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Grown up things I did today:

- went to the grocery store
- prepared breakfast for me and my man (and by "prepared breakfast," of course I mean "pick up breakfast tacos at the drive-thru")
- cleaned my entire bathroom from top to bottom (!!!)
- did a pretty impressive load of laundry
- made my lunch for tomorrow (and by "made my lunch" I of course mean I wrapped up some leftover pizza)

I am not participating in Nano this year, but I am in [ profile] wrisomifu and having a blast. They combine some of my favorite things: writing (or not writing) and bitching about writing (or not writing). Thanks for the suggestion, [ profile] sardonicynic (hope you are feeling better, my sweet)!

Perhaps I should rethink all the parenthesis in this entry...

Also, saw the Pearl Jam documentary last night and enjoyed it muchly. It's not some searing, Barbara Walters-type interrogation on the band's experiences but rather a nostalgic look back at the band and all their music. It was a beautiful postcard from the 1990s...made me all wibbly and nostalgic.
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Happy Halloween!!!

I just got back from my weekend of David Cook concerts. He sounded fantastic and was in fine form. His co-headliner Gavin Degraw and their opening act Carolina Liar were both great, too. Unfortunately, neither venue was anywhere near capacity, although Austin's ACL was probably three-quarters full (Houston Arena was maybe one-third full...). So a little depressing, but the fans were excited and loud, so that was nice. DC actually walked through the audience, getting everyone up on their feet. It was hilarious! He walked right in front of me but I didn't get a good picture. I should have sat down so he would have pulled me out of my chair but I don't think fast on my to speak. Oh, well. He's still adorable and his voice is just yummy. Gravelly goodness.

I took today off to eat candy relax after all that driving, do some chores, and buy some candy (we are such procrastinators, OMG). I have been toying with the idea of doing Nanowrimo this year, but I have no real hopes of finishing. I just like the idea of forcing myself to write something - it seems like the older I get, the less I write because I am so preoccupied with "life." But it's good to make time for the things you really love. So, I think I will take another stab. All I need is an idea! LOL...
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I am so tired, it's ridiculous.

So sick of work. I am just treading water until vacation, which starts on Friday. Wot, wot!

I am behind on nanowrimo, but am almost halfway done. I kinda want to just stop because I have noticed that when I write a lot, I tend to become overly emotional. Grumpy, depressed, le sad, etc. I thought writing was supposed to be cathartic...wait, maybe it is. Gah, that is even more depressing now that I think about it!

Anyhoo, in good news, David Cook's CD dropped today! And in spite of the lukewarm reviews, I am LOVING it! Sometimes I wonder what people are expecting. Will this album change the face of rock? No. Is it the bestest album in the whole world? Of course not. But it's a solid, well-done CD that he should be proud of. And naturally, that lovely growly voice just makes me sigh like a 12-year-old in love. Yummy yummy!!!

Okay, enough of the fangirl. I need to go to Walmart, pick up dinner, and book my parent's upcoming trip to Rhode Island on the interwebs. After that, it's returning phone calls and maybe if I'm still conscious, a little writing. Grrrr....

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There are no words. I cannot a member of a somewhat unusual patchwork family filled with step and half siblings that were all raised under the same dysfunctional-yet-loving roof, I can't even imagine what would drive these parents to ditch their kids. Well, I can imagine...but I'm just. Wow.

In other news, uh...I'm back at work and it's just as fun as I remembered! I am uber-mega busy because of scheduled software testing but I am also le sad because

1. Co-Worker That No Longer Hates Me was supposed to be doing this project but she has left, so now I have to take care of it but I don't know what the Hell is going on. Plus, now that's she's gone, who am I going to fight with?

2. My favorite vendor software engineer is leaving the company after 11 years. We are so screwed.

I have been streaming David Cook's new album and I am enjoying the Hell out of it! Sure, not every track is a bulls eye, but there are plenty of keepers. His voice is just...nummy! ^_________^

Apparently, I am going with a bunch of girls to see Twilight when it opens next weekend. Huzzah? I really need to pick up the books already.

I will pay someone a million billion dollars to work for me this 4am. Gack.

My sister's outdoor belly dancing performance is scheduled this Saturday night...when we are expecting a cold front. Yeah.

And that's all the news that's fit to print! Off to go write a bunch of crap for nanowrimo! Wot, wot!


