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So, I came into this weekend BUMMED because I was going to miss Mumford & Sons AGAIN (missed out on tickets in Austin and next week in Houston) but then all this great shit started piling up (on Friday the 13th, go figure!).

First, in the huge scary sponsor meeting I was recognized by three different groups for all the awesome things I have been doing on the project. My boss wasn't there to hear it, but her boss was and she teased me about it so I know she will report back all the praise I received. This is way better than getting yelled at, which is the norm in these meetings.

Then, on the way home, the Kid called and told me that he had just been unofficially offered a job in El Paso. Woo! Finally, after 10 years in Yuma, he is moving halfway back home. I mean, it sucks that they are no longer going to be close to San Diego, but now that they have the bb Gabs, they don't really road trip that much. And they will be only 8 hours away (a mere hour and a half flight) which is totally effin' awesome. End of an era, though. Having him in Yuma was the last tenuous link I had to the West Coast. Oh, well. Gotta pour one out for my time in Cali. LOL...

And, finally, this morning I went to Old Navy because they had 50% off one item and I am constantly in need of new jeans. Well, I realized while trying some on that I had gone down another size. I didn't trust the one smaller pair I had, so I ran out and got a few more samples to make sure the jeans I had were not stretched or sized incorrectly (verify initial test results!). But I really was in a smaller size, so hooray!

I fully expect, after all this good luck, that my house/car/bowels will explode.
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I need to post more often...I miss everyone!!!! I'm sad LJ is not the busy, thriving community it once was, but I don't think I will leave it. I try to get on Facebook but I just can't like it the way I like LJ. And don't get me started on Twitter! My verbosity will not be bound by 140 characters! LOL...

Work has been going well. Although we are ridiculously busy and I feel like my head is going to explode, my boss recognized me in a great way - she arranged for me to get tickets and passes to the company suite for the Spurs vs. Lakers basketball game last night. It was a great! Of course, my boss' new boss was supposed to be hosting, so JP and I dressed up and I was mentally preparing myself to be in business mode...but then he didn't show up while we were there! So, we ate fajitas and blondies, had a couple of sodas, and went to watch the game from our plaza-level seats. And yay, we won! So much fun.

Today, we are packing up the car and driving to Mustang Island (North Padre) for a couple of days in the sun! See y'all on the flip side...
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I closed on my refi - the notary told me that I picked a good time to refi because the rates are going back up. Lucky! Hopefully, I can save up some fundage to fix a couple things around here and take a couple of vacays later in the year. Also, by this time next month I plan on having my last remaining credit card paid off.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

I have this little pocket of happiness that I wish I could seal up and save for later.

Next week, everyone and their mother is gone from the office for Spring Break, which is fine by me. Sweet freedom!

In not terrific news, my older brother was admitted to the hospital two separate times over the past week and a half. They want to do a procedure on him, but it's complicated because he is on so many different meds. All we can do is hope for the best.

Also, my poor little Jeep is still having some problems so I had to call the service center and chide them for not fixing it. They were very nice and offered to take me right away, but I am slightly grumpy about the whole thing.

I'm contemplating on doing Netflix again, just the streaming. Most of our evenings in Yuma consisted of a cold 30-pack and watching whatever was in the Kid's queue. We watched the entire Kennedy mini-series in one night! It was pretty good, although methinks it was a little loose with the facts.

And finally, for some reason I am still watching American Idol. Phil Phillips (I know, poor kid) is adorable. Love him. Heejun is darling, too...but I'm not digging the singing. Sorry, Heejun.
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That's right - I've been reading Milton. That's good times. I have also recently (re)read Beowulf, most of Shakespeare's sonnets, the first few pages of Spenser's The Faerie Queen (but I dropped that like a bad habit, yo), and a goodly chunk of poetry by John Donne (he will forever remind me of Wizard Howl). At this rate, I will have skimmed a respectable portion of the classics by the end of summer.

Nerd alert!!! ^___________^

In other news, Roberta's wedding is this weekend and there were no good gifts left on her Target wedding registry. Unless I am planning to drop $80 for a Shabby Chic quilt. Which I am not. Oh, well. That's why God created gift cards.

