So, the party last night was interesting. I have no idea what they did with the original lead singer to Lonestar, but they were still pretty good. Styx wasn't bad either, but they did not play Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto, so they are dead to me. Heh, a couple of those guys looked like the living dead if I am being honest...

For some reason, I started watching Fushigi Yugi again this weekend and am enjoying it, even though it is so very...MIAKA! TAMAHOME! Hee! Watase Yu is love...

So...yeah...Christmas. Woo! Maybe we will set up our tree tomorrow. ^^;;

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I am finally getting around to this! Please to be sending me your addresses so I can send unto you tidings of great joy (and glitter).

ETA: Sorry - I messed up the poll! Please to be leaving your address in the comments. I will screen all, of course. Oops!

I cannot deal with David Cook singing Christmas songs. I already cry when I hear most carols (yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either), so him singing is just guh!

[/daily fangirl exposition]


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