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I was going to post this earlier, but I was too busy laughing my ass off at the Yahoo page, whose feature story was entitled, "Is It Un-Christian To Do Yoga?" OMG, ignorant world, never change.

Day 03 – Your parents

My parents are pretty great. They are both first generation Americans, since three of my four grandparents were born in Mexico. Their childhoods were fairly similar: they both had big families, were desperately poor, and worked as migrant farmers, picking cotton, fruit, or whatever else was in season. My father is a child of the Great Depression and my mother was born during World War II. When they talk about not having indoor plumbing or walking to the store every day to buy perishables because there was no refrigerator, it just blows my mind. They came so far in their own time - they jumped from the poverty line to solid middle class and did it so nonchalantly.

My dad is my hero. He started working after school when he was very young, sweeping up the local theater and carrying groceries for people at the market. He traveled across the country with his father and brothers, following the different harvest seasons when there was no school. After he graduated, my dad joined the Army and used the GI bill to go to college. He became a coach and teacher at a couple of small schools. But then he got married to his first wife, who already had a young daughter and they had a son. My dad had to take a second job. The marriage didn't last and when they divorced, the lady left the two kids with my dad. He met my mom a few years later, after he got a job with the Air Force. They got married and had me and my younger brother. My dad loves us and isn't afraid to show it. He stands up for us, pushes us, scolds us, and cheers us on. My love of books and musicals and art all come from him. He is an awesome cook and bakes the most delicious cakes and pies. He is the most laid back person I have ever known and to this day, just being in the same room with him comforts me. I don't know how much longer he has on this Earth, but I will always appreciate the time I have spent with him. Even at his worst, he is the best.

My mom was actually my dad's secretary and we still consider that a pretty good joke. She was and still is an independent, street-smart Westside girl who doesn't take shit from anyone. If my dad is my hero, my mom is the voice of reason. She is practical in the extreme, with nary a romantic bone in her body. Despite that, she remembers every single thing that made growing up painful for her and her sympathy and empathy made my teenage years bearable. She would sit on the bed listening to me, not judging or telling me what to do, but just...understanding. She can size up a person in five minutes flat and let me tell you - she has been right about every single guy and girl we all have dated. You will never fool her or be able to hide anything from her, so don't even try. We aren't as close as we used to be, since I have work and JP and my own stuff to contend with, but she will always be my best friend. It was her strength and tenacity that kept our patchwork family together.

My parents have been married almost 41 years and my father still brings my mother flowers almost every week. When I call or visit, they are always joking and laughing with each other. When they were younger, they used to drink and fight a lot, but they eventually calmed down. I think our years in the Philippines helped them grow closer - without relatives and old drinking buddies around, they relied on each other more. My parents aren't perfect, but they love me, so I can forgive them for the times they hurt or disappointed me because they always had my best interests at heart. ♥


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