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I am pretty sure I am sick, but can't really pinpoint what's wrong. Low grade fever, upset tummy, constant headache. Oh, yes and my EFFING period. Ugh. I have been forcing myself to go to work but this weekend I am going to SLEEP like no one's business!

Aw, I hadn't seen this before...reminds me of JP. The video is a bunch of 80s cartoons set to Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero (best song off the Footloose soundtrack TBH). Gives me the warm fuzzies!

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What's up, my LJ peeps?

Cut for those who don't want to hear about my tummy troubles... )

In non-disgusting news, JP and I attacked several Blockbusters, buying up used Blu-rays for $4 each. Good times. I bought Red Cliff, parts 1 & 2, so I am really looking forward to finally watching that. I heart John Woo! We watched Scott Pilgrim tonight and I thought it was pretty funny and clever. They never went too far with teh emo and the ADD, chop-chop transitions kinda grew on me. I wouldn't mind checking out the comic...

Tomorrow I am going to visit my grandmother's grave with my mom and sister. So if the world ends, at least I'll be with family and I'll already be in a cemetery. I love it when a plan comes together...

Next week is San Francisco!!! I am so excited!!!
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Spent several hours in the blazing sun and heat at the Taste of New Orleans today. I feel like I am on fire. Yucky.

Not a poem, but awe-inspiring and mind-boggling:

They showed this at JP's astronomy club meeting.
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God, those poor people in Japan. My heart goes out to them. Those pictures are surreal and horrible.

In more selfish news - ugh. WTF is wrong with me? I've been mopey all weekend. It definitely has to do with current job worries and possibly my sudden, urgent need to lose weight (I have been feeling like total crap lately). Starting tomorrow I am going to do something about this shit, although pumping myself up constantly has been taking its toll on my emotional well being. It's a vicious circle.

In good news, I found my Lady Gaga concert ticket just in the nick of time! The concert is on Tuesday and I thought I had lost the damn thing. Yay.

Tonight I watched Being Human and more House Hunters International (laughed my ass off because it was so obvious that the realtor thought the prospective buyer was a tool...he totally was, btw).

Okay, bedtime. Good night, all.
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- Still no announcement about the job. Slow burn.
- I felt so gross yesterday, I called in sick. Spent two hours at the doctor and get to go back in 2 weeks.
- I hate the doctor.
- Everything I eat is making me sick to my stomach so I haven't eaten a whole lot lately, yet my doctor's scale assures me that I am the fattest I have ever been.
- Ugh. Exercise.
- I am so stressed about a stupid meeting next week that I can't focus. I need to study up on the topic and work on some notes this weekend so I can be prepared.
- I received my bonus, so that was cool.
- Need to do my taxes.
- Friday night tax party?
- Was invited out tonight. Not sure why I said no (other than being sick, but really, I am not so bad that I can't go hang out with my friend).
- Whatever. I am in a bitch of a mood.

I'll stop now.
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I would go gay for Sarah McLachlan and that's all I am going to say about that. ♥

I just watched her Afterglow concert on DVD and developed an irrational hatred for her ex-husband, although I am sure he is a nice man. But in the way that some people have gaydar, I have douchedar; however it's more of a gut reaction than anything else so maybe if I actually talked to him, I would feel differently.

These random and pointless thoughts have been brought to you by NyQuil, which I have been subsisting on since I got sick mid-week. I am coughing a little less since I hacked up one of my lungs on Thursday but the really exciting news is that I can now hear out of one ear. Yay! I was going to start that positive meme shit today, but maybe I better hold it for tomorrow.

Although things don't get much more positive than me drunk on NyQuil...

I was going to say that it's bedtime, but it's fucking 8:30 at night. Yeesh.
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Thanks to [ profile] annearchy  for reminding me of one of my favorite memes! And I laughed so hard at what I am going to get for Christmas! I am one sick bastard, yeah?

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In February I gave [ profile] summer_queen a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In September I helped [ profile] sardonicynic hide a body (-173 points). In October I donated bone marrow to [ profile] cherry_snows in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In June I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last month I pulled over and changed [ profile] shiroibara 's flat tire (15 points).