I have ordered many pairs of shoes this summer and returned them all because of bad fits. I finally got a pair that fit, but they are a half size too big and frankly, I don't have the energy to return them. I look forward to flopping around in them and eventually tripping and falling flat on my face. 

In a good mood today, in spite of work and whatnot. Huzzah!

So tired...

Aug. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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The McNay Art Museum was gorgeous (and free!). Their collection is small, but it is one of the most beautiful spaces, ever. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone in the car so I didn't take pictures. They have a gorgeous Chagall that I am in love with, but hands down, the greatest thing we saw was a pop art piece done by Roger Shimomura. It was several different anime characters mixed with the Power Puff Girls and spaceships and in the center was the artist dressed as Jan Cogo from SF Saiyuki Starzinger, holding a paintbrush. ♥ ♥ ♥

I am easy like a Sunday morning, people.

Today I got my hair cut (finally!) and we saw The Other Guys, starring my sekrit boyfriend Will Ferrell. It was hilarious and weird all at once. But what else do you expect with Mr. Ferrell?! Good times.

Tonight we went to the Magik Theater (local children's theater) to see Snow White and the Seven Amigos. It was awesomely funny, being a little amateur and slightly offensive. But if you were to mix Snow White with a dash of The Magnificent Seven and dress it up with sombreros and Speedy Gonzalez style accents, you will have the gist of it. Still, the actors (who also put on Shakespeare in the Park every year) show that comedy is their strong suit. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Came home and had a nice long talk with the Kid, wherein we discussed the theory of barefoot running, argued over the correct pronunciation of "Chagall," and quoted a good portion of The Matchmaker.

All in all, it's been a good couple of days. ^______^
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I just watched Xanadu for the first time in a long time and you will all be relieved to know that it still ROCKS. Seriously, I totally had good taste as a kid when I watched this movie like 30 times in a row. I mean, they have a freaking 68-year-old Gene Kelly tap dancing AND roller skating; the soundtrack is completely Olivia Newton John and ELO; they quote Coleridge; there is a Don Bluth animation sequence; ROLLER DISCO MUSICAL. What more can I say? It took me back to a time when all I wanted was to be a rollerskating queen like Olivia Newton John, with her strangely sexy apron dresses and hair ribbons. *le sigh*
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Wonderful Christmas and thank goodness it is over! I am wiped! Last night was the big family party. Everyone brought a lot of booze and that's all I have to say about that. Later when it was just the familia, we opened gifts. I got a lot of beautiful things, but the best two gifts I got were:

Knowing my great love for Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back) and my
frustration with the lack of a DVD, JP bought me an old copy on VHS AND a collection
of the original lobby cards that were put in the theaters when the movie was released.
I love this man, for serious. Also, please admire my French manicure because those
are my actual nails. Wot, wot!

Will you have the goodness to look at this badass present? Julie made (MADE WITH HER
OWN HANDS) me a Shakespeare keychain complete with ruff collar and quill. Her skill
and thoughtfulness put me to shame. I am not worthy!!!

Also, these pictures count for my meme: Day 09 → A photo you took (two for the price of one, baby).

Everyone, have a great day!!! I am off to watch a PBS double whammy of The Nutcracker and La Boheme whilst eating roast beef sandwiches. Mmmhmm....
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Free app of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets is love...

Feeling better today. I worked from home (score!), made some delicious curry (I actually cook other things, I just never mention it), and watched Glee and So You Think You Can Dance. ^_____________^

I'm not sure I am liking the show's plot, but I am loving Glee's songs! Makes me happy...

I have to work tomorrow for half a day and again on Sunday for half a day. Also, I am going to have to make time this weekend to

- call Nay-nay
- visit the 'rents
- color my hair
- get a mani/pedi (which I hate doing so early, but I simply will not have time in the days leading up to my trip)
- gird my loins for what will be three horrible days at work where I will be guilt-tripped within an inch of my life before finally leaving for NYC!

