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It's a sin and a shame, but I have to admit that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks pretty bad ass. I saw the trailer when we went to the movies earlier (best part of new job is the recognition events - every couple of months, we go to lunch, see a movie, and go home for the day...although I sometimes end up working from home, which is still cool but not as cool as ditching).

I thought I had learned my lesson with that whole Vampire!Darcy book, but apparently not.
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90s rap music is my guilty pleasure...

Meme stolen from everybody (thanks, everybody)!

- Pick up the nearest book to you.
- Turn to page 45.
- The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

If it did not claim a majority, it was inching ever closer to that goal. (Ummmmmm...)
    - Mysteries of the Middle Ages, Thomas Cahill (history nerds, unite!)

Conversations with the Kid or Why do people think we are weird? )

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After my fantastic meltdown this weekend, I am feeling a little better. Yes, I am in a minor financial crisis not of my making, yes my job is so stressful that I regularly need afternoon naps/crying jags to get through the week, yes there are things in my life that I am avoiding because I don't have the energy to deal (health, house falling apart, refinancing rigamarole). BUT. I will persevere. A girl can dream.

JP cheered me up this weekend by taking me to see Anonymous, which I enjoyed except spoiler! )  Still don't believe the theory, but I love love love period dramas. Rhys Ifans, who knew? Hubba hubba!

Then we went to Half Price Books with our coupons and I bought a bunch of books on English history. Again. My Elizabethan/Shakespeare library, let me show you it.

Saw Nay-Nay tonight, which is always nice. She has agreed to go with me for sushi tomorrow and I am excite! Ten bucks says raw fish will not go anywhere near her mouth. It's okay - she is accompanying me which makes me : )

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I want to go on at least one mini-vacation this summer, but I don't know where to. A state park would be nice, but it's hotter than Hades outside and the extreme drought makes me a  little nervous about being in the middle of very dry grass/trees. I wouldn't mind the beach again, but I have a feeling JP wouldn't be too keen on that. Maybe a weekend getaway at a resort with a really big pool...Hmm.

I just finished A Wilder Life, about a woman who is as obsessed as I used to be with the Little House on the Prairie books. It was an excellent read, wherein she learns to churn butter, visits all the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums/sites, and even accidentally stumbles on an end of days training farm. Good stuff! Made me dig out my old set. Loved, loved, loved these books as a kid. Upon returning stateside from the Philippines, my parents even took me to Mansfield, MO, to see Laura's last home (much to the chagrin of everyone else in the van). I admit I was a little disappointed, but I wouldn't mind going again to check it out.

I love my Kindle so much, but I HATE all the typos in the books! Flames, flames. On the side of my face. I mean, I am not perfect but I am not being published, either.

Which brings me to another quirk I have discovered while perusing titles for my Kindle - it seems like there's a lot of...self-published work out there. It's weird to see it side-by-side with established authors and publishers. I especially like the books in the non-fiction section that explain how we are descended from aliens and giants. Also, I don't know if it's a "real" author or not, but some guy is claiming that Obama's administration is a "thugocracy" and I nearly wet my pants with laughter at the gangsta picture on the cover:

It's hard out there for a pimp-president

Seriously? I am more gangster than Obama and my idea of a swinging good time is a Pride&Prejudice marathon on the telly.

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Ugh. I have no idea why I am still awake. On weekdays, I get up at 5am and am generally asleep by 11pm, but on the weekends I stay up 'til 2 or 3 in the morning. It's madness!

Work twaddle... )

In movie news, we saw Midnight in Paris, which was amusing and whimsical. The actor who plays Hemingway is just AWESOME - a caricature perhaps, but sincere and spot-on. Made me want to go and buy a million books about the Jazz Age and the Lost Generation (more on that in a mo).

We also went to see Westside Story at the local artsy fartsy theater that was screening it for free. Even though it's not one of my favorite musicals, it's still fantastic. Finger-snapping, pirouetting gang members rule! Also, the theater makes kick-ass Greek pizza. Yum!

