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So lazy with the memage and LJ in general. I don't want to come and blather about work (it's mostly going well) and we haven't been doing much lately because I work a lot and also, we are boring.

Although, last weekend I went to see Nay-nay in Austin and she took me to the best place on Earth: Pinballz, an old-school arcade with hundreds of pin ball machines, also air hockey, skeeball, and 80s games like Pole Position, Donkey Kong, and (my fav) Ms. Pac-Man. As if this cacophony of awesomeness wasn't enough, they were also giving (GIVING) away Dos Equis beer because it was Cinco de Mayo. There weren't a lot of people there, so we (I) drank up and played old-timey games (I rule at the Star Wars pinball machine). I feel as if this visit should qualify as a good thing for my mental health, LOL...

Also, we did go see The Avengers (twice!) and it was excellent (both times!). While I do not proscribe to the 'Joss Whedon is a god!' theory, I do think he is one Hell of a storyteller. The humor and the chemistry and the flow were just great. And yay for him getting some serious mainstream love.

Oh, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? Hubba hubba!

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So, my brother was back in the hospital today having an outpatient procedure done. He's been in and out of the hospital for so long, it's like I don't even blink at it anymore. Also, my aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer. That's the third maternal relative who has had it. : /

In the healthy me news, I thought I would talk about my red wine habit. Normally, I like sweet fizzy wines but once I pop the cork, I don't like the bottle sitting around, getting flat. So, I have been branching out and trying different kinds of wine. I thought I'd be all about the white, but I get mad cravings for red. Can't explain it. Among the ones I've tried, I've really enjoyed certain Pinot Noirs, blended reds like Cupcake Vineyard's Red Velvet, and even sweet table reds (Cowgirl Sisterhood is yummy). I generally don't spend a lot and because of the strong flavors of red wine, I can't drink a lot. Plus, red wine has lots of health benefits. I enjoy experimenting and hope to come across something extraordinary. For about $10 a bottle...

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Drunk baking while watching Holiday Inn (omg, black face!!!). Pictures later. Of the baking. Not the black face.

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Well, my anger has abated and I forgot half the stuff I wanted to bitch about in my last entry, so I guess I'll forget about that post. For now.

Although my birthday is not until tomorrow, I have been celebrating the Hell out of it all weekend long:

- Thursday night the familia took me out to eat (celebrating all the December birthdays/anniversaries) followed by cake and presents at my parent's house.

- Afterwards, JP took me to the midnight showing of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, which was entirely awesome (although I still like the first better). I mean, I enjoy hoyay! as much as the next gal, but it felt a little over the top/anvil-y for my taste. But all in all, a great movie. Can't wait to see it again!

- Friday I headed out of town to see Nay-nay in Austin. That night we went downtown to see Esther's Follies, an Austin institution. It's a part skit, part singing, part magic show that is lightning quick with the jokes and costume changes. Truly unique and hilarious! Afterwards, we wandered down 6th Street looking into all the bars, tattoo parlors, and fancy hotels. We stopped for couple of drinks at an Irish pub, which was the only semi-quiet place on the street (for us old folks) and finally went back to Nay-nay's house.

- Saturday we did some shopping and found ourselves back in downtown Austin, looking at the window displays that are part of the Holiday Window Walk. Students from the local college put displays in tony stores and people get to vote on them. My favorite was the ball gown made from wrapping paper. That was some serious Project Runway shit!

- Afterwards, we went to Romeo's for some awesome Italian food (the bruschetta was to die for, with roasted garlic, olive tapenade, and fresh tomatoes). There was also a band playing bluegrass music. I don't know why they were playing in an Italian restaurant, but they sounded good.

- We then found our way to Pioneer Farms to see an interactive performance of A Christmas Carol. The farm is a living history museum run by volunteers. For the show, they walk small groups around the farm to different tableaux where actors perform to you, as if the audience was Scrooge. It was simple, yet effective.

- We ended the night with a few drinks and fell into bed, exhausted. I didn't drink too much this weekend, mainly because the last time I was at her place, I drank a whole bottle of Rose Regale and nearly puked it up on her carpet. Huzzah for tolerance!

- Today, we woke up late, went for mani/pedis (my toes are glittery red), and I drove home. I can't wait to collapse into bed!
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Enjoying Notorious and drinking a Cuba Libre, which may not be keeping with the movie's time frame, but in my head Cuba is tied to spying which is tied to spy movies.

