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I have no words for what is going on (or not going on, rather) in Congress right now. I will just say that I am not surprised that dumb fuck Cruz is from Texas. I am shocked and saddened by how many people I know and love are spittle-yelling, virulent Tea Party supporters. I feel like telling them that he who shouts loudest is not the winner, but what's the point? It seriously turns my stomach. I feel like once my parents and older brother are gone from this world, I cannot leave Texas fast enough.

I've never affiliated myself with any political party because I am always willing to listen to both sides; however, the divide has gotten so ridiculously huge and the messages so negative, I feel like there is no point in even trying to see things from both sides. Everyone else is digging in, so I will too. As a minority woman hanging on to the middle class by her fingertips, I cannot in good conscience support the Republican Party. As a human being, I cannot abide the Tea Party Republicans. There are plenty of things about the Demos I don't like, but guess what? At least their lies sound believable.

See what I did there? Said I wasn't gonna talk about it...and yet I did.

So, on to other news. I am beat! This Thursday, the San Antonio Aids Foundation is having a charity event and my sister and I have offered to provide some bake sale items (she has gotten mad-talented at cake decorating and I am still obsessed with baking, because I am on forever! diet, LOL). I am making a rainbow cake (hee!), a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and ombre icing, and a dozen pies-in-a-jar (apple and raspberry). To prevent myself from staying up until 3AM on Thursday morning and cursing the day I ever offered to do anything for anyone, I am trying to prep stuff this weekend. So I assembled all the pies and put them in the freezer tonight. Easy but time-consuming! On Wednesday night, I will bake the cakes and on Thursday, I will pop the pies in the oven and put frosting on anything in the kitchen not moving.

I need to lie down...

I have seen that 30 Days of Blogging meme going around and I was going to start it today, but I think I will postpone. I still have dishes to do and for some reason at 8PM tonight, I decided to wash all the sheets, bedspreads, and comforters. Whyyyyyy?????

So, next time: meme!

Now, enjoy some pie in a jar (OF COURSE I had to taste test!)

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Rick Santorum is a horrible excuse for a human being. I dare you to listen to his anti-abortion-even-in-cases-of-rape speech and not throw up. He is vile.

I have no other news. Just had to get my disgust out...
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OMG, the Daily Show's 'World of Class Warfare' bit cracked me up even as I felt dizzy from anger. The fact that anyone would say someone is not poor because they have a refrigerator? Seriously?! Did the U.S. become a third world country while I was sleeping?!

But Jon Stewart was in fine form and the writing was fantastic. And it made me think of one of my favorite parts of History of the World (forgive me...I have not the ability to make gifs):

Indeed. So, to cheer me up when I look at this post again, I will include a picture of the cutest sleeping cat EVAR:

Spike in repose )

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My mattress is sold out. Slow burn II: Electric Boogaloo.
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I know y'all are probably sick of hearing about it, but my next paycheck will have 40 hours of overtime. FORTY HOURS. That's so insanity...

I was graciously allowed two days off at the end of the month so I am getting a four-day weekend - what should I do? "Drink" and "sleep of the dead" are for normal weekends, so I feel this one must be special.

It's cold and rainy outside, but that's okay because it fits my mood.

JP is making me watch episodes of Northern Exposure and I am enjoying it. It's a little strange at times, but good. We have also been watching season 1 of Merlin, which is good in a "bad TV" kind of way. It's not even the non-canon stuff I have the issue with, it's more the modern slang they use and the smirky, "haha, get us in tights!" kind of undercurrent. I don't know. The two main characters are all kinds of pretty and I want to keep watching to see if the writers get a grip on where they want to go with the show. Anyone out there watch it? Does it get better?

I am also reading Hayao Miyazaki's Starting Point, which is mainly a collection of interviews, essays, and stories from 1976-1996. They cover the gamut from his work history and thoughts on animation to his ideals and beliefs. It's a heavy read and dry at some points, but if you ever want to find out what Miyazaki is like, this is not a bad way to do it (he's kind of an opinionated workaholic, but I don't think that surprises anyone, considering the sheer volume and quality of animation the man has generated).