Tonight, we went to see Green Lantern. Although the movie was far from perfect, it didn't deserve the vitriolic and hateful reviews that I have been reading. Ryan Reynolds is charming and I love, love, loooove Peter Sarsgaard, who was both icky and sympathetic in his too-small role. I'm glad I went to see it.

Oh, yes...and about the million books...I GOT MY KINDLE!!!! I named it Shakespeare and it has a lovely red cover and is already full of classic lit because it was free and I can read that crap over and over like nobody's business (Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and Shakespeare, I am looking at you!). I have pretty much spent every free minute since Thursday browsing for kindle books, downloading kindle books, and reading on my kindle until I pass out from pure exhaustion. I have the Book Hunger, which I used to have 24/7 until (ironically) I went to college. Then it became sporadic and I went for long periods of time when I couldn't be arsed to finish an entire novel unless it was non-fiction, preferably of the historical variety. But the BH is back, baby!!!

Ohhhkay, bedtime.
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The Kindle is now $114 if you allow Amazon to put ads on it. And the covers are 20% off when you buy a Kindle. AND they are doing free two-day shipping right now because of Father's Day. It was too much to resist.

*tiny yay*
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We went to see Twelfth Night at the annual Shakespeare in the Park on Friday night. The Magik Theater always set the Bard's plays in different times. This one had a Beach Blanket Bingo facade, complete with brightly colored bathhouses, a live band playing 50s beach music, and Fabian doing his best Keanu Reeves surfer impersonation. Not bad, but missing something. The weather, however, was lovely and the white wine sangria, lip-smacking good.

I bought the most enormous white and gold floppy straw hat yesterday. It is both ridiculous AND glorious. So far, my plan to start saving extra money is not going so well. Today will be better. *nods*

Speaking of spending money, though, I am thinking about asking for a kindle for my birthday. My inner librarian has been steadfastly against it, but I realize that I just don't have the room for all my damn books plus packing three or four hardbacks every time I go on vacation is getting hard on the old carcass (dragging my carry on across San Fran, on the BART, and through the airport convinced me). I may have to keep some books for nostalgic purposes and because I love the way they smell...but I just feel like I'm ready to take the next step. *excite*

Ugh. I want a cupcake so bad right now, but all my milk is spoiled and I'd rather be hogtied to an anthill than go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe later...
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Half-price bookstore + multiple 50% off coupons = MOAR BOOKS!!!

Mmmm, doughnuts....I mean, books. I'm gonna do me some learnin'!!!

We also saw Get Low today. It was a great movie - touching and funny and Robert Duvall and Bill Murray are awesome and the supporting cast is wonderful, too. Just a great story and impeccably acted. If you get a chance, go see it.
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Crap work week is over, hooray!!! I swear it has been going on for way longer than five days. I am suspicious!

I was horrified to hear that someone allegedly committed suicide at a Swell Season concert last night by diving from some high point at the venue and landing on the stage in the middle of their performance. Not only is it just a terrible thing, but all those people witnessed him...I just can't imagine it. My heart goes out to them.

This weekend is time with familia and next weekend is Nay-nay's birthday party in Austin. Can't wait, although I would seriously like a small chunk of time by myself to do absolutely nothing. Like go to the beach for 3 or 4 days and lie around eating bon bons and drinking beer and reading. You know, classy shit like that.

Speaking of reading, Half-Price books has some coupons floating around - I bought four books and the third season of Dawson's Creek on DVD (don't judge me!) for $16. I freaking love buying books! Especially on sale (sorry, Barnes & Noble).

I also just found the journal of my trip to Japan in 2007. It made me LOL, no lie. Maybe I will post it in bits here for posterity. It's mainly a list of what we did and where we went, but there were a couple of funny little details I had forgotten. I will always be proud of myself for navigating Tokyo on my own for three days when I had never been there before and could not speak the language at all. *little pat on the back*
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That's right - I've been reading Milton. That's good times. I have also recently (re)read Beowulf, most of Shakespeare's sonnets, the first few pages of Spenser's The Faerie Queen (but I dropped that like a bad habit, yo), and a goodly chunk of poetry by John Donne (he will forever remind me of Wizard Howl). At this rate, I will have skimmed a respectable portion of the classics by the end of summer.