Yeah, something like that.

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This weekend, I will be drinking smart cocktails and watching Notorious, my favorite Hitchcock movie of all time. I may or may not be wearing a trilby at the time.

No reason, really. Just felt like making some random, silly plan and following it through. Plus it's cheaper than retail therapy. My only problem is what kind of cocktails? I have pomegranate martini mix, but that seems too trendy. Manhattans would fit the time period, but bourbon? Yuck. Plain old martinis and I will be drunker than Ingrid Bergman's character. Decisions, decisions.

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I came home and fell asleep for like 3 hours. Now, I am wide awake. Fuuuuck. I just need to get through tomorrow...

I am craving sweet stuff in the worst way, especially those giant Mexican cookies that are yellow and have a ring of hard bread around them (we call them chamulkos but I don't think that is the common name). The panaderia that was down the street closed so I have to drive over to my parent's part of town to get some. *sadface*

And in LOVING IT! news, although I can't verify the veracity of this, it's a beautiful thing if it happened:

A letter from J.R.R. Tolkein, telling a German Nazi publishing house, in his very British way, to screw off.  )

Please appreciate the restraint I showed in not mentioning The Mighty Boosh in this entry...I am still weirdly obsessed...
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Things I Did
- Drank lots of alcohol
- Watched/re-watched all 3 seasons of The Mighty Boosh
- Went shopping
- Saw Friends with Benefits (funny, but could have used a serious edit) and Captain America (better the second time around, really good!)

Things I Did Not Do
- Clean my closet
- Take the bags of stuff I trip over daily to Good Will
- Call my doctor to pay this stupid bill because the only way I can pay via credit card is over the phone (how safe)
- Schedule someone to come out and look at my shower because I think it is leaking
- Start on any of the other half dozen home projects that need taking care of

Priorities, I do not haz them.

I did, however, make a smashing good lasagna! It was very yummy but the thing about lasagna is that you can't really make a small one (or at least, I can't). So I know what we will be eating for the next few days...
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I ended my crappy work week by splurging on some ballet flats and sandals at DSW, picking up a six pack of Dos Equis, and getting pissed while watching The Mighty Boosh.

Things are looking up!

What y'all doing this weekend, flist?
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Before I forget (and I will), my name at Pottermore is DreamCrimson36. My tumblr  is melcreada, but it's not set up by any means...

Yesterday was Saturday A Go-Go!!! I got up early, got mah hair did (chopped off quite a bit because blow drying has become an epic chore, for me anyway), met mom and Paul for "dos-aritas" at Martha's Mexican Restaurant (margarita machine was not working properly so they were EXTREMELY runny...meh, not impressed), and then hoofed it home so JP and I could do some shopping (needed that like I need a hole in the head).

Finally got home, freshened up, and went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love (why is there a comma after Stupid? Is Crazy Stupid not defining Love?). It was actually a really good movie - I love Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling and they were both fantastic! I wasn't sure where they were going sometimes, but that's what made it so interesting. And the little byplay between the couples was great...the silliness, the banter, the knowing someone better than you know yourself...all those split second intimate moments just made the film for me. Go see it, you will love it!

I took a nap this afternoon and had a lu-lu of a dream.

Dream nonsense...posted because I love remembering my bad-ass ones. )
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Is it weird to anyone but me that so many store/restaurant web sites make you hunt and click every blessed link to find their freaking hours??? I exempt national chains from this because of sheer quantity, but even at that, when I click on the information for a particular store, how about listing their hours next to the directions and phone number? Some places just don't list them at all which absolutely boggles my mind. I know I can call them, but often I am immediately put on hold and, on more than one occasion, given the wrong time anyway! It's a silly little thing that annoys me when I go online to look up store info. Blegh.

We saw Morning Glory and it is an excellent movie! Well-written, well-acted, funny, and touching. I love stories set in the broadcasting or newspaper business. Go see it, you will love it. Promise.

In cool news, David Sedaris had a book reading/signing at one of the Borders in town and we went. There were quite a few people, but he took his time with every person. Which is fantastic, yet incredibly tedious. I haven't read any of his books, with the exception of a few essays/stories, but I like what he does and enjoyed his talk. JP stood in line to get his book signed and got to meet him, so that was neat.

