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After my fantastic meltdown this weekend, I am feeling a little better. Yes, I am in a minor financial crisis not of my making, yes my job is so stressful that I regularly need afternoon naps/crying jags to get through the week, yes there are things in my life that I am avoiding because I don't have the energy to deal (health, house falling apart, refinancing rigamarole). BUT. I will persevere. A girl can dream.

JP cheered me up this weekend by taking me to see Anonymous, which I enjoyed except spoiler! )  Still don't believe the theory, but I love love love period dramas. Rhys Ifans, who knew? Hubba hubba!

Then we went to Half Price Books with our coupons and I bought a bunch of books on English history. Again. My Elizabethan/Shakespeare library, let me show you it.

Saw Nay-Nay tonight, which is always nice. She has agreed to go with me for sushi tomorrow and I am excite! Ten bucks says raw fish will not go anywhere near her mouth. It's okay - she is accompanying me which makes me : )


Feb. 26th, 2011 12:07 am
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Yay, announcement! I am officially a Treasury Analyst for the VP and I start on Monday! Scary! I am totally frightened of my new boss, but hopefully it will all work out.

I went out tonight and had sushi with a friend - it's a great little place, very chic and low key at the same time. I enjoyed just hanging out at a nice restaurant on a Friday night, sampling sashimi and people-watching. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a giant martini, but I stuck with hot green tea for dinner. Then I came home and drank 3 large diet cokes with vodka. Yay!

Tomorrow is shopping with mom and a hockey game with JP. I feel like I am riding an incredible winning streak right now. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

In American Idol news, I am in serious like with Paul McDonald, the indie and laid-back singer with the beautiful tone to his voice. ♥

I will end this entry with MOAR poetry because I love it! )

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We just upgraded to the high def cable package and now I am sitting in front of the television switching between Pretty Woman, Romeo Must Die, Twilight, the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Special, and BBC America. I may be in trouble...

Had sushi for dinner. It was delicious.

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Seriously, that show is pretty darn funny!

Bit of a hangover from my night out with Sandra and the girls, but overall I am okay. Last night, I went to her house and had the largest Bloody Mary EVER before we went to a club to meet some friends. I had a good time, Every time I go out I tell myself I am too old but I still go. LOL! We caught up a bit, which was nice. Not worth a Bloody Mary/Corona hangover, but...

Earlier today, I met my ex-coworker for lunch at Sushi Zushi (don't ask me, but despite a pounding headache, etc, I was ravenous). We had sashimi and a couple of rolls, mochi ice cream for dessert, and two pots of green tea. YUM. She wanted to complain about her new workplace, but it was a small price to pay for going out for sushi. Now that my brother is no longer here, there is no one to eat sushi with me except her. Anyway, after three hours (she had A LOT to say and hot green tea is fabulous for hangovers, apparently) we parted company and I came home.

And the meme marches on...

Day 9 - Your Beliefs )

Day 10 - What you wore today )

Original meme list )
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I was at work until 9PM tonight and the less said about that, the better. My goal for this weekend is to update my resume, dammit!

American Idol results spoiler! )

Tomorrow I will check in with my mom, do the three cubic tons of laundry currently heaped in my bath tub (yeah, that's right - in the tub), and cut a check to the gaht-damned mortgage company for my escrow adjustment or whatever the Hell it is they call this yearly shakedown.

And maybe sushi this weekend? I worked enough overtime to afford it, by gum!
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Random: I have always hated the time leading up to writing a paper or report. Thinking up what I really wanted to say. Once I had decided, the writing part was a breeze. It's just the before that made me anxious and cranky.

Wow, my inanity knows no bounds.

Sushi dinner tonight was DELICIOUS and followed by cake and episodes of Ouran at the birthday girl's house. My only complaint is that she and her hubby are smokers so two hours at her place and I walked out stinking like I had been out clubbing. Not fair! I didn't even get to shake my money maker!

In other news, the Kid AND JP's birthdays are coming up. I should probably get some gifties. What to buy, what to buy.

And finally, I am totally going to buy some new underwear tomorrow! The fancy kind, too - I am so sick of Fruit of the Loom six-packs. It's time to put on the big girl panties. Er...

Okay, I'll stop.
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Happy birthday to[ profile] iammine  and [ profile] katanas_edge  (belated)!!!

I am so very, very tired. I have a case of the Februaries and that's no lie. I am counting down to the weekend - sushi dinner with a former co-worker and a friends to celebrate her birthday. Also, I plan on sleeping. Lots.

What's new with y'all?
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I am so exhausted, it's ridiculous. I might take a nap after this entry, for reals.

I finally bought my ticket for Wicked. $20 in miscellaneous charges? Really, Ticketmaster? But whatever. I am excited!

JP is at the Star Trek movie, so I thought I would treat myself to a sushi dinner (yum!) and some Zipang sake (double yum!).

And speaking of food, I am reading Tales from the Scale, a cheapie little book I bought because, well I can totally relate.

Cut for whiny, personal introspection about being chubbeh. )

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Crap day at work ended with a crap drive home and then...wonderfulness exponentiated!!! Real word? Dunno...


1. My Allen cel from Lizzard arrived. Huzzah! More beautiful than the image I have always admired. First cel purchased in...gads, it's been over a year!
2. Birthday gifties from [profile] wonderelf! THANK YOU ARWEN!!! I took a picture of all the Ouran magnets on my fridge, but my camera phone sucks. Oh and BTW - chibi Conrad with my birthdate? BEST THING EVAR!!! Totally turned my day around to get your package, honey. You (and the international postal service) have impeccable timing, for reals.
3. I love it when JP scratches my back.

4. To further my joy, I ordered some dinner from Sushi Zushi and have just finished some hamachi and unagi nigiri sushi followed up with a bit of katsudon.
5. Also, much to my dismay, I find that the two glasses of wine I had with this meal have completely intoxicated me. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

It's raining outside. I'm listening to lovely music and finishing the last of my Gewurztraminer. Hasenpfeffer. Whatevs.

So very happy. *squeezes the flist*


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