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I need to post more often...I miss everyone!!!! I'm sad LJ is not the busy, thriving community it once was, but I don't think I will leave it. I try to get on Facebook but I just can't like it the way I like LJ. And don't get me started on Twitter! My verbosity will not be bound by 140 characters! LOL...

Work has been going well. Although we are ridiculously busy and I feel like my head is going to explode, my boss recognized me in a great way - she arranged for me to get tickets and passes to the company suite for the Spurs vs. Lakers basketball game last night. It was a great! Of course, my boss' new boss was supposed to be hosting, so JP and I dressed up and I was mentally preparing myself to be in business mode...but then he didn't show up while we were there! So, we ate fajitas and blondies, had a couple of sodas, and went to watch the game from our plaza-level seats. And yay, we won! So much fun.

Today, we are packing up the car and driving to Mustang Island (North Padre) for a couple of days in the sun! See y'all on the flip side...
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Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies...why do I not own it?!

The best thing that happened to me today was Lane Bryant had a $20 off $40 coupon online and I used it, along with their ongoing special, to buy lots o' underwear! Hooray! I don't know about you, but getting 6 new pairs of fancy undies for $26 is enough to turn any day into awesomesauce. 

It's the little things...

Stolen from the awesome [ profile] annearchy:

Please leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ/DW USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. More fun for all. In theory, at least.
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Yay! Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard are coming to San Antonio! Tickets go on sale in a few days, so hopefully I can get one.

Unfortunately, yesterday and today I had some of the worst headaches I've ever experienced. And although the allergens in the air are just brutal (why the fudge is everything blooming right now?!), these were not allergy headaches. A little scary, but we'll see what happens.

Also, in the "I Called It!" news, it looks like those manager positions I decided not to apply for are being re-classified and the starting pay has dropped way down. Talk about a narrow miss! I'm glad I decided not to apply. The people who did apply are pretty peeved, though. In my department, I was informed that even though we are getting two managers, I will not be under either of them. Instead, I will still report to the VP. It's not for sure, but if it does happen, that will be kinda cool. I will be...above the law!

Don't mind me - copious amounts of ibuprofen turn me into a super dork. Off to get more sleep...
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For some reason I am reading like four books at once, which was fine when I was young and sharp but now I'm just confused and grumpy. Also, my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older. Verrah scary.

I felt like posting, but I really had nothing to say. So, yeah. Here's what I came up with...

Things I Am SO Ready For

1. The muthafuckin' weekend
2. Taking JP to see Esther's Follies Friday night (which also means hanging out in Austin, woo woo!)
3. Visiting the Kid and his wife in about 6 weeks (San Diego, here I come!)

Things I Am SO Over

1. Eating healthy (so. difficult. especially after a whole year of eating crap. delicious crap.)
2. Work. Do not get me started - it's just depressing.
3. Getting my finances in order (I know it's important, but boring!)

I am listening to Nelson's (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection. I approve of their use of parenthesis.
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Mmm, tasty three-day weekend! Plans include the Muppet Movie sing-a-long today and a whole lot of nothing later. Maybe I will finally haul some of this crap to goodwill. Who knows?!

I have been spazzing out over the Deathly Hallows II trailer - as many of you know, I have a huge squishy soft spot for Alan Rickman and that whole end part about Snape just gets me every time I read combine the two and I just don't know if I will be able to stand it. ♥ ♥ ♥

Plus, the whole ending of the saga is just going to wreck me. I may have to go into seclusion.

Friday morning I did not wake up to see the wedding (because I love sleep more than anything in the world), but I did catch the highlights that night on BBC America. For me, it's all about the ceremony and the history of everything. The weight and beauty of all that tradition. My favorite parts were random, like the trumpets announcing the Queen's arrival into Westminster, the aerial shots inside the cathedral, and the WWII bombers flying over the palace. I also thought the trees inside were a romantic, fairytale addition.

Most people around here had no patience for all the hoopla of the event and I can understand that. They will never be our sovereigns or even people we will have to be worried about, from a foreign policy/political standpoint. But I just love the idea of a prince finding and marrying his princess in a traditional and beautiful way.

*waves tiny British flag*

Also, LULZ:

Next time, I will talk about eating meat until you think you might die, why JP is the sweetest boyfriend ever, and saluting the end of National Poetry Month. I know, it's gripping. Try to contain yourselves...
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In a charming mood today, so that's nice. I want to buy lots of things! Clothes, mainly. No reason. Just want to throw some money away, I guess. LOL! I should be working out, but rumor has it that we are going out for doughnuts later...

Le sigh.

Small poetry is sometimes the best poetry.


we are sudden stars
you and i exploding in
our blue black skins

--Sonia Sanchez
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We just upgraded to the high def cable package and now I am sitting in front of the television switching between Pretty Woman, Romeo Must Die, Twilight, the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Special, and BBC America. I may be in trouble...

