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Let me explain, no wait...there is too much. Let me sum up:

- First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Hope yours was as good as ours. Except for someone not getting beer in a timely fashion to my mother (whom I love more than life itself, but I cannot tell a lie...she really needs to have a few drinks if she is going to be in the kitchen), all went smoothly and there was much joy and laughter.

- Work-wise, soon after I made my promise to post more often, I was forced nominated to take over a huge project that my co-worker was in the process of fucking up. I was told that I was the new project manager 20 minutes before my first big meeting. So, you can imagine how that is going. Basically, I have no idea how to do any of this and have been working crazy overtime to try and get shit done. Thanksgiving was the first day I had off since September (unless you count the day I called in violently sick...which I DON'T). But on the up side, they haven't fired me yet so...go me!

- The week I was violently sick was of course the time when Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard rescheduled their concert here. I dragged my sad carcass to the theater and sucked down approximately a hundred lozenges so I wouldn't hack up a lung during the performances. And even though I felt like shit, I enjoyed the HELL out of that evening. Glen was in excellent form, even though his set was short and his strings kept breaking. Eddie EFFING Vedder sang for 2.5 hours, including two long-ass encores. He was fantastic and the whole thing was basically three hours of two gifted musicians and their guitars. Totally awesome and worth every penny even though my seat was kind of crap. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

- And finally, JP and I came out swinging in regards to Black Friday. I splurged and bought an iPad. He got a 3D monitor so we could try it out. Also picked up a GPS and a basic blu-ray player. We got some movies, some clothes, and I even bought some Christmas gifts for other people (one for you aaaaand three for me).

And that about wraps things up for now. Good night my dear friends. Catch you on the flip side...
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Yay! Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard are coming to San Antonio! Tickets go on sale in a few days, so hopefully I can get one.

Unfortunately, yesterday and today I had some of the worst headaches I've ever experienced. And although the allergens in the air are just brutal (why the fudge is everything blooming right now?!), these were not allergy headaches. A little scary, but we'll see what happens.

Also, in the "I Called It!" news, it looks like those manager positions I decided not to apply for are being re-classified and the starting pay has dropped way down. Talk about a narrow miss! I'm glad I decided not to apply. The people who did apply are pretty peeved, though. In my department, I was informed that even though we are getting two managers, I will not be under either of them. Instead, I will still report to the VP. It's not for sure, but if it does happen, that will be kinda cool. I will be...above the law!

Don't mind me - copious amounts of ibuprofen turn me into a super dork. Off to get more sleep...
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Things That Have Escaped My Attention Due to Overwhelming Stress at Work
1. Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard toured together in late spring/early summer.
2. Who CARES?!?! See #1!!!!

They didn't come anywhere near Texas, but with enough forethought and planning, I could have taken a trip. I suck at keeping track of my favorite artists...

JP went back to the Seattle, WA area this past Sunday and I am very : ( without him. Also, scared at night because I keep hearing things, like imaginary burglars and rapists (but really it's just my creaky house and needy cats). Haha - but once I'm asleep, that's it. They could light me on fire and I wouldn't notice.

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I had to lay the smackdown at work today. Felt good.

Also, Target is having a pretty good sale on Iam's cat food right now. This made me happy, as well as the sweet-ass discount the proprietor gave us on our dinner at Simi's Indian Restaurant. I love it when he does that. ^____^

Listening to Glen Hansard tell a poignant ghost story on the live tracks of the deluxe version of Strict Joy make me all wibbly and goose-bumpy. Why the audience is laughing at parts THAT ARE NOT FUNNY is baffling to me.

Okay, I am going to finish this meme (someday)!

Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy

I bought these darling boots that were 60% off at Amazon. I am going to totally rock them at work tomorrow for about 4 hours and then limp around for the rest of the day because that's how I break my shoes in. Yeah.

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I know it will come as a shock, but I don't have any Cabo pictures ready; I've been busy with work and stalking The Swell Season in Austin.

I am knackered, to steal a British turn of phrase. Friday JP and I set out early to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Pictures are here. We got there in good time, got great parking thanks to JP, and hunkered down to enjoy lots and lots of music we'd never heard. LOL! I actually had a good time. I've been wanting to attend a music festival and haven't had a chance since, er...the free Blockbuster one back in 1997? Don't remember exactly.

Anyhoo, the weather wasn't too bad. Hot, but not melt-your-face hot. The first couple of hours was pretty tame, but by 2pm the place was packed! I got to see Rodney Crowell (who was awesome), Jakob Dylan (who sounded great but had no patter to speak of), What Made Milwaukee Famous (meh), Gogol Bordello (THAT, my friends is how you put on a show!), and my all-time favorite, The Swell Season. I also caught a bit of the Mars Volta (eh) and Manu Chao (good stuff, but I was beyond exhausted and decided to bag it before he was done).

Awesome, but plagued with techinical difficulties, I was supremely impressed at how calm Glen Hansard remained, even though you could tell he was getting upset. Their set was way too short, but it was all fantastic anyway. More on them in a moment. Gogol Bordello was great, too. Not really my type of music, but JP and I agreed that we would go see another of their shows any day. High energy, theatrical, and just a lot of fun. Props to the well-endowed lady in the teeny bikini top who was hopping around next to us during their set. I bet her boobs are still sore...ouch!

The crowds got to be a little much, especially with all the cigarette and weed smoke. It all made me nauseous. The food wasn't bad, but nothing I'd write home about. The people who pushed their way in front of us 2 minutes before the The Swell Season came on can go to Hell. But for the most part everything was very chill. We were out there a good 8 hours so by 9:30pm, I was ready to go home. And buy lots of music, LOL!

Well, I was completely out of it, because I didn't realize until yesterday morning that The Swell Season was performing again in Austin that night. So, JP and I decided what the Hell. We bought tickets to their show at The Paramount, got back in the car, and went BACK to Austin to see them again. I am so glad we did! It was an unbelievable event - they sounded fantastic and the acoustics were great. JP sweet-talked an usher into letting us sneak into better seats (what did I do before him?) and we just kicked back and enjoyed it all.

I can't explain it very well, but listening to Glen Hansard affects me the way Sarah Mclachlan does. Sometimes it just seems like certain songwriters are ripping pages from your life and putting it out there for the world. It's an incredibly profound feeling about something incredibly private. And to have him infuse so much emotion into his performances on top of just grabs me by the throat.

To cap off the evening, we walked around the back of the theater afterwards and got to meet Glen Hansard! He was very nice, posing for pictures and signing stuff. He took his time and talked to people. I never have anything original or brilliant to say in these situations, but it's okay. It was just nice to tell him how much I enjoyed their music. Photographic evidence here. Hurrah!

So I'm stopping now because I need a nap. I also need to clean this disaster of a house, but that will have to wait. Too much driving over the past couple of days...



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