Overall, I've been nice (193 points). For Christmas I deserve a Pony Slaystation 3!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Imma keel me some ponies!


In other news, I spent my one day off this week worrying about stupid work. I did get to spend some quality time with my mom, though. That was nice. She fed me menudo and I took her shopping. ♥

Now, JP and I are going to see the meteor shower! Work should be killer tomorrow...
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Okay, so let me get this straight: the group that is funding the Islamic mosque near ground zero is also one of the PRIMARY SHAREHOLDERS of Rupert Murdoch's news dynasty, AKA Fox News, AKA the network that has been up in arms about the whole mosque thing since the beginning?! Please tell me this is a joke...a horrible, disgusting joke. You are telling me that Fox News is financially supporting an action they supposedly deplore and using it as a scare tactic to rouse the uninformed into a hysterical tizzy?

I feel like vomiting. This is their opinion of America: we are a bunch of dumb fucks who will believe whatever is on the TV. Seriously.

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- Still sick. Still not king.
- I caught the chase scene from Steve McQueen's Bullitt on Saturday night, which I think is rad for some inexplicable reason. I wish I could live in 1960s San Francisco...
- I have been sleeping so much and so hard that my body just aches from inactivity and I think I pulled my neck muscle. FROM SLEEPING.
- Work gave me a $25 gift card to Amazon. HOORAY! What to buy...what to buy.
- My baby comes home day after tomorrow. Too bad the place looks so craptacular, but I just don't have the energy to do much.

Time for bed.
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I have been fuckin' sick as a dog this week!!! The doctor has put me on antibiotics that are making me gag and steroids (when do I get 'roid rage?). Ugh. I have been going to work and then coming home and going directly to bed, except for Tuesday when I was unable to move my head without blinding pain, so I called in. Thanks for calling me all day anyway, work. I charged your asses for every phone call!

I am mostly okay now, except for the coughing and the extreme tiredness. Oh, so tired. 

I am going to attempt to clean the kitchen and then make some hot tea and watch anime. Something old school and comforting, I think.
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Only one and a half more days of work, hooray! Because I have been sick, my boss has been letting me work at home. I'm kinda torn between loving it and hating it. On the one hand, I spend a lot of time managing work flow and the system, which I never really enjoy and had gotten away from over the past couple of years. But on the other hand, I am at home! Working in my PJs! No makeup, no running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and no fires to put out.

Did anyone else watch the pilot of Glee last week? I thought it was kind of a downer, a little too dark for my tastes. And I don't  care what anyone says - beautiful girls, no matter how obnoxious, would never be treated the way the main character is treated. Believe me, I went to school with some lovely, vile creatures and they were all popular. That being said, I am in love with the glee versions of Rehab and Don't Stop Believin''.

David Cook is coming to Amarillo and I am very conflicted about this. He's in Texas, but he couldn't possibly be any further from me and still be in the state! Ten hours to be exact. *sigh* What to do, what to do.

Also, animegame has put a cel up on ebay that I have been ogling for years and years on their website. But I think I am going to have to pass - I have at least two mini and one proper vacays this year and need to conserve the fundage. Oh well. *snuffle*

I am eating Halls Defense Vitamin C supplements and they are delicious in the way that things that are good for you are delicious. Mmmm, lozenges...

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Okay, this is the funniest shit I've seen all day! Star Trek spoilers!

I have wasted a lovely three-day weekend because I could not be arsed to stop coughing long enough to do anything. FAIL.
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Am feeling slightly better today. Yay.

I saw this on ONTD and I had to post it because it's freaking hilarious. It's also a scary picture of Edgar Allen Poe (is there any other kind of picture of Edgar Allen Poe?) so I put it behind a cut for those of you who, like me, sometimes get creeped out by old time pictures of people who, even if they smiled (which they never do), would still look like serial killers. Also, there are a lot of swear words.

It was many and many a year ago... )
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Still sick - I feel like I have coughed up a lung, for reals. I am a little worried, cause my breathing is kinda wheezy but I'll give it one more day before giving in and going to the doctor/med clinic.

