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Mar. 21st, 2013 10:13 pm
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Guess what I'm typing on?? I like bb keyboard and it works as well as any wireless keyboard I've had. Only thing I don't like is the iPad case doesn't stay up very well. Can't win them all...

Today I took off work because JP got tickets to see a taping of America's Got Talent downwtown. He actually went yesterday and today, so he stands a decent chance of being on TV, I think. The acts we saw were mostly good, including a kiddie rock band, a middle-age Larry the Cable Guy fella who sang like Garth Brooks (loved him), and a young mariachi band that played modern music and danced. We had a good time, even though we were stuck in our seats for almost 4 hours. And, of course, like a goober, I forgot my phone so no photographic evidence. Womp, womp.

Okay, have broken keyboard in. Later, taters.
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I am pretty sure I am sick, but can't really pinpoint what's wrong. Low grade fever, upset tummy, constant headache. Oh, yes and my EFFING period. Ugh. I have been forcing myself to go to work but this weekend I am going to SLEEP like no one's business!

Aw, I hadn't seen this before...reminds me of JP. The video is a bunch of 80s cartoons set to Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero (best song off the Footloose soundtrack TBH). Gives me the warm fuzzies!

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I have been so bad at updating and commenting...I apologize, dear friends.

Why is the weekend so damn short?!

Last night we went to the Arneson River Theatre downtown to see The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged):

Although plagued with sound issues, the performance itself was pretty funny and they get major points for covering all the histories like a football game, complete with a Howard Cosell impersonation.

Otherwise, this weekend was spent in front of the TV, mainlining episodes of Lie to Me. Although the story lines are a bit farfetched, I love how Tim Roth plays the character and also the chemistry between him and his partner. Good stuff...

I have been working OT for the past two weeks, taking projects home with me, but I was so fed up, I gave myself the weekend off. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.

Next few weekends are jumping...must make a list:

4/5 - Tosh.0 tour in Austin
4/8 - Easter with the familia
4/14 - cousin's bridal shower
4/20-22 - weekend in Corpus (hopefully)
5/5-6 - weekend with Nay-nay (tentative)

The list goes on and on, but I'm getting tired thinking about it, LOL...
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We've had Netflix for 3 days and already JP is hooked. I shouldn't have started him on the strong stuff, letting him do his own searches and signing in on his PS3. I'm not much better, with my 11-part miniseries on the British monarchy, but I've had Netflix before. I can handle it. I can quit any time I want.

I did finally watch North & South, the BBC miniseries that I've heard so much about. And while it was a bit melodramatic (people dropping like flies, family members on the lamb, and every single man in love with the same woman), I LOVED IT! Mainly because of him:

Love the character of John Thornton. Imagine Mr. Darcy as a tradesman. Hubba, hubba. I'm such a sucker you guys, I kid you not.
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I saw the new Key & Peele show on Comedy Central and while it didn't really grab me, it was totally worth watching for this sketch of Obama and his "anger translator":

And also, since I am letting my left flag fly, JP pointed this out to me on Facebook. Like I need another reason to love George Clooney:

My life...

Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:27 pm
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Sitting here, drinking red wine and crying while watching Love Actually, lol.

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I am doing laundry and crying over episodes of Long Island Medium. Are you kidding me with this show? Anyone else watching it? I don't even think I believe it, but everyone crying over their dearly departed is just wrecking me.

Just another Sunday...
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OMG, the Daily Show's 'World of Class Warfare' bit cracked me up even as I felt dizzy from anger. The fact that anyone would say someone is not poor because they have a refrigerator? Seriously?! Did the U.S. become a third world country while I was sleeping?!

But Jon Stewart was in fine form and the writing was fantastic. And it made me think of one of my favorite parts of History of the World (forgive me...I have not the ability to make gifs):

Indeed. So, to cheer me up when I look at this post again, I will include a picture of the cutest sleeping cat EVAR:

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Things I Did
- Drank lots of alcohol
- Watched/re-watched all 3 seasons of The Mighty Boosh
- Went shopping
- Saw Friends with Benefits (funny, but could have used a serious edit) and Captain America (better the second time around, really good!)

Things I Did Not Do
- Clean my closet
- Take the bags of stuff I trip over daily to Good Will
- Call my doctor to pay this stupid bill because the only way I can pay via credit card is over the phone (how safe)
- Schedule someone to come out and look at my shower because I think it is leaking
- Start on any of the other half dozen home projects that need taking care of

Priorities, I do not haz them.

I did, however, make a smashing good lasagna! It was very yummy but the thing about lasagna is that you can't really make a small one (or at least, I can't). So I know what we will be eating for the next few days...
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I ended my crappy work week by splurging on some ballet flats and sandals at DSW, picking up a six pack of Dos Equis, and getting pissed while watching The Mighty Boosh.

Things are looking up!

What y'all doing this weekend, flist?
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I have fallen in love with The Mighty Boosh (a little late to the party, but whatever) after JP foisted a few episodes on me. It's just absurd and lovely and funny and whimsical and even though I haven't seen all the seasons, I am already re-watching some of the eps. I have really weird crushes on the four main characters (including a lisping Naboo and the guy in the gorilla suit).

Don't be jelly, JP - you are still my number 1 weirdo!