Had sushi for dinner. It was delicious.

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Green Day was awesome!!! They all looked and sounded fantastic. I think I had forgotten how much I love their music. And hearing them live and listening to how effing great they sound after all these years just made me so happy. Of course, the usual happened - got stepped on (go steel toes!), got beer poured on me, I elbowed a couple of dicks, and screamed in the beer-pourer's ear until he moved away from me. : )

I am so very tired from jumping and dancing around for two and a half hours in Dr. Martens...totally feeling my age here. I had a general admission ticket, so I slammed two beers and waded into the crowd. I felt bad, but laughed so hard when they came out and Billie Joe yelled, "Everyone on your feet, this isn't fucking Coldplay!" My only complaint is he said "San Antonio" like 80 times throughout the night. But it got everyone riled up, so you know. Good on him.

I was pretty close, too! How close? When the pyrotechnics went off, I could feel the heat on my face and when Billie Joe used his super-soaker on the audience, I got wet! Woohoo! Unfortunately, there was a no camera policy (which is stupid because everyone - except me - had an iPhone or similar and was taking way better pictures and video than my camera would have! Re. Tarded.

Billie Joe loves  interacting with the crowds, pulling people on the stage, making everyone yell, running up and down the aisles, and even mooning us (I can never unsee that white ass...). It was too bad people were such weenies. I mean, he was trying to get people to come up and sing and these people would be jumping up and down and screaming and once he pulled them up, it was like they were frozen, whispering into the microphone and looking like deer in the headlights. He asked one woman to stage dive and she ran to the edge of the stage, wussied out, and kind of fell over. Ho. Hum. Also, there were lots and lots of kids in the audience. Like 10-year-olds. I find that...strange.

At the very end, they released a shitload of confetti/ticker tapes (?) into the audience and I felt like I had won something. Seriously, though, I was picking that stuff out of my bra all the way home. But they sang Time of Your Life as their final encore and it just made me so happy and nostalgic and glad that after being DENIED by the infamous burrito run of '94, I was finally able to see Green Day.

Oh, yeah - Franz Ferdinand was great, too, but they played for barely 30 minutes. WTH?!

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Death Cab this weekend! Am so excited! I still *really* want to go to the Lady Gaga/Veronicas show (I know, I think I am 16 or something...) but it's a frivolous expenditure. Pooh.

I found the cutest frames at Eyemasters (black with hints of hot pink) but so expensive! I am waiting for a 50% off lenses sale. Damn my uber-nearsightedness!

I now have over 30 high school friends on Facebook. All except 2 are married with kids. And I have like six identical messages in my inbox: "When are you getting married and having kids?!" Oy to the vey. Also, there is another ex-BF on there but I don't think he has noticed me so I am laying low...

Hee - JP keeps making little piggie noises as part of an elaborate swine flu joke. ♥

Okay, I think I shall make this my last poetry post for National Poetry Month. *sniffle*


Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.

      -- W.S. Merwin

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I am freakin' exhausted by the work week. Tuesday was a bad, bad day. But life goes on and all that jazz. Today was considerably better since I didn't have to go in and give a tour, fix a problem or test something, which is what I have been doing recently on my days off to the delight of my bank account and to the detriment of my peace of mind.

In cool news, the crab apple tree in my backyard is blooming like crazy with little white flowers! Also, I bought one of these AeroGardens at Target for 75% off. I also bought the herb, green bean, and salad green seeds to go with it. Hooray for teeny tiny indoor gardens! I think these are so cool; I have wanted one since I first saw it. So sci-fi and classroom projecty. I know, it's weird but I am so excited!

In real news, somewhere deep inside my brain, I have been hyperventilating constantly at the thought of picking a career/master's program/making any kind of decision really. It's always there: when I'm happy or emo. When I'm wasting time in front of the computer or when I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I've studied up on lots of different job options and plenty of different degrees. I find myself disappointed in a lot of the "online, working person's masters degrees." They seem kind of fake. Maybe that is a misconception I have, but...yeah.

So I still don't know. But I am approaching a decision (yeesh). I just really need to make the right choice because I already fucked this up once before and now I have a house and bills and JP and the kitties to think of. I can't fuck up again or it might hurt us all. Mmmm, so deliciously melodramatic and emo...


Nov. 4th, 2008 10:17 pm
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Hell. Yeah.

Thank goodness! Please don't disappoint us, President Obama. It's been a long time since anyone around here has had real hope.

Damn, I knew we should have gone to an election party tonight! I might have a little drinky-poo anyway, for celebratory purposes.
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I am drunk and it is glorious.



