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Jan. 21st, 2012 10:31 pm
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Tooth just cracked. Seriously.

What the Hell?! Thank goodness it's my baby tooth or I would be in serious pain right now...but the dentist will probably want to pull it and do a bridge or something. *dread*
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I am feeling very Charlie Brown-ish lately, so haven't been posting.

I just tried to buy two separate items on two separate websites and as soon as I entered my credit card number on both sites, they froze. So now I can't tell if the orders went through or what. Now I have to wait and see what happens on my credit card. So very irritated.

I think I need a zen master or something. My daily rage is just exhausting.
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 I am so done with this year, OMFG...

My AC died yesterday (up until last night, it was in the mid 80s here in Hades) and the guy came out today to look at it. He replaced the capacitors but is not certain as to whether or not the compressor was permanently damaged. If these capacitors burn out, I will need to buy a new unit. Oh yeah, baby. A new unit. Today's visit cost $400, bringing this past month's emergency expenditures over the $2K mark.

Also, (sorry for the TMI) I have a very painful cyst in a horrible spot and the pain and embarrassment is just ridiculous.

The cold front (or as I like to call it, the "not as hot front") has kicked something into the air that is driving my allergies bonkers.

What else? Oh, yeah - JP's computer is on the fritz and I am starting to have small issues with mine. Joy.

I do have one good piece of news, though: we went to see the free movie at the small art house theater tonight, Breakfast at Tiffanys. It was awesome and I won 2 movie passes and a popcorn voucher for correctly identifying the group that sang the song 'Breakfast at Tiffanys.' Go, me.

Okay, this week has kicked my ass over the river and through the woods. Time to go lie down and contemplate what I will do if we have another emergency (so far my contingency plan looks a little something like this: 1. Run away  2. Buy a disguise. Possibly a fake mustache).

Night, all.
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Last night, our neighbor's 4-year-old son somehow managed to shove their water hose into our dryer vent opening and flooded our dryer, laundry room, and part of the kitchen.


Thank goodness JP figured it out almost immediately and he got to work taking apart the dryer, cleaning it out, and running it so it would absorb excess moisture that was left in the machine. We mopped everything up and let the neighbor know (she was apologetic and promised to pay for everything). We had someone come out today and they cut out some of our drywall and put anti-mold stuff in there. Now, we need to find someone to fix the walls and that should be it.

It could have been worse, but it shouldn't have happened at all. I try to be understanding, but I can't relate - even as a child, I never had that kind of carefree, what-would-happen-if attitude. Even my mom jokes that I was born an old woman. But oh well. What are you going to do? At least our laundry room floor got cleaned...

Right before this happened, I had just finished making the most awesome, crispy lemon pepper wings. They were delicious! Baked in the oven (and broiler for a few minutes), all I did was put salt and lemon pepper seasoning and baste them with an olive oil/lemon juice/lemon rind mixture. I will have to do it again since we didn't get to properly enjoy them fresh from the oven.

And finally, it's fall again and my boot lust is back in full force. If these weren't so expensive, I would be wearing them already:

And also these (although technically I think these are "shooties"):

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I would have updated this weekend but I was curled up on the couch, praying for Death's sweet release.

I dunno...cut because I talk about my girly business... )

The good thing about not wanting to move around much is that I got a fair amount of reading done. I zoomed through Goblet of Fire and am just about through with Order of the Phoenix. This is my third go through the Harry Potter series and I love it as much as I ever did (although I never realized how often Hermione moaned - kinky!).

Work is always work and one minute I am being hailed as awesome and the next, I am being spoken to like the village idiot. I hate that BTW - if you ever really want to piss me off, be as patronizing as possible. You will see my eyeballs boil in their sockets and have the satisfaction of seing Pretentious Mel get her betch on.

I think I am going to have pancakes for dinner. I used to love it when my dad would make us pancakes for always felt like we were being bad! LOL.
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OMG, the Daily Show's 'World of Class Warfare' bit cracked me up even as I felt dizzy from anger. The fact that anyone would say someone is not poor because they have a refrigerator? Seriously?! Did the U.S. become a third world country while I was sleeping?!

But Jon Stewart was in fine form and the writing was fantastic. And it made me think of one of my favorite parts of History of the World (forgive me...I have not the ability to make gifs):

Indeed. So, to cheer me up when I look at this post again, I will include a picture of the cutest sleeping cat EVAR:

Spike in repose )

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Texas governor Rick Perry is running for President? Excuse me while I hurl. This man has no right holding public office but unfortunately an overwhelming number of Texans disagree with me. He is like... a less attractive and charming Sarah Palin.

This news coming after a particularly horrible work day is just the shit icing on my crap cake.

So, I came home and ate my feelings:

pan dulce, yum!

I don't really serve it on a serape with a side of maracas...this is just to give you a visual.

Maybe some Mighty Boosh will make me feel better. Although, really, the only thing that would cheer me up right now is a phone call informing me that I have won the lottery and can stop working immediately.
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I was thinking of joining tumblr and Pottermore (early!) but upon arriving at both sites I (wait for it)...COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THE DIRECTIONS.