Nerd alert!!! ^___________^

In other news, Roberta's wedding is this weekend and there were no good gifts left on her Target wedding registry. Unless I am planning to drop $80 for a Shabby Chic quilt. Which I am not. Oh, well. That's why God created gift cards.

I have ordered many pairs of shoes this summer and returned them all because of bad fits. I finally got a pair that fit, but they are a half size too big and frankly, I don't have the energy to return them. I look forward to flopping around in them and eventually tripping and falling flat on my face. 

In a good mood today, in spite of work and whatnot. Huzzah!

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I have just discovered Goldfrapp and am entranced! It's like ELO absorbed Olivia Newton John circa the Xanadu years. Delicious...

And speaking of delicious, I am MAD craving chocolate, specifically some Toblerone. Uh-oh.

Today, we had lunch with Nay-nay and her hubby, who were in town visiting her grandparents. We had a total blast! I love her and can't wait to invite myself up to Austin again. ^____________^

See? I can be normal and social. Sometimes. Okay, once in a while. But it's better than nothing!

I raided Half Price Books and bought books on the following subjects: Kit Marlowe, Queen Elizabeth's governess, Shakespeare, notorious royal marriages in history, and Da Vinci (bad ass MacGyver extraordinaire). Mmmmm. Books. I love them.
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I had a short, but pleasant weekend. JP got me a stuffed Pooh and Eeyore (dressed as Cupid!) and the Playstation network game Flower, which is beautiful and relaxing and draws you in from the get-go. It's just lovely and moody. I already finished playing it! Me! And a game! I made dinner (chicken with spinach, cheese, and red sauce over noodles) and we just had a quiet night in.

Yesterday, we saw A Single Man and it was beautiful: sad and poignant, with small moments of joy and hopefulness. Colin Firth is a revelation. Go see it. It will break your heart and make you glad to be alive.

I am currently in the process of getting rid of some shelves in the master bedroom and there is crap EVERYWHERE! I also need to post San Fran pictures and talk about the vacay a bit because in spite of our difficulties at the end, the majority of the trip was a blast.

And finally, in case any of you were wondering, the book Vampire Darcy's Desire SUCKS ASS. As if there had been any doubt. The author talks disdainfully in the preface about horrible P&P sequels and then has the gall to write the worst fan fiction known to man! Eliza giggles and sucks face with Darcy every chance she gets while Darcy is the whiniest vampire ever. Buck up, little camper! If Regina Jeffers wanted to write horror, she should have paid more attention to the Bronte sisters instead of Austen - those bitches knew how to write a Gothic novel!
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Ah, work - thank you for not disappointing me, you sucked just as you always suck.

I have bought things I am not proud of at Barnes & Noble with my gift card. Oh, yes. Including this lovely gem that retells Pride & Prejudice if Darcy had been a vampire! No, I don't know why I do this to myself. I will consider therapy in the future...

Meme, meme, meme:

Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Oh, geez. What song DOESN'T make me cry? For sheer longevity (this song has been making me cry for over 20 years), I choose Depeche Mode's It Doesn't Matter. I mean, seriously. I think I spent most of my Sophmore year snork-crying to this song. Oy. Nothing takes me back faster to hopeless crushes and drawn-out break ups, and horrible teenage heartache like this song.

Honorable mention goes to Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery (I knowwww but seriously, if you have ever had someone in harm's way like that, listen to the lyrics and you will snork-cry too!), and basically any Christmas carol that mentions Jesus, angel voices, or peace on Earth. Yeah, I tear up whenever I sing The First Noel or Come All Ye Faithful. No one wants to carol with me anymore...

