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I know this has probably been posted to FB and tumblr a million times, but I don't care. Funny shit is funny shit...

Tonight, I am making up for all my bad baking - I am searing the Hell out of some ahi tuna steaks and serving it with baby bok choy. Yum yum!

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Lately all I have wanted to do is bake cakes. It started with making Nay-nay's rainbow birthday cake and for the past month, I will use any excuse to whip up something: homemade ding dongs for my brother because he was disappointed that they have not reappeared on grocery store shelves; experimenting with making tiny single and double servings of cake (you know, for the DIET); and now: my brother and sister's birthday cake:

You do NOT want to know how I made that icing. I know frosting is just butter and sugar but I don't want to actually see it! LOL...
This particular specimen is vanilla cake layered with nutella, marshmallow icing, and macerated strawberries. I'm sure we will all take a bite and go into diabetic comas. But what a way to go!

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Last night, our neighbor's 4-year-old son somehow managed to shove their water hose into our dryer vent opening and flooded our dryer, laundry room, and part of the kitchen.


Thank goodness JP figured it out almost immediately and he got to work taking apart the dryer, cleaning it out, and running it so it would absorb excess moisture that was left in the machine. We mopped everything up and let the neighbor know (she was apologetic and promised to pay for everything). We had someone come out today and they cut out some of our drywall and put anti-mold stuff in there. Now, we need to find someone to fix the walls and that should be it.

It could have been worse, but it shouldn't have happened at all. I try to be understanding, but I can't relate - even as a child, I never had that kind of carefree, what-would-happen-if attitude. Even my mom jokes that I was born an old woman. But oh well. What are you going to do? At least our laundry room floor got cleaned...

Right before this happened, I had just finished making the most awesome, crispy lemon pepper wings. They were delicious! Baked in the oven (and broiler for a few minutes), all I did was put salt and lemon pepper seasoning and baste them with an olive oil/lemon juice/lemon rind mixture. I will have to do it again since we didn't get to properly enjoy them fresh from the oven.

And finally, it's fall again and my boot lust is back in full force. If these weren't so expensive, I would be wearing them already:

And also these (although technically I think these are "shooties"):

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I would have updated this weekend but I was curled up on the couch, praying for Death's sweet release.

I dunno...cut because I talk about my girly business... )

The good thing about not wanting to move around much is that I got a fair amount of reading done. I zoomed through Goblet of Fire and am just about through with Order of the Phoenix. This is my third go through the Harry Potter series and I love it as much as I ever did (although I never realized how often Hermione moaned - kinky!).

Work is always work and one minute I am being hailed as awesome and the next, I am being spoken to like the village idiot. I hate that BTW - if you ever really want to piss me off, be as patronizing as possible. You will see my eyeballs boil in their sockets and have the satisfaction of seing Pretentious Mel get her betch on.

I think I am going to have pancakes for dinner. I used to love it when my dad would make us pancakes for always felt like we were being bad! LOL.
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Things I Did
- Drank lots of alcohol
- Watched/re-watched all 3 seasons of The Mighty Boosh
- Went shopping
- Saw Friends with Benefits (funny, but could have used a serious edit) and Captain America (better the second time around, really good!)

Things I Did Not Do
- Clean my closet
- Take the bags of stuff I trip over daily to Good Will
- Call my doctor to pay this stupid bill because the only way I can pay via credit card is over the phone (how safe)
- Schedule someone to come out and look at my shower because I think it is leaking
- Start on any of the other half dozen home projects that need taking care of

Priorities, I do not haz them.

I did, however, make a smashing good lasagna! It was very yummy but the thing about lasagna is that you can't really make a small one (or at least, I can't). So I know what we will be eating for the next few days...
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I have fallen in love with The Mighty Boosh (a little late to the party, but whatever) after JP foisted a few episodes on me. It's just absurd and lovely and funny and whimsical and even though I haven't seen all the seasons, I am already re-watching some of the eps. I have really weird crushes on the four main characters (including a lisping Naboo and the guy in the gorilla suit).

Don't be jelly, JP - you are still my number 1 weirdo!

Hmmm, I think that's it except to say I made a carrot turnip mash the other day and it was delish!