The internet had to explain it to me, both times.

I swear I am not a moron.

Exhibit A: when I saw "URL" on the tumblr site, I thought I had to enter a separate, personally-owned URL and I was all, "Motherfucker, that's why I'm coming here!" A simple "enter what you would like your tumblr URL to look like" would have been nice. A FAQ that had this statement would also be acceptable.

Exhibit B: I solved the effin' clue on Pottermore, but every time I tried to make the jump to the secret site (LOL that I am actually saying this), I kept getting some retarded parseltongue translator. Some nice person took pity on me and sent me the link. Yay, I joined Pottermore!

I am going to lie down now because the internet is too hard for me...

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Ugh. I have no idea why I am still awake. On weekdays, I get up at 5am and am generally asleep by 11pm, but on the weekends I stay up 'til 2 or 3 in the morning. It's madness!

Work twaddle... )

In movie news, we saw Midnight in Paris, which was amusing and whimsical. The actor who plays Hemingway is just AWESOME - a caricature perhaps, but sincere and spot-on. Made me want to go and buy a million books about the Jazz Age and the Lost Generation (more on that in a mo).

We also went to see Westside Story at the local artsy fartsy theater that was screening it for free. Even though it's not one of my favorite musicals, it's still fantastic. Finger-snapping, pirouetting gang members rule! Also, the theater makes kick-ass Greek pizza. Yum!

Tonight, we went to see Green Lantern. Although the movie was far from perfect, it didn't deserve the vitriolic and hateful reviews that I have been reading. Ryan Reynolds is charming and I love, love, loooove Peter Sarsgaard, who was both icky and sympathetic in his too-small role. I'm glad I went to see it.

Oh, yes...and about the million books...I GOT MY KINDLE!!!! I named it Shakespeare and it has a lovely red cover and is already full of classic lit because it was free and I can read that crap over and over like nobody's business (Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and Shakespeare, I am looking at you!). I have pretty much spent every free minute since Thursday browsing for kindle books, downloading kindle books, and reading on my kindle until I pass out from pure exhaustion. I have the Book Hunger, which I used to have 24/7 until (ironically) I went to college. Then it became sporadic and I went for long periods of time when I couldn't be arsed to finish an entire novel unless it was non-fiction, preferably of the historical variety. But the BH is back, baby!!!

Ohhhkay, bedtime.
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What's up, my LJ peeps?

Cut for those who don't want to hear about my tummy troubles... )

In non-disgusting news, JP and I attacked several Blockbusters, buying up used Blu-rays for $4 each. Good times. I bought Red Cliff, parts 1 & 2, so I am really looking forward to finally watching that. I heart John Woo! We watched Scott Pilgrim tonight and I thought it was pretty funny and clever. They never went too far with teh emo and the ADD, chop-chop transitions kinda grew on me. I wouldn't mind checking out the comic...

Tomorrow I am going to visit my grandmother's grave with my mom and sister. So if the world ends, at least I'll be with family and I'll already be in a cemetery. I love it when a plan comes together...

Next week is San Francisco!!! I am so excited!!!
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True story: about 2 seconds after my boss approved my time off for the beach, my period started. I think my body was giving me the finger.

Why I have the best boyfriend ever: today, as I lay on the couch and prayed for death (a woman's period...DREADFUL, useless human experience IMHO), he ran my errands and brought me back a Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen (which I promptly hoovered up...YUM).

Thank you, my darling JP. You will be spared when I go on my PMS-induced killing spree. ♥
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Sorry I haven't been around much. Dealing with my insurance company and twinges in my back have made me an unpleasant, Godzilla-type person in general. Also...just because you work for an insurance company doesn't mean you get better service. Just a little piece of information from me to you.

National Poetry Month!!! I feel like I should post some, but I don't have the energy right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Nay-nay sent me flowers after my accident... ♥ ♥ ♥

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Totally fucked up day at work. Bitterly cold outside (for San Antonio). But I'm home now - under the covers, with the Boyfriend and kitties draped around the bed and the internet on my's very nice and just about makes up for my crap day.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

My apologies - I know I owe emails and comments, but my family has driven me to brink of insanity (hanging on by my fingertips, people). With the Kid and Traci here, almost every minute of my day is occupied. On top of that, I have been having tummy problems all week, which is very unusual (cast iron stomach, here) and it has been exacerbated by the constant drinking and eating we do a la familia. And finally, my sinuses have decided to lead a revolt against the allergens and my poor, poor head has been feeling the aftermath. Just headache-y, tired, and PISSED OFF for much of this week, my beloved vacation and the first one I've had since the beginning of July. Oh, well. An event looked forward to with much impatient desire does not always brings its promised satisfaction. /P&P geekery.