Falllllll on your kneeeeeeees....
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Here are the things I am pondering (don't worry, it's nothing worthwhile like world peace or how to go green):

1. Should I buy some expensive, yet super-cute and comfortable shoes? It's not like I don't need them, but you know...

2. Should I go to the Green Day/Franz Ferdinand concert in August? I can't get good seats anymore, thanks to my endless dithering, but for a group as epic as GD, is there really a bad seat in the house? I could also suck it up and get better tickets from a re-seller, but ugh! Overpriced!

*as a side note, I was supposed to see Green Day at Lollapalooza (geez, back in '94?), but my guy harem insisted on stopping at Taco Bueno so I was waiting in line to get into the grounds while Green Day was rocking out. Bastards.

3. Should I just suck it up and read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? On the one hand, BWAH!!! On the other, desecration of one of my favorite authors. Hmmm.

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Mmmm, shopping and the movies - my two favorite things in one day!

Also, I have been writing a bunch of nonsense lately and the more I write, the sadder I get. I think I might prefer repression, as horrible as that sounds.

Oh, yeah - and:





Jul. 9th, 2009 12:34 am
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Damn, I have a lot of books! I have been cleaning the bedroom and in every corner, shoved under the bed, beneath piles of stuff, there they are: BOOKS. I am reading a particularly lovely one called Jane Austen: A Companion. Let's hear it for the dollar bin at Half Price Books, wot wot!!

Also, I keep napping in the middle of the afternoon which sucks because it is throwing my sleep pattern off and also I keep having nightmares. WTH, self? Yesterdays was a particular doozy, where we were in a concentration camp in some tropical locale. The guards, oddly enough, were a bunch of African men with machine guns and they controlled every aspect of our life. Of course, we were trying to figure out how to escape but it was like they always knew when we were going to meet, etc. My skin is crawling, just talking about it...

I have a million things to do and my vacation is halfway over and I have completed NOTHING.


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Happiness Meme, Final Day!

- We went to Walden Books in the mall and I scored a bunch for 90% off. For reals! I bought four books and it came out to $4.

Hmmm, I am noticing a trend in my happiness meme...

Money, money, money, money...
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Fare thee well, LOL cat:

Dream stuff... )

I am reading a really good book I got out of the dollar bin at Half Price Books called Who Killed Kit Marlowe? One of my co-workers saw it on my desk and asked, "Who is Kit Merlot?" I told her he was a contemporary of Shakespeare, a playwright, and spy. No response. Oh, well. I tried.
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Well, the good news is I...kinda feel better. The bad news is that I am having off and on ear pain, so I think I must away to the doctor. Feh. Weak sauce, immune system.

To make myself feel better, I bought/ordered books (and a lot of them) as well as The Children of Húrin calendar illustrated by Alan Lee, whom I love above all other illustrators. Oh, and the two disc Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix DVD. Hee, hee.

As to books, I got:

- Pride & Prejudice-related trilogy by Pamela Aiden (preparing to wallow in Austen-esque goodness)
- A History of the World in 6 Glasses (have been wanting this forever)
- 1791: Mozart's Last Year (history rocks, as does Mozart)
- The Luxe (trashy, turn-of-the-century YA novels FTW!)
- Twilight (vampire YA that everyone assures me is fantastic and by gosh, they better be right!)

Gift cards rule the world.
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I saw the commercial for Flavor of Love: Charm School and for reals? I laughed for like five minutes. I don't think I can bring myself to watch it, but OMG! Trashy wimmens learning to behave whilst getting into wig-pulling fights and cussing a blue streak? *wipes eyes* What sealed the deal? Monique telling one of the girls, "You're the ho of charm school!" Oh, God. I cannot watch this show. But I must.

Also? is selling their stock of Tokyopop manga for $3.99 a volume. also has coupons for the website that work in conjunction with this nifty sale. Just trying to spread the addiction love.

I have nothing else to say except that I am taking a page out of [personal profile] white_death's book and declaring this space a *HUG* zone.

*hugs you all*


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