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So, I came into this weekend BUMMED because I was going to miss Mumford & Sons AGAIN (missed out on tickets in Austin and next week in Houston) but then all this great shit started piling up (on Friday the 13th, go figure!).

First, in the huge scary sponsor meeting I was recognized by three different groups for all the awesome things I have been doing on the project. My boss wasn't there to hear it, but her boss was and she teased me about it so I know she will report back all the praise I received. This is way better than getting yelled at, which is the norm in these meetings.

Then, on the way home, the Kid called and told me that he had just been unofficially offered a job in El Paso. Woo! Finally, after 10 years in Yuma, he is moving halfway back home. I mean, it sucks that they are no longer going to be close to San Diego, but now that they have the bb Gabs, they don't really road trip that much. And they will be only 8 hours away (a mere hour and a half flight) which is totally effin' awesome. End of an era, though. Having him in Yuma was the last tenuous link I had to the West Coast. Oh, well. Gotta pour one out for my time in Cali. LOL...

And, finally, this morning I went to Old Navy because they had 50% off one item and I am constantly in need of new jeans. Well, I realized while trying some on that I had gone down another size. I didn't trust the one smaller pair I had, so I ran out and got a few more samples to make sure the jeans I had were not stretched or sized incorrectly (verify initial test results!). But I really was in a smaller size, so hooray!

I fully expect, after all this good luck, that my house/car/bowels will explode.
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I closed on my refi - the notary told me that I picked a good time to refi because the rates are going back up. Lucky! Hopefully, I can save up some fundage to fix a couple things around here and take a couple of vacays later in the year. Also, by this time next month I plan on having my last remaining credit card paid off.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

I have this little pocket of happiness that I wish I could seal up and save for later.

Next week, everyone and their mother is gone from the office for Spring Break, which is fine by me. Sweet freedom!

In not terrific news, my older brother was admitted to the hospital two separate times over the past week and a half. They want to do a procedure on him, but it's complicated because he is on so many different meds. All we can do is hope for the best.

Also, my poor little Jeep is still having some problems so I had to call the service center and chide them for not fixing it. They were very nice and offered to take me right away, but I am slightly grumpy about the whole thing.

I'm contemplating on doing Netflix again, just the streaming. Most of our evenings in Yuma consisted of a cold 30-pack and watching whatever was in the Kid's queue. We watched the entire Kennedy mini-series in one night! It was pretty good, although methinks it was a little loose with the facts.

And finally, for some reason I am still watching American Idol. Phil Phillips (I know, poor kid) is adorable. Love him. Heejun is darling, too...but I'm not digging the singing. Sorry, Heejun.

My life...

Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:27 pm
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Sitting here, drinking red wine and crying while watching Love Actually, lol.

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Meant to post this earlier...

Even though the day is over, it's still freakin' funny!

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OMG, the Daily Show's 'World of Class Warfare' bit cracked me up even as I felt dizzy from anger. The fact that anyone would say someone is not poor because they have a refrigerator? Seriously?! Did the U.S. become a third world country while I was sleeping?!

But Jon Stewart was in fine form and the writing was fantastic. And it made me think of one of my favorite parts of History of the World (forgive me...I have not the ability to make gifs):

Indeed. So, to cheer me up when I look at this post again, I will include a picture of the cutest sleeping cat EVAR:

Spike in repose )

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Many thanks and a great big smooshy *HUG* to [ profile] whitereflection  for giving me a lunch box and for making me look up and post my most favorite somee card of all time!

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Why am I awake you ask?

Because I have become addicted to [ profile] fandomsecrets . Oh, the lulz! And I don't even know a bunch of the fandoms on there! It's crack, I tell ya!

Also, I still have not seen all of Gurren Lagann, but this AMV is fantastic! I get a lump in my throat watching it...

Alas, I better go to bed: tomorrow (er, today) is Filipino food at the 'rents house to celebrate Mother's Day. Mmmm, lumpia and pancit bihon!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies on the flist! Have a great day...

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Fucking awesome - I am SO proud to be from Texas. Only in this backwater, ass-backwards state can the populace be offended by Bill Nye, Science Guy. Or should we just start calling him the anti-Christ?

Sorry - it's just that the rest of the world is moving forward and I can actually feel this country backpedaling into the Middle Ages.

But anyway. This weekend was wonderful because I spent time with Nay-nay, went shoe shopping, had a lovely mani/pedi (from a straight man, no strange!), and got Nay-nay a tattoo for her birthday. LOL!! She was such a big baby about it, too. I actually felt really bad, because apparently my threshold for pain is higher than hers and I had assured her that it wasn't that bad. But it's a great memory (for me anyway). It will go right up there with the time she sprayed mace on herself to see what it felt like. *rolls around laughing*

Got home in time to throw my bags upstairs and run over to my parent's house for family dinner. That was nice. Lots of food and even more laughter. The best way to spend a weekend.


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