Hmmm, I think that's it except to say I made a carrot turnip mash the other day and it was delish!

Oh, the excitement! I can't take it!
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Having a lovely Diet Coke with vodka and lime while watching Dr. Who. I don't know what the Hell is going on, but it doesn't interrupt my enjoyment of the show even though I still like David Tennent better.

About my earlier notes:

- JP is the best boyfriend because he repaired my parent's computer after my father somehow managed to shred a game CD in the drive. He's such a sweetie! ♥

- Thursday a former co-worker of mine chose me to be her guest at her anniversary luncheon at Chama Gaucha, a Brazilian steakhouse that has the most beautiful salad bar I have ever seen and about 5-7 waiters at any given time that circle around your table cutting meat off large metal skewers and putting it on your plate. They just keep coming and coming. An endless attack of MEAT. Every cut of beef, lamb, and chicken you can think of. So, so delicious. I have eaten at a place like this before but this was definitely the fanciest. Will go again when I am done digesting this meat. Like in a month or so...

- And finally, one last poem until the mood strikes me again for National Poetry Month and fitting, based on my activities tonight:

vodkaquiet )

ETA: THANK YOU,[ profile] iammine, for the lovely tin hat! LOL! I love hats, actually...
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God, those poor people in Japan. My heart goes out to them. Those pictures are surreal and horrible.

In more selfish news - ugh. WTF is wrong with me? I've been mopey all weekend. It definitely has to do with current job worries and possibly my sudden, urgent need to lose weight (I have been feeling like total crap lately). Starting tomorrow I am going to do something about this shit, although pumping myself up constantly has been taking its toll on my emotional well being. It's a vicious circle.

In good news, I found my Lady Gaga concert ticket just in the nick of time! The concert is on Tuesday and I thought I had lost the damn thing. Yay.

Tonight I watched Being Human and more House Hunters International (laughed my ass off because it was so obvious that the realtor thought the prospective buyer was a tool...he totally was, btw).

Okay, bedtime. Good night, all.
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I am watching House Hunters International, trying not to hate on every single person buying their dream/second homes in Italy, England, Sweden, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, etc.

Wait. I take that back. I hate them all.

Reese's Dark might just be my favorite thing in the universe right now...

Tonight, my mom invited me over for dinner. She made chicken mole, Mexican rice, and refried beans with salt pork. Best. Meal. Ever. Ripped from the pages of my childhood. I think she knows I am having a tough time adjusting at work and did the one thing she could to make me feel better. ♥ Then my Dad put gas in my Jeep and they both listened to me rant and rave for a little while.

My parents rule.

JP went to PAX East and is currently living it up with his gaming and toy collector friends. I miss him, even though he just left yesterday. *sadface*
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I recently re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and cried through half the damn thing. It was an emotional blood bath.

For the better part of today I was plopped in front of the TV, watching BBC America's Being Human marathon (I was also on my laptop, "working," so I was not a total lump). I quite enjoyed most of the episodes I caught - Aidan Turner is hubba hubba! I love the friendship between him and George and the chemistry among the trio. ♥

I did my tax return and it wasn't as good as last year, but Turbo Tax has assured me that I have been getting that "extra" money in every paycheck from 2010, so I should just shut up about it already (they didn't actually say that, but it's what they meant). Oh, well. That's the way the cookies crumbles.

Mmmm, I still have Girl Scout cookies...

Okay, time to pass the fuck out.
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Came home from work and JP had made dinner, which included buying my favorite wine and a delicious strawberry daiquiri cheesecake for dessert. I love my man. ♥

We ended the night by watching a Top Gear marathon on BBC. I am proper lucky!

Good night all!

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I saw the commercial for Flavor of Love: Charm School and for reals? I laughed for like five minutes. I don't think I can bring myself to watch it, but OMG! Trashy wimmens learning to behave whilst getting into wig-pulling fights and cussing a blue streak? *wipes eyes* What sealed the deal? Monique telling one of the girls, "You're the ho of charm school!" Oh, God. I cannot watch this show. But I must.

Also? is selling their stock of Tokyopop manga for $3.99 a volume. also has coupons for the website that work in conjunction with this nifty sale. Just trying to spread the addiction love.

I have nothing else to say except that I am taking a page out of [personal profile] white_death's book and declaring this space a *HUG* zone.

*hugs you all*
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I don't know about the rest of you, but I get a lot of junk mail, mainly credit card solicitations. But now they are starting to come in Spanish too! I give poor shredder started protesting tonight and I can't says I blame it. Bleh.

Last night I went out with the girls for Roberta's birthday. Eh. Was home by 1:30, if that is any indication.

Embarrassing Confession #364: been watching the performances from the VMA and I really liked Justin Timberlake's! The kid can dance and sing (although the pseudo-falsetto is slightly disturbing). You can see he put a lot of effort into his performance. The Killers rocked, too.

I can't wait 'til next weekend. La Traviata (probably) and American Idol concert. wOOt!

Instead of buying the $100 comforter from Linen's & Things, I went to Walmart and picked up the one in this picture for $30. Go, thrifty shopper! And go JP for suggesting it in the first place! ^___^ It's not what I was planning on, but I like it equally so all's well.

Time to catch up on my Netflix...


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