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Saw The Half Blood Prince the other night. I know book fans are ripping it apart, as they are wont to do, but I liked it. Yes, they added stuff they didn't need to and took out important stuff they shouldn't have, but hello?! Is this your first ride on the HP merry-go-round? I've said it before and I'll say it again - the books and the movies are two different animals. I think my enjoyment of the movies is directly proportional to how long it's been since I have read the books (the longer it's been, the more I enjoy the show). That being said, there was a WHOLE LOT to take in, so I'll just make this one spoilery (if you don't know the story at all) comment:

my spoiler, let me show you it )

Oh yeah, and Luna Lovegood rocks. Her actress plays her perfectly and all her scenes are sweet and kooky. Also, all the Ron/Hermione stuff is cute and funny. I think they go a little overboard on Lavender's character, but they definitely have the crux of it. Also, Two Second! Remus! Blink and you'll miss him! Love him, for reals.

Need to run a few errands today. Ugh. So hot, though. It's been in the 100s every day for weeks now. : (

Noted for posterity: it rained yesterday, for the first time in a long while and JP and I were sitting in a Freddy's, listening to '50s music, sharing a strawberry shortcake concrete, and I was perfectly happy. It was a good day. ♥

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Merry Christmas, everyone! I don't know about ya'll, but I am totally exhausted! I am so glad I have today and tomorrow to recuperate before returning to work on Saturday (ugh).

Visiting Nay-nay in Austin was a blast! On Sunday night, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse downtown, to their Xmas Pop Sing-a-long. They showed old Christmas music videos and TV specials on the screen with the words underneath and you sing along (duh) to such greats as the Muppets, The Grinch, and Last Christmas (Wham!). They gave us props (Santa hats, bubbles, candles) and they even had a snow machine! For the last song, we all stood and put our arms around each other and sang Happy Christmas (War is Over) and I won't lie, I got all teary. It was a lovely moment.

But the best part was afterwards. The Drafthouse host invited us all to go "rogue caroling," where we got song books and wandered around 6th Street, surrounding unsuspecting victims and singing Classics like Jingle Bell Rock and Dick in a Box. It was HILARIOUS! We even sang Baby, It's Cold Outside, with the girls on one side of the street and the guys (all 5 of them) on the other side. People laughed, honked, took pictures of us, and looked embarrassed as Hell when we followed them. It was great fun.

We spent the following day shopping at the Keep Austin Bizarre Bazaar (lots of cool and weird stuff) and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar (beautiful art and jewelry out of our price range). We drove around town, ate and drank too much, and just had the best time. I was in low spirits and being silly and mindless with her was just what I needed.

Yesterday I got up early and went to my parent's house to help my sister clean in preparation for the party. Then, I made my special sangria (I bought wine at the outlet mall!) and all the dips as well. I then came home, wrapped gifts, did a quick load of laundry, got ready, and hauled ass back to the parent's house to finish preparations.

It was a very nice party. JP spent HOURS settting up his Rokenbock toys for the kids to play with (my aunt has 12 grandkids between the ages of 2-18) and it was a hit! You couldn't keep the kids away. As one said, "It's like a real live video game!" *facepalm*

But we had fun and after my aunt's brood left, we opened presents. I got gift certificates to Amazon, Borders, and Office Max (yay, time for a new computer chair), and JP gave me a lovely stained glass window to go over the front door transom. The best gift of the night was for my sister and her husband, from JP (of course).

As some of you may know, my sister is something of a fanatic when it comes to rescuing stray animals. She has a big heart and expends a lot of money, time, and effort into rescuing dogs and cats. Her husband doesn't care for it, but he lets her do as she likes. So, for their gift, JP bought a movie poster from the new film Hotel for Dogs, took some funny pictures of Mike and Paula, pasted their heads on the two characters' bodies, and framed it. It was very well-done and had the entire family holwing in laughter. Good stuff.

The most beautiful gift I received was from [ profile] ixiepixie , who made me to COOLEST Totoro knit hat and sent us lots and lots of pocky. Thank you, Julie! You are the best!

I will be the first to admit that, to me, it hasn't really felt like Christmas. Usually, I get all excited and watch and rewatch my favorite Christmas movies, obsessively listen to Christmas music, bake goodies, and just radiate happiness. But this year, while not quite the Grinch, I still have not felt full of the holiday spirit. But in the end, everything worked out well. I was able to spend some time with family and friends and in that, my heart found some contentment.