American Idol was rather anti-climactic for me. I really only watched the finale to see David Cook perform. ♥ ♥ ♥

The other night I had two fabulous, Nyquil-fueled dreams and that is about the only thing I have to report other than I can't believe I'm motherfuckin' sick for the upcoming three-day weekend. !@#$

My dreams, let me show you them. )

Okay, bedtime. Ugh. Wheezing!!!

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Ugh. What is wrong with me? I can't stop coughing! No fever, no stuffy nose, no headaches, just phlegmy-cough from Hell.


So, I made my dreamwidth account (hooray!) - I am melcreada over there. Maybe that will make me (finally!) change my name here. Not that I have anything against joseishijin, but I've always associated that name with my cel collecting and since I really do not collect anymore, I thought this name fit me a little better. ^____^ I have already hunted a couple of ya'll down - feel free to friend me over there or comment here and I will find you. Stalker! LOL...

I am off tomorrow, so JP and I are having Indian and then going to a late movie. Huzzah!

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So, you know, like maybe I bought something I hadn't planned on, but when the Universe speaks to you, you should be smart enough to listen.

(Almost) every year, I try and make a trek out to Yuma to see the Kid although for the past couple, he has traveled to San Antonio instead. However, with flights getting so cheap, I thought visiting him might be a good idea. Well, as coincidence would have it, I learned that David Cook was performing at the San Diego County Fair in June. So, I have decided to kill two birds with one stone. HOORAY! Unfortunately, when I made the decision, the tickets had been on sale for over 24 hours, but I still got right center, 10th row seating, so not too shabby.

Am very excited about this latest turn of events...hope it all works out.

In other news, I am officially on strike from my body because it SUCKS ASS. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to this super cough. I am going to go take an allergy/cold medicine cocktail and knock it the fuck out...
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So here is what is up:

1. I finally logged on to the servers at work from home (I am not stupid, they set me up incorrectly). Huzzah, now I can work from home this weekend. Er...
2. I am losing my voice but at least fever and swollen lymph nodes/pain when swallowing are gone.
3. Death Cab for Cutie is coming to Austin and I am so going! DC (DC!) is emo love.
4. My brother and Nay-nay have finally harangued me into joining Facebook (I know - I am pathetically behind the times). Who's out there and can I hunt you down? I'm just under my name, Melissa Tafoya. Holla at ya girl!

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding. It's going to be a looooong day and night (wedding starts at 2:30 and dinner/dance/etc goes on until midnight, which I think is both cruel and wrong but it is also the Mexican way).
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I am sickie-poo. My throat hurts, I have a fever, my bones ache, and I am pretty positive I was hallucinating in front of the TV earlier, when I had a long conversation with JP in spite of the fact that he was outside working on the yard.

Tomorrow is tours and software upgrades and short-handed staff woes. Another day in paradise...

American Idol is sorta getting better for me. I really liked Anoop tonight and, although no one else seems to, I love Megan. I am a fan of quirky, throwback singers. Her lack of a powerful voice doesn't bother me; Lil has killer pipes and she bores me to tears. But I'm pretty sure Megan won't stay much longer, if the vitriol against her on the interwebs is any indication. Huh. The one year I like a girl...

Where is DC when you need him? ^_______^

Speaking of good music, is anyone else besides me obsessed with the 80's flavored 'Untouched' by the Veronicas? I LOVE that song. It's such a pick me up!

Okay, sleepy times. Night all...


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:27 pm
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I am sick and bitchy with it.

That is all.


Oh, yeah...American Idol was a big ol' letdown for me. The only ones who sounded decent to my admittedly grouchy ears was that Braddy guy who sang A Song for You (Elliott!!!) and Danny Gokey (or as I like to call him Ugly Robert Downey Jr). And I had such high hopes for some of them...

Best AI-related comment on LJ comm re Tatianna the Insane: "Dangit, stop singing fairly well! Suck at singing as much as you suck at life!" (Thanks for the lulz, [ profile] brunettebabe53)
Best AI-related comment by JP re Tatianna: "There is no God."

Hee, hee! I find it both annoying and amusing that she sang well-ish. I would rather be tortured to death than ever vote for her, but you know...good on her for not cracking under the pressure like so many did tonight.

In other news, reports are coming in from various David Cook concerts and I am at once squee-ful and wickedly jealous.


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