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 I am so done with this year, OMFG...

My AC died yesterday (up until last night, it was in the mid 80s here in Hades) and the guy came out today to look at it. He replaced the capacitors but is not certain as to whether or not the compressor was permanently damaged. If these capacitors burn out, I will need to buy a new unit. Oh yeah, baby. A new unit. Today's visit cost $400, bringing this past month's emergency expenditures over the $2K mark.

Also, (sorry for the TMI) I have a very painful cyst in a horrible spot and the pain and embarrassment is just ridiculous.

The cold front (or as I like to call it, the "not as hot front") has kicked something into the air that is driving my allergies bonkers.

What else? Oh, yeah - JP's computer is on the fritz and I am starting to have small issues with mine. Joy.

I do have one good piece of news, though: we went to see the free movie at the small art house theater tonight, Breakfast at Tiffanys. It was awesome and I won 2 movie passes and a popcorn voucher for correctly identifying the group that sang the song 'Breakfast at Tiffanys.' Go, me.

Okay, this week has kicked my ass over the river and through the woods. Time to go lie down and contemplate what I will do if we have another emergency (so far my contingency plan looks a little something like this: 1. Run away  2. Buy a disguise. Possibly a fake mustache).

Night, all.
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So, we left for the coast on Sunday, got back today, and had an okay time EXCEPT:

- Monday afternoon JP slashed his foot open on something sharp in the ocean (you know, the world's TRASH BIN). We got him some antiseptic and band-aids STAT, but that area of his foot has turned red, blue, and purple, so we are a little concerned. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

- Later that night, I got the worst stomach ache EVER and spent most of the evening trying not to hurl instead of kicking back on the balcony with a few cold brews.

Ah, vacation. At this rate, I am positively terrified to go to Arwen's wedding in San Fran next month!!!


But ain't they cute???

More poetry because the month is getting on - Bill Holms, speaking of the Icelandic language:

For once you have begun a sentence, the whole course of your life is laid out before you )
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I was going to post this earlier, but I was too busy laughing my ass off at the Yahoo page, whose feature story was entitled, "Is It Un-Christian To Do Yoga?" OMG, ignorant world, never change.

Meme Day 3 - Your Parents )

Original meme list )


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