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Seriously, that show is pretty darn funny!

Bit of a hangover from my night out with Sandra and the girls, but overall I am okay. Last night, I went to her house and had the largest Bloody Mary EVER before we went to a club to meet some friends. I had a good time, Every time I go out I tell myself I am too old but I still go. LOL! We caught up a bit, which was nice. Not worth a Bloody Mary/Corona hangover, but...

Earlier today, I met my ex-coworker for lunch at Sushi Zushi (don't ask me, but despite a pounding headache, etc, I was ravenous). We had sashimi and a couple of rolls, mochi ice cream for dessert, and two pots of green tea. YUM. She wanted to complain about her new workplace, but it was a small price to pay for going out for sushi. Now that my brother is no longer here, there is no one to eat sushi with me except her. Anyway, after three hours (she had A LOT to say and hot green tea is fabulous for hangovers, apparently) we parted company and I came home.

And the meme marches on...

Day 09 - Your beliefs

Growing up, my parents were lax about attending church. My siblings and I were baptized in the Catholic faith, went to CCD, made our first Communion...and that was basically it. When I was 16 or so, I started reading the Bible and going to church on my own because I was curious. I never found what I was looking for, but I did enjoy the routine of it. That kind of blind faith can be very powerful and comforting. But I eventually stopped and just prayed on my own. Now, from time to time, I compose these mental letters to God - when I am fearful for my loved ones or when I am supremely happy, there are always words that I cannot express out loud and so I make them into a kind of prayer. I don't guess I will get points from any religion for it, but I am okay with that. I just try to basically be a good person, but who the Hell knows what that is, anyway? I am hoping that the older I get, the wiser I will be. But things aren't looking so good in that department, LOL.

Day 10 - What you wore today

Shorts (it's still flippin' hot here!), an ombre tank top that is white at the top and darkens to turquoise at the bottom, and a white lace top. I paired it with an aqua and green starfish-shaped glass necklace and gold flip flops. Oh, yeah. Gold.

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Day 09 – Your beliefs
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Day 30 – One last moment
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