Nov. 10th, 2008 09:34 pm
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Just a quick how-dee-do as I am in the middle of a long-ass weekend (I don't return to work until nice).

Not much to report. Drove to San Marcos yesterday to visit Nay-nay. We went shopping at the outlet mall there and I bought three sweaters. Thank goodness it's down to the low 80s around here. I need help, ya'll!

The funny thing about hanging with Nay-nay is that no matter what we are doing or what kind of mood we are in, I immediately want to start hanging with her 24/7. It's weird. Reminds me of that summer in high school where we were attached at the hip, picking each other up from work, hanging with Jason and Brian at their strangely parent-less houses, and getting those guys who worked at the bowling alley to buy us alcohol. Yeah, we were cool! LOL...

I am treading water with nanowrimo. I can't complain because as of today, I am over 15K words and I haven't even BEGUN the big plot point. Huh. What can I say? I am a wordy mofo. 

iTunes can suck it. And you can quote me on that.I have been trying to transfer music from my back up drive to the laptop and ARGH! I am having to open each music folder individually. I wish to kill and eat iTunes, but I don't think it would be very tasty. But I bet it would hardly have any calories.

In bad news: my sister went all Marathon Man on my teeth in a particularly grueling cleaning session today. Ow, they hurt. Also, I keep getting streaks of light across my field of vision, so I can't wait to find out what that means. Also, tomorrow Davy-boy goes in for a dreaded test to find out whether or not his symptoms are indicative of the big C. All I know is, if he does have cancer, his body does not have the immune system to fight it. 

But I can't borrow trouble, so I'll just end this with a positive note: 25% off sale at deep discount dvd! I am SO there...
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Snippets of David Cook's new album here! *squee* I thought I would be more fickle at this stage in his career, but apparently the Fangirl is strong in this one. LOL!

When did my brother become a Republican?!

Am chugging along with nanowrimo. Could be better (way better), could be worse (but not by much).

It is turning out to be the Month of Brokeness, so I have stocked up on sandwich stuff and hot dogs, ramen and macaroni. *sigh*

Josiah Leming Road Trip may be out of the question. Am still contemplating my visit to Nay-nay. Oh, well.

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The game is afoot.
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I feel like I was supposed to do something tonight, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was...

I need to return some phone calls, but I cannot be bothered because I am teh lazy!

Josiah Leming's EP came out today and it is very lovely. I'm not sure I love polished Josiah as much as I love raw Josiah, but I think with a few more listens I just might come to care for them both. He definitely has that dark, angsty, singer-songwriter thing going on, even though he is a mere infant. Yummy sadness.

He is also coming to Texas for a couple of shows, but they are in Abilene and Odessa. What. The. Hell. Someone needs to have a word with his tour manager. But that's not the craziest part - the craziest part is I'm thinking...ROAD TRIP!!! LOL...oh, God, someone get me out of this second adolescence! 

I voted yesterday, so that brings my number of Presidential elections voted in to four. Wow. My guy has won...once, so far. Which just goes to show that I am in the minority in every freakin' sense of the word! Hmph.

Oooh! I almost forgot: I need to brainstorm for nanowrimo! I'm off like a dirty shirt...

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Well, not a whole lot to report. My dad is okay, but they still want to poke at him some more. Tomorrow is the end of my work week and, for once, the week just FLEW by. More work-related stuff later. Maybe.

In other news, WHAT THE HELL DO I WRITE ABOUT FOR NANOWRIMO?! I am leaning towards using another one of my freaky dreams, but which one would be better: noodle-head zombies or the one where David Cook yells at me (that might be kinda of short, actually)? Maybe I will have a long, cleverly-crafted, well-paced dream between now and November 1st. Heh.

I looked at my  401K today and was very, very depressed. I need to distract myself from the whole damn thing, but the only thing that I want to do is shop. Err...

We have been invited to a Halloween party, but I am completely indifferent about attending. I will be dressing up (whether we go anywhere or not) as Foxy Brown. Obviously, I look nothing like her, but I've got the sweet afro wig and that's all I really care about anyway.  ^___________^

I *hart* the Dewey Decimal System.

Melissa's Dewey Decimal Section:

352 General considerations of public administration

Melissa = 3529991 = 352+999+1 = 1352

300 Social Sciences

Books on politics, economics, education and the law.