Oct. 12th, 2008 06:21 pm
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[ profile] wonderelf  is gone and I am le sad.

But we had a great weekend and did lots of stuff, so that was good. It was so great to see her and spend time catching up with one another. We explored caverns (and mined for precious gems), saw Avenue Q (righteous and we met the adorable guy who played Princeton/Rod), visited the tackiest museum ever (creepy), ate lots of nummy food (urp), and lied to a realtor (hurrah for duplicity and touring homes we can't afford)! We also learned about quilting from some colonial-type ladies at the Alamo, wandered the Riverwalk, and watched about 10 hours of The Venture Brothers.

All in all, time well spent.

Now I am gonna go pout in front of the TV.

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I have been doing "hit and runs" on LJ and a couple of other sites. But there is no time, OMG! What the Hell people? When did I become one of those old people lamenting that "old time is still a-flying"?

Le boohoo.

But on to the good news. George Michael concert was FAB-U-LOUS!!! He put on a Hell of a show, with band mounted on three tiers, lots of pretty pretty graphics, and dancing. Lord, how there was dancing! I think I sat through three songs, tops. Most of the auditorium was up and shaking their money-makers. Every where I looked, there were people in the aisles dancing and yelling and singing along. Totally awesome. He sang old stuff and new stuff and best of all, he sang my favorite song!!! Hooray! He was in great voice and honestly, I don't know how he still moves like he does, but dude had ENERGY.

The trip itself was hilarious. Basically, it was Nay-nay, Danny, and myself, all taking the piss out of each other. Sure, sometimes it was tedious and Nay-nay can be difficult on trips, but I've known this couple for the better part of 20 years and the humor and memories will always win over anything else. We went to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is basically Landry's idea of an amusement park (a few rides, some old-fashioned shops, and about 7 seafood restaurants with strangely similar menus). It was nice and I even had an embarrassing Idol/David Cook moment. They played his treacly Time of My Life song on the radio blasting throughout the park and I basically grabbed Nay-nay's arm and squealed. Because I am sad. And there is no hope for me. Fly, you fools!

Anyway, we ate lots of seafood and wandered around the Galleria in Houston (tres swanky), and some guy tried to sell us $10 knockoff concert t-shirts outside the Toyota Center when we were leaving. All in all, a good weekend!

Work is, unfortunately, still work. But my boss is gone this week and next, so I might actually get some stuff done! wOOt!


Jun. 28th, 2008 02:31 am
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Stone Temple Pilots concert was AWESOME!!!

Scott Weiland was in excellent voice and absolutely magnetic. He is a fantastic performer...all rock!god swagger and uninhibited, er...dancing. They tried singing Queen's We Will Rock You, but Weiland could not remember the second verse and they cut it short. And when they played Plush, you could barely hear him sing because the crowd was chanting the words in perfect unison. Fantastic concert moment.

Near the end, Weiland said, "Ya'll are one of the coolest fucking audiences we've had on the tour." Which, yeah, probably gets said often, but to be fair, we were giving them A LOT of love. San Antonio is definitely a hard rock kinda town, so STP is right up our alley. All their music brings back so many good memories for me, mainly that wild time in college when I was between boyfriends and being crazy with my friends. *sigh*

Seat was great, too - third section back on the side, front row. And maybe I'm crazy, but I thought $20 for an order of chili cheese fries and two large Dos Equis beers was pretty fair. *urp*

I had a great time, but wish I had forced someone to go with me. LOL...
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Things That Are Not Yay!

1. My eyes burn from, I dunno, tiredness? They burn!
2. I missed an auction for one of my favorite Lupin images on Mandarake (autographed, no less). Fehhhhhh.
3. I shouldn't be spending that money anyway. Bad, BAD Melly!
4. No iTunes for you!!! *see #3*

Things That ARE Yay!

1. I went to see OotP again and hello! I forgot about how smokin' hot Alan Rickman looks in his fitted black coat. Yummeh.
2. My sister got us free tickets to Stardust and it looks totally righteous! Can't wait...
3. [profile] wonderelf 's box of curry is made of yay! And thank you for the Hello Kitty gashapon container! You remembered! *loves you*
4. This weekend I will buy Deathly Hallows and read it so I can freakin' look at all the spoilers! The suspense. Is. Killing. Me.

And, yeah, that's about right (the incomprehensible part, lol):

Your Score: Linear B

You scored

You are Linear B. Even those who can follow you think you're all Greek to them. Which, after all, is true - Linear B being the first known text for written Greek. To most people, you're incomprehensible. But what do you care? You're tough, hard, long-enduring and have greater nobility than most. Naturally, you don't admit to borrowing extensively from your brother Linear A.

Link: The Which Ancient Language Are You Test written by imipak on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


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