In other news, during my week off (WOO!), I plan on:

1. Taking my defensive driving class online
2. Starting my Christmas shopping
3. Making some blackberry cordial (I AM EXCITE! ABOUT THIS)
4. Sleeping
5. Family/friends/day trips/yadda yadda

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I have $30 worth of booze from the liquor outlet store and a whole week off. Wooooooo!!!

If your next question is how much liquor does $30 buy at an outlet store, the answer is: a lot.

Seriously? I have eaten all kinds of cuisine from all around the world and yet sometimes the only thing I want is refried beans on a flour tortilla. Mmmmm...
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No hangover, so...still glorious!

We saw City of Ember yesterday and I though it was great, with a very old-fashioned YA adventure/fantasy feel to it. Highly recommended AND there is a liberal dose of Bill Murray, which is always a treat.

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Ha, ha - I am drinking something called 'Start at 8pm, Be Drunk at 8:10pm'

It's just Sprite and Absolut Kurant (yes, still - I can only take so many shots, people). I modified it by adding some maraschino cherries and their juice. Mmmm, tasty!

I went to the grocery store earlier and spent a ridiculous amount of money, although later I was thrilled to find that the cashier charged me for bing instead of ranier cherries, thus saving me $2. Woo!

This entry is more cherry-related than I planned. Blame it on the freakin' vodka.

I am very happy right now, which is not necessarily related to the vodka (although any misspellings are).

I have decided that I would like to go dancing. Not right now, as obviously I have no one to go with. But soon and for the rest of my life...

ANYWAY. I think it's time to go watch some Netflix or something because I am ITCHING to buy new music and the impulse must be SQUASHED.

Also, tomorrow I am planning to try and recreate the FABULOUS macademia nut-encrusted trout I had in Kemah. Wish me luck!
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1. No. More. Beer. Ugh.

2. Daylight Savings can SUCK IT!!

3. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is charming, funny, and snappy! No dawdling or slow points in this movie. Very funny and love, love, love the music/time period of the film. CiarĂ¡n Hinds is getting old! *sniffle* Oooh. he's going to be in a remake of Escape to Witch Mountain. It won't be as good as the original. LOL! 
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The extent to which I am craving a cherry vodka sour (or four) cannot be measured with modern-day devices.

Anyone care to join?

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The roses are rioting in the backyard. With no trellis to climb and absolutely no love from us, the stems are exploding horizontally and sprouting clusters of beautiful red flowers. I am so in love with their determination. Hopefully they will overtake the backyard and grow up and over the side of the house, like Sleeping Beauty's castle. Except, that would probably be bad for the house. Hmmm.

Hana Yori Dango actually made me cry. I'm such a girl .

We saw In the Land of Women, which wasn't bad. Not great, but enjoyable. Adam Brody is a cutie I guess, but I was crushing on the high school kid who loved his best friend's girl. Gotta love the jailbait with the prominent teeth. LOL...

Once again I bought beer to ice down in my cooler and once again I had a couple and got sick. What is the universe trying to tell me?! I don't get it!!

Well, off to go spend more money. ^___________^

ETA: [profile] wonderelf, I registered (name: Melly). Ahaha! Murakami has given you away! I think I just friended you. OMG - I have barely made a dent in my read/to-read lists. Aieee!
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Why is it I have such elaborate, freaky dreams after I have been drinking? And why do I remember them at all? Last night, Roberta and I went bar hopping and ended up downtown. Which is a great place to be on a Saturday night, when it is cool but not cold and you are almost tipsy but not quite  and music and people are spilling out onto the street  from all the clubs and bars and restaurants and the noise is both pleasant and comforting.

Afterwards, I came home and fell into yet another funky dream. We were in the future, in a very sterile, surgical environment. Very clean and empty. The government in power was a dictatorship and they controlled everything and everyone down to the way we dressed and behaved. The most common form of punishment for minor infractions was the cutting off of one or both hands, depending on what you actually did. So, although I didn't see too many other people in my dream, I can imagine almost everyone...didn't have hands.

The dream kicks into high gear when the secret police appear at my door to take me in for some sort of minor violation. Before leaving the house, they tell me to remove my rings, watch, and bracelet. Chilling. After that, the dream degenerates into a meandering maze of me trying to talk my way out of the punishment in the police offices. Scary and somewhat silly. I mean what the Hell does this society do with so many citizens running around without hands?


I think I will take a nice, long bath today - Big Blue or Karma? Hmmm.


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