Oh, good. I am getting texts and phone calls from work. Let's bump that overtime higher! Bye, y'all.

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Okay, so let me get this straight: the group that is funding the Islamic mosque near ground zero is also one of the PRIMARY SHAREHOLDERS of Rupert Murdoch's news dynasty, AKA Fox News, AKA the network that has been up in arms about the whole mosque thing since the beginning?! Please tell me this is a joke...a horrible, disgusting joke. You are telling me that Fox News is financially supporting an action they supposedly deplore and using it as a scare tactic to rouse the uninformed into a hysterical tizzy?

I feel like vomiting. This is their opinion of America: we are a bunch of dumb fucks who will believe whatever is on the TV. Seriously.

Ugh. Srsly.

Mar. 5th, 2010 11:51 pm
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WHY DOES ITUNES ASK IF I WANT TO DOWNLOAD ALL IPHONE APP UPDATES AT ONCE IF IT CAN'T EVER DO IT?!?! I always get the same error message and frankly, it's not helping my pissy mood. I am in BITCH mode and I have to keep pushing all my anger and nastiness back down my throat. Hormones, girl-y parts, periods, and whatever the fuck is wrong with my carcass CAN SUCK IT.

Hmm. The rage, while not new, is definitely a little different than the borderline suicidal wah-wah-wah that normally accompanies me at this time of the month. How very interesting. And by interesting I mean RIDICULOUS BEYOND ALL CAPABLE THOUGHT.

And since I'm bitching anyway, does anyone else feel like they'd give just about anything to have a fucking moment of peace? I swear to God. I love my family and my friends but between my three phones, IM, email that has IM capabilities, Facebook, etc. there is no escape. Literally. I have to shut off my phones and computer sometimes because I just need quiet aloneness. Maybe I'm a freak, but I need to decompress constantly. A. LOT. ***but I love you guys, I swear***

So many things wrong with me, such little ability to care.

I was going to post about today but since it was nice, I won't put it here with all the vitriol. Will post it separately.
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I am never paying my HOA fees online again. It has been one huge headache and it's still not over yet. If I actually still had checks, this wouldn't be such a big deal but seriously! I haven't had a checkbook for five years. I thought paying online would be easier. Lesson learned. Ugh.

We saw Avatar last night and it was gorgeous and engrossing. A truly spectacular visual event and a good story to boot. The theater (3D Imax) was PACKED so I was glad we had reserved seats. It is a testament to how good it was when I heard nary a peep out of people throughout the whole thing. An unheard of experience, let me tell you. Usually, JP has to yell for someone to shut up at least once. Heh.

Anyhoo, meme!

Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy

This is a painting I fell in love with and purchased yesterday. It is going above my bed. It is a MONSTER, about 5 feet long and 3 feet tall. But the minute I saw it, I thought of Alan Lee and Fellowship of the Rings and all manner of loney beauty. Can't wait...think I might have to put a headboard on my bed to support it, though. I'm not sure I want it just hanging over my noggin. Death from above!
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Went to see Nay-nay last night at yet another swank hotel she was staying at (actually I believe they are time shares). It had two bedrooms, two baths (the master had a whirlpool bath with a huge mirror and mosaic tiling), a living room, and full kitchen. Supposedly, it is less than the other Hyatt she stayed at last time. We curled up on the couch and drank some red wine and gossiped about the drama in our lives (she totally wins). 

I just realized that I paid my HOA fees online almost two weeks ago and they have not pulled the money out of my account. FUUUUUUUCK. Someone is going to pay for this incompetence. My bill is due in four days. Grrrrrr...

Meme, continued:

Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

JP and I, freezing our asses off on a boat in NYC this past October. Brrrr!

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Okay, boys and girls. Quiz time:

Michael Moore's movie Sicko makes Melissa want to

A. Drink heavily.
B. Move to Canada and/or Great Britain.
C. Never ever question herself again about the decision to not have children.
D. Cry because she doesn't love America as much as Michael Moore does.
E. All of the above.

That movie shamed me into the ground. Made me want to cut and run. And shamed me even more for thinking that way.


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