Jan. 1st, 2011

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I hope 2011 brings you all health and happiness, with as much joy and as little sorrow as possible.  ♥ ♥ ♥

As to resolutions, I thought I would keep it simple:

1. Start working out again. When I started working 50+ hours a week, my workout routine was the first thing to go and even before that, I was not as diligent as I could have been.

2. I will finish at least 3 major projects with the house, which may or may not include: replacing the 2nd story siding, digging up and replacing the pipe in the front yard, putting new flooring downstairs, replacing the fence, re-grouting the shower in the master bath, changing out the toilets in the master and half-bath, and having someone come out and look at/fix our dead lawn. With the exception of the siding, none of these projects will be terribly expensive and I have no reason to dawdle.

3. Be a better girlfriend/friend/sister/daughter. I get so wrapped up in me me me, that sometimes the people around me get neglected. Every year I make an oath that I am going to work on my relationships. Sometimes I succeed and other times, not so much. But I won't ever stop trying.

4. Write more and read more. I have no excuse; there are several half-stories and ideas floating around on Notepad and Word. I just need to keep at them, even if it's just for my own pleasure. I have been reading more lately and remembering how much I love it; I have a lovely tower of books, thanks to several sales at Half-Price Books; again, no excuse. Time to get my learn on!

Last night, we went for Indian food and then came home and watched part of the Dr. Who marathon. I hadn't seen the end of Tennant's run, so I got to watch that and a couple of other episodes with him. I am not a huge fan of the series and I've only seen a couple of others play the character, but David Tennant will always be the Doctor for me.
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Ten day meme thingie, continued. Tomorrow, work. Blegh.

Six things you wish you'd never done... )


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