So, today and tomorrow I will be enjoying the calmness and cleaning my bedroom, as it looks like the Ghost of Christmas present exploded in here...

Have a great day, everyone!

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I had a lovely birthday. Hugs all around because I am feeling like a cuddle slut today! My family blew me away with a beautiful Indian jewelry cabinet and matching chest (I'll post pictures once it's situated). Much, much more than I expected. JP was devoted to me all day and I ate way too much pasta while a bunch of waiters sang to me in Italian. I am assuming it was happy birthday, but who knows? ^_~

I also wanted to say:

To everyone who wished me a happy birthday...
To the lovely [ profile] wonderelf  for the bestest birthday card! No combination gifts in site!
And to [ profile] hamburger  and [ profile] iammine  for the wonderful Christmas cards. Kitty in a Santa hat! Cute baby with the EYELASHES!

Once again, ya'll have turned a day rife with self-pity potential and made it into something special and warm and good. ^__________^


Oct. 12th, 2008 06:21 pm
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[ profile] wonderelf  is gone and I am le sad.

But we had a great weekend and did lots of stuff, so that was good. It was so great to see her and spend time catching up with one another. We explored caverns (and mined for precious gems), saw Avenue Q (righteous and we met the adorable guy who played Princeton/Rod), visited the tackiest museum ever (creepy), ate lots of nummy food (urp), and lied to a realtor (hurrah for duplicity and touring homes we can't afford)! We also learned about quilting from some colonial-type ladies at the Alamo, wandered the Riverwalk, and watched about 10 hours of The Venture Brothers.

All in all, time well spent.

Now I am gonna go pout in front of the TV.

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

I am, as always, very grateful for all the wonderful things in my life (much as I like to complain about the less wonderful aspects of it). And I couldn't ask for a sweeter, funnier bunch of people on my flist. *hugs*

Shout out to [profile] wonderelf  for the absolute best package that just happened to arrive on Christmas eve! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have sent you an email because I swear you have been reading my mind! Up with venting!!! ^_~

And thank you, dear [personal profile] shiroibara , for the lovely Christmas ecard. I loved it. *^____^*

And, just for the heck of it, I bring! Some Christmas and some...well, you'll see:

G'night, all. Pleasant dreams...
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My eyes are barely open, for serious.

So, the three minute update? Here goes:

Family: the Kid is in town for a visit, so that means late nights and lots of beer and laughter. Family in and out of the house and just wonderfulness in general. Tonight, he and I went to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant. We had the BEST time, sitting at the sushi bar and cracking up with  the sushi chef, who had aspirations of being a comedian. Mmm, so happy that I feel full. Just brimming with the warmth of it.

Work: I clocked 53 hours last week and we just started testing. Like less than ten percent of our volume. We go live tomorrow and I will be in the office at 4 a.m. to make sure everything kicks off okay. Hold me. I mean it.

JP has been a cleaning maniac lately. He shames me. The house smells lovely and we can walk through the rooms without tripping over stuffs. The empty sink alone is reason to rejoice. Thank you, honey.

Okay, enough with the sap. I have eaten something like 12 pieces of sushi and washed them down with two large bottles of Kirin Ichiban. I need sleep.
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Crap day at work ended with a crap drive home and then...wonderfulness exponentiated!!! Real word? Dunno...


1. My Allen cel from Lizzard arrived. Huzzah! More beautiful than the image I have always admired. First cel purchased in...gads, it's been over a year!
2. Birthday gifties from [profile] wonderelf! THANK YOU ARWEN!!! I took a picture of all the Ouran magnets on my fridge, but my camera phone sucks. Oh and BTW - chibi Conrad with my birthdate? BEST THING EVAR!!! Totally turned my day around to get your package, honey. You (and the international postal service) have impeccable timing, for reals.
3. I love it when JP scratches my back.

4. To further my joy, I ordered some dinner from Sushi Zushi and have just finished some hamachi and unagi nigiri sushi followed up with a bit of katsudon.
5. Also, much to my dismay, I find that the two glasses of wine I had with this meal have completely intoxicated me. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

It's raining outside. I'm listening to lovely music and finishing the last of my Gewurztraminer. Hasenpfeffer. Whatevs.

So very happy. *squeezes the flist*


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