Oh, the excitement! I can't take it!
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We celebrated JP's birthday and I made Dalek/Dr. Who cupcakes! Just a time I will probably use a different type of cookie on top to make it more proportional.

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Oct. 30th, 2010 10:46 am
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- I made some awesome chili last night. Omnomnom. It was super easy, too! Brown the meat and onions, dump in canned beans and tomatoes, most of a beer (keep behind a bit for the cook), add a truckload of spices, and cook until you have to go upstairs and go to bed, for crying out loud! We watched a few episodes of Entourage and A League of Their Own while I was cooking and JP gave me all kinds of cool facts about the movie, like how most of the stars were replacements and everyone hated Madonna. LOL!

- I am depressed beyond all reason that we are not attending the Rally to Restore Sanity. I am so tired of everyone shouting at the top of their voices in the political arena - and appalled at the ignorance of many of the Tea Party candidates. I wish I could go and show my support for rational discourse, but I might need that money pretty soon just to survive. : ( Good luck to all the rally goers! Be moderate and proud! Seriously, so sick of the constant state of anger and fear that seems to perpetuate every minute of our lives.

- As you can see, I have given up on the last meme. Oh, well. It was good while it lasted, baby. It's not's me.

- I got invited to a Halloween party, but I'm not going because I am a wuss. I am filled with anxiety at the thought of attending, although I know once I get there, I will have a good time. So it goes, so it goes. Fear of talking to others in a social setting...bites ya in the ass every time.

- I am hungry. Chili for breakfast? LOL...

And finally: it's cool out, we have Ichabod Crane, Charlie Brown, and Garfield Halloween DVDs geared up for this weekend, so really, how bad can life be? Have a good weekend everyone and be careful!

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I have no idea how I am so hungry all the time...

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Ma, ma, ma

Jul. 25th, 2010 09:27 pm
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Went to see Sorcerer's Apprentice today and not only was it awesome (I love Jay Baruchel), but it gave me a pretty cool dream when I took a nap this afternoon. People and wizards lived side by side in a place that was a cross between America in the 1950s and Miyazaki's version of a European town. The dream was about them going to war and us regular folks holding down the fort. As in any wartime, we worried about food and refugees (my family and I for some reason were boarding a bunch of blonde sorority girls that were unpleasant and whiny). There was a long and involved storyline wherein I had something going on with a young wizard who was sent home because he was not ready for battle. Even in dreams, I am a cradle robber. He was terribly cute and nerdy and told me I was "good arms." It was sorcerer lingo and it meant that I was dependable or something. I don't know. 

Went to the grocery store tonight and I swear I saw someone who looked EXACTLY like my TV boyfriend, Geof Manthorne from Ace of Cakes. *^____^*

Now, I am making sweet potato 'tater chips in the microwave. Nummy!

Okay, I think I have bored everyone enough. Laters!
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But it's more fun to show the bad stuff! Fudge-topped chocolate brownies with raspberries:


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Is the best part of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs the part where the main villain Nemesis warns his subordinate that, "Every breath you take, every move you make - I will be watching you!" (Marc Handler, you are my favoritest story writer EVER)? I don't know - I am only two episodes in. But I'll keep you posted on any future song lyrics jammed into 80's Americanized anime. Many thanks to JP for convincing me to buy the complete set when it was on sale at Amazon ($16.49!!!).

Well, they let my dad go home from the hospital already, if you can believe that. Part of me is deeply relieved and part of me is scared that it's too soon. I guess time will tell. *crosses fingers*

I made stuffed mushrooms tonight. They were delish! Unfortunately, I am feeling the aftereffects of my lactose intolerance. day it will kill me and I just have to accept my fate.

I still want my beach mini-vacay, but most places are getting booked up. Maybe after Labor Day...

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When I was 7 and my parents told us we were moving to the Philippines, I was TERRIFIED that no one at school would speak English and I would get left behind because I could not speak Tagalog. For some reason I never told my parents, but I remember my stomach being in knots for months and months, right up until my very first day of school. It just seems so weird, looking back, that I never said anything. But that's just how I was...

I am le tired. I just got home from work. I wanted to make mushroom risotto tonight, but seeing as how I got home at 9PM, it's going to be eggs in a basket with slice of roast beef for dinner. Want to go somewhere and be emo now...
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I swear I am not an alcoholic, but I was making risotto and the wine was open and 2 glasses + empty stomach = wheeeeeeee!!!!