Okay, now that THAT is out of my system, I can say I am very thankful for the insanity-inducing family. I am thankful that I still have a job in these woeful times and can buy presents for the people I love. I am happy that we are still all together, against the most incredible odds that say we should be missing a couple of people from the table today. Thanks to the powers that be for the large amount of joy and the small amount of sorrow that they have found fit to send me. And many thanks to my online friends, who constantly make me laugh and feel loved, even when I am by myself in front of a computer. Have a great day, everyone. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Okay, so let me get this straight: the group that is funding the Islamic mosque near ground zero is also one of the PRIMARY SHAREHOLDERS of Rupert Murdoch's news dynasty, AKA Fox News, AKA the network that has been up in arms about the whole mosque thing since the beginning?! Please tell me this is a joke...a horrible, disgusting joke. You are telling me that Fox News is financially supporting an action they supposedly deplore and using it as a scare tactic to rouse the uninformed into a hysterical tizzy?

I feel like vomiting. This is their opinion of America: we are a bunch of dumb fucks who will believe whatever is on the TV. Seriously.

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San-Japan was good, especially for a fledgling con. We had a small but enthusiastic cel panel. JP got to pal around with Dean Venture's voice actor. I was (am still) insanely enraged at the Marriott for having the gall to tell me that if I wanted a cart to haul our suitcases full of cels downstairs, it would cost me $25-30. I am assuming that was for a round trip, but who knows for sure? Marriott is gonna hear from me, though. If I am going to tip the bell boy (the cart comes with) for each trip, what the fuck do they care?! Does the bell boy have something else to do besides hang outside the hotel smoking cigarettes and telling dirty jokes? From my observation, the answer is NO.

But otherwise, fun times. We donated a couple of cels for the charity auction that went for over $200 total and that made me really happy. But the Marriott can still suck it.

Sweet (and also, really?):

I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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It would be to get all those jerk offs from BP and drop them headfirst in the middle of their own oil slick.

If I read one more, and I mean just one more, article about how badly Obama is handling the oil spill crisis, I am going to climb atop the nearest tower with a machine gun. WAY TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE REAL ASSHOLES THAT CREATED AND FAILED TO FIX THE PROBLEM, "JOURNALISTS!" LET ME GIVE YOU A SCOOP: THE CULPRIT IS ACTUALLY BP!!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!

You guys, seriously. I am so tired of being enraged by stupidity. If they lock me up in the insane asylum, please visit?


Apr. 2nd, 2010 04:11 pm
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So, I took today off to run the dozen errands or so that have been piling up. I mean, sure every other day this week while I was stuck at work was sunny and today  there are raindrops the size of my head, but no biggie! So, I get through the first couple and then drop in to get my hair cut. However, since I frequent places that do not accept appointments, the girl tells me that she can't take me, but the other girl who works in an hour and a half can. No problemo. I go run two more errands (including dealing with the least impressive Borders staff EVAR) and come back with a few minutes to spare. After waiting a bit, the girl comes and tells me that the other girl is running late and may in fact not show up at all since this is her last day. The girl is swamped and can't guarantee a time for me, so I leave. I go down to the Super Cuts where they tell me the wait is 45 minutes. What the fucking shit, people? It's 11:30 on a Friday morning?!

So, I say fuck it for now and go to AT&T to see about FINALLY switching my land line to a cell #. Only, the lady tells me I can't unless I bump up my monthly plan, thereby insuring I will only save a few dollars a month instead of the $30 I was hoping for. So, that cut it. By now I was hungry and grumpy and terrified to take my brakes to be checked because although it sounds retarded, I am a BIG believer in luck and signs and something was telling me that whatever the brake dude had to say wasn't going to improve my day.

So, I came home, ate, decided to take a nap, slept 2.5 hours, and drooled in my hair that no one will cut. Oh yeah, and the second I stepped into the house, the sun came out. Fuck you, sun! Too little, too late you assy ball of gassy!

My head hurts and I think I might possibly have JP's flu. ;__;

Ugh. Srsly.

Mar. 5th, 2010 11:51 pm
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WHY DOES ITUNES ASK IF I WANT TO DOWNLOAD ALL IPHONE APP UPDATES AT ONCE IF IT CAN'T EVER DO IT?!?! I always get the same error message and frankly, it's not helping my pissy mood. I am in BITCH mode and I have to keep pushing all my anger and nastiness back down my throat. Hormones, girl-y parts, periods, and whatever the fuck is wrong with my carcass CAN SUCK IT.

Hmm. The rage, while not new, is definitely a little different than the borderline suicidal wah-wah-wah that normally accompanies me at this time of the month. How very interesting. And by interesting I mean RIDICULOUS BEYOND ALL CAPABLE THOUGHT.

And since I'm bitching anyway, does anyone else feel like they'd give just about anything to have a fucking moment of peace? I swear to God. I love my family and my friends but between my three phones, IM, email that has IM capabilities, Facebook, etc. there is no escape. Literally. I have to shut off my phones and computer sometimes because I just need quiet aloneness. Maybe I'm a freak, but I need to decompress constantly. A. LOT. ***but I love you guys, I swear***

So many things wrong with me, such little ability to care.

I was going to post about today but since it was nice, I won't put it here with all the vitriol. Will post it separately.


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