What it says about you:
You are good at understanding people and finding the systems that work for them. You like having established reasoning behind your decisions. You consider it very important for your friends to always have your back.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

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Okay, in a nutshell:

Work is eh.

I am broke, but will be receiving a Christmas bonus in a couple of weeks. So, yay!

God, I love this time of year.

The movie Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls in the U.S.) is full of win! I loved the girl who played Ichigo - her attitude is very over the top cholo. It is just weirdly funny and oddly touching. I can totally relate to the loli's apathy, LOL!

Also, instead of purchasing $40 tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet, I bought my favorite version Nutcracker: The Motion Picture for $15. It's something we used to watch every year on TV all through my high school and college days. It's time it came home.

And finally, my NaNoWriMo update: I am still about 4K words away from hitting 50K. I am not sure why I am pushing myself so hard to finish in the allotted time, but you know. I just am. I don't know if I would do it again, though. Forcing stuff out, especially for someone who likes to self-edit TO DEATH, is excruciating at times. But it's been a learning experience. And, who knows? Maybe after a year off, I'll be raring to go! least my typing skills have gotten a bit better. Sorta.
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My tummy still hurts from my Thanksgiving Hurl-a-thon, but otherwise I'm in the pink. This will definitely go in the books as one of my crappier vacations. Also, I was hoping to knock NaNoWriMo out this week since I was off, but instead I have barely been keeping abreast. Oh, well. That's just the way it goes.

JP and I went out last night and this morning and got some good deals. Deciding that I would not let my monetary fears or the lack of 42" flat screen TVs take me, I went ahead and bought a 37" LCD TV. Today, I waltzed into various stores at the leisurely hour of 8 am or so and still got some good stuff: super cheap jeans and sweats at Old Navy, 70% off electric throw rugs at Kohl's, and wonder of wonders, a 22" LCD monitor at Target (I figured those would have been snapped up fast since the price was ridiculously low). So, with all my purchases plus a few more online ones, my Christmas shopping will be 90% done (with the exception of a couple of gift cards and various little things I will make for co-workers and whatnot).

So, yeah. Spending money. Cool.

Now, I am going to bust out my new electric throw and watch Pride & Prejudice. Again. Because there is nothing like cup of soup, Sprite, and Elizabeth and Darcy to take the blues out of being sick.

Night, all.
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I am alive, kinda. Have had the last few days off to spend with the Kid. He asked his girlfriend to marry him, which was great. I like her a lot and couldn't be happier for him. I have always worried that he was too alone and now he has someone who I think compliments him really well. I hope it is all smooth sailing for them.

The only bad part is having various family members ask me when I am getting married and that's always a pleasant question to dodge. The best news in all of this is that they will be getting married in Cabo San Lucas next year, so you know: woo, vacation!!!

I am chugging along with NaNoWriMo, a little behind but not too bad considering I was with my family all the time. I need to get back on track and since the Kid left today, it's time for me to get cracking. Er. Yeah. Come on, plots! Any day now!

Tomorrow, work. But week after next I have off for Thanksgiving. Huzzah!
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A shout out to all my friends who commented and emailed me wonderful and warm words of cheer. Sending ya'll the biggest hug EVAR. I am still not quite myself, but I figure it has to come out in the wash sometime. So I'll just keep on keeping on. Wish I didn't have to see people when I feel like this, even though I hardly ever get to see my brother.

In other news, my sucky story is expanding so...I guess that's good. Go me and my mad bullshitting skillz! They truly do come in handy in all aspects of my life...

Later, peeps!
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Good: The Kid surprised us by driving from Yuma to spend a week with the familia. Yay!

I have yet to spend more than a few minutes on before being booted off the site and/or the site crapping out entirely.

Good: Whatevs, I should be writing anyway.

Bad: The story, she sucks! Hardcore. You ever start writing something and just go, "Aw, hell naw..." I don't want to start all over again because there's nothing else I feel like writing and I have almost 6K words. I am not being modest; I can toot my horn with the best of them. This is stinky crap. But, oh, well. Carry on and whatnot.

I asked for and received part of next week off to spend with the Kid and the fam.

Bad: Apparently, excitement over NaNoWriMo + seeing the Kid again + work crap = massive depression. Yeah, crying at the drop of a hat, not wanting to even drive to my parent's house because all the emotion is just too exhausting. I am such a basketcase, it's almost comical. If I were a fictional character in my story, I would off myself in the first scene. I am so annoying.



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