$2 Pinot Grigio from the liquor outlet. I are klassy. LOL...

Work was so boring, I asked for Friday off. Wot, wot?!

ETA: risotto was DELICIOUS!
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I'm in a good mood, so I figured I better post this shit for posterity. It was the weekend of omelets and movies. I made cheese and mushroom omelets twice and they turned out pretty great both times. On Saturday, JP and I went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which was cute and reminded me a little of the stories I loved when I was younger (Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume to name a couple). I had a hard time empathizing with the main character, although I liked how he wasn't the "hero," he was just a kid trying to figure stuff out. A little slow on the uptake, though, Junior.

Saturday night we watched High Anxiety with my parents and sister. Mel Brooks spoofing Alfred Hitchcock is both hilarious and disturbing. I have this movie memorized from watching it so much when I was small. Then, came home, watched a little Notorious (still on a Hitchcock kick), and fell asleep. This morning I caught part of my favorite "modern" Jet Li movie, Romeo Must Die before heading out for a day of shopping and then German food at Friesenhaus in New Braunfels (my life, she is hard).

Now, I think I will finish Notorious and go to bed. Before I forget, mucho thanks to [ profile] hamburger  for introducing me to [ profile] thecandystand, a fabulous place for iconage!

G'night, all.
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I ended my week with some nice OT, bought some jeans, pillow cases, and headphones (all on my shopping list), and started the Laundry (its sheer size and volume begs capitalization). I also bought a couple of $15 dresses because they were so cute and sometimes I like to wear dresses (usually with shorts underneath because my mother might check). True story: my mom let me wear mini skirts to school IF I wore biking shorts underneath and every morning, she would grab the hem of my skirt and lift it to check. It was pretty funny, because our dance team skirts practically showed our ASSES, but she never had a problem with that...

Ah, my mother...

I am weirdly happy today. Let's run with it and see how long it lasts!

Also, I had a dream last night where my sister got me a job with this small company and they were all so professional and kept telling me they couldn't wait to hear all my new proposals and how my sister told them such great things about me. The CEO was young and handsome and he liked me, but all I could think about was how I was a big phony and I didn't know what I was going to do once I got into the office. I was terrified. Boo!

Okay, off to make some eggs in a basket (I keep forgetting to buy a breakfasty side dish for them).
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Feeling better because I got some stuff done: picked up groceries, colored hair so people will think I am still a whippersnapper (heh), and filed taxes (nice refund! Huzzah!).

I feel like I should be making phone calls to loved ones, but instead I am going to make my famous curry! YAY!

I had a dream but I am cutting it for possible TMI aka sexytiems...nothing graphic, though. )

Okay, time to be domestic...
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Nice post...

We celebrated JP's birthday today by shopping and then family dinner at Olive Garden and cake and presents after. I bought him the Beatles Rock Band with the limited edition instruments for the PS3 and I made his cake:

It was tasty.

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Amazon has the blu-ray collection of Samurai Champloo on sale for $39. Yowza.

So, this week has been very blah and I have been blah in it. I am continually distracted and tired and grouchy and sore. The good news is I LOVE MY SHAPE UPS!!! I have worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep. Totally worth the money.

Also, thanks to [ profile] whitereflection , I have been inspired to play around with grilled cheese sammiches and I hit on a rather tasty version: seven grain bread, slice of American, slice of white cheddar, toasted well and served with baby dill pickles. YUMMERS. I will add the disclaimer that I am easily impressed with my own cooking. Although, I would like to mention that I made some kick-ass eggs in a basket with a side of fried tomatoes last weekend.

I have a very strong desire to put in Much Ado About Nothing, curl up under my blankie, and fall asleep. Think I might just do that...

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Well it took the better part of three hours, but I made beef bourguignon and it is delicious! And cheap! I used about $3 worth of stew meat, various veggies, and a $2 bottle of cabernet sauvignon (thank you, liquor outlet store) to whip it up. Ugh. So full, though.

I, er...don't actually have a recipe #2 but I might try and make some gingerbread cakes tomorrow and then my candied yams for Thanksgiving.

Also, I burned my tongue. Suck.

Tonight is the museum again and My Neighbor Totoro! Yay!


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