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So, I came into this weekend BUMMED because I was going to miss Mumford & Sons AGAIN (missed out on tickets in Austin and next week in Houston) but then all this great shit started piling up (on Friday the 13th, go figure!).

First, in the huge scary sponsor meeting I was recognized by three different groups for all the awesome things I have been doing on the project. My boss wasn't there to hear it, but her boss was and she teased me about it so I know she will report back all the praise I received. This is way better than getting yelled at, which is the norm in these meetings.

Then, on the way home, the Kid called and told me that he had just been unofficially offered a job in El Paso. Woo! Finally, after 10 years in Yuma, he is moving halfway back home. I mean, it sucks that they are no longer going to be close to San Diego, but now that they have the bb Gabs, they don't really road trip that much. And they will be only 8 hours away (a mere hour and a half flight) which is totally effin' awesome. End of an era, though. Having him in Yuma was the last tenuous link I had to the West Coast. Oh, well. Gotta pour one out for my time in Cali. LOL...

And, finally, this morning I went to Old Navy because they had 50% off one item and I am constantly in need of new jeans. Well, I realized while trying some on that I had gone down another size. I didn't trust the one smaller pair I had, so I ran out and got a few more samples to make sure the jeans I had were not stretched or sized incorrectly (verify initial test results!). But I really was in a smaller size, so hooray!

I fully expect, after all this good luck, that my house/car/bowels will explode.
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Checking in for what is now becoming my quarterly update. Fail, fail, fail. I miss ye old days of LJ, but the internet's evolution stops for no man (or woman). I'm sure someday I will be on tumblr, but for now I will resist and instead delight you with the highlights of my ho-hum life.

Work is going well; I was promoted again, which is nice. I basically live and breathe the huge, scary project they were supposed to remove me from several months ago. Instead, I stayed on and expanded it to cover the entire group my former boss presides over. It's stressful, but I enjoy being at the center of it, proving that even though I'm an introvert, I'm still a glory-hog. Oink, oink baby.

JP and I are good. He has been in Seattle this past week, visiting his family at their gorgeous lake house and attending PAX Prime. Last month, we went to Space City Con in Houston, an old school sci-fi convention. I was mainly there to kick it by the pool, but I did get to see Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown, Dr. Who) and he was a hoot. JP was in geek heaven, hanging out with all his old favorite sci-fi actors.

My mom was hospitalized earlier this summer. Scared the Hell out of us. It was ischemic colitis and she was in the hospital for about a week. She's slowly getting better, thank goodness.

My most exciting news is that I have been on a rigorous diet/workout routine since late April and have lost almost 40 pounds. It's been tough but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I don't really deny myself - if I want pizza, I have pizza. I just eat less of it. Limiting snacking is tough, but seeing the scale go down has been a great motivator. We'll see how long I can keep it up! Working out is actually kind of fun because my co-worker goes with me. She's a hardcore athlete, but very sweet and encouraging.

I guess those are all the "big" things. I'll just leave a picture of the bb rainbow cake I made Nay-nay for her 40th birthday because I am so proud of it (gloryhogsayswhat?):

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Let me explain, no wait...there is too much. Let me sum up:

- First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Hope yours was as good as ours. Except for someone not getting beer in a timely fashion to my mother (whom I love more than life itself, but I cannot tell a lie...she really needs to have a few drinks if she is going to be in the kitchen), all went smoothly and there was much joy and laughter.

- Work-wise, soon after I made my promise to post more often, I was forced nominated to take over a huge project that my co-worker was in the process of fucking up. I was told that I was the new project manager 20 minutes before my first big meeting. So, you can imagine how that is going. Basically, I have no idea how to do any of this and have been working crazy overtime to try and get shit done. Thanksgiving was the first day I had off since September (unless you count the day I called in violently sick...which I DON'T). But on the up side, they haven't fired me yet so...go me!

- The week I was violently sick was of course the time when Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard rescheduled their concert here. I dragged my sad carcass to the theater and sucked down approximately a hundred lozenges so I wouldn't hack up a lung during the performances. And even though I felt like shit, I enjoyed the HELL out of that evening. Glen was in excellent form, even though his set was short and his strings kept breaking. Eddie EFFING Vedder sang for 2.5 hours, including two long-ass encores. He was fantastic and the whole thing was basically three hours of two gifted musicians and their guitars. Totally awesome and worth every penny even though my seat was kind of crap. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

- And finally, JP and I came out swinging in regards to Black Friday. I splurged and bought an iPad. He got a 3D monitor so we could try it out. Also picked up a GPS and a basic blu-ray player. We got some movies, some clothes, and I even bought some Christmas gifts for other people (one for you aaaaand three for me).

And that about wraps things up for now. Good night my dear friends. Catch you on the flip side...
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I have been so bad at updating and commenting...I apologize, dear friends.

Why is the weekend so damn short?!

Last night we went to the Arneson River Theatre downtown to see The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged):

Although plagued with sound issues, the performance itself was pretty funny and they get major points for covering all the histories like a football game, complete with a Howard Cosell impersonation.

Otherwise, this weekend was spent in front of the TV, mainlining episodes of Lie to Me. Although the story lines are a bit farfetched, I love how Tim Roth plays the character and also the chemistry between him and his partner. Good stuff...

I have been working OT for the past two weeks, taking projects home with me, but I was so fed up, I gave myself the weekend off. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.

Next few weekends are jumping...must make a list:

4/5 - Tosh.0 tour in Austin
4/8 - Easter with the familia
4/14 - cousin's bridal shower
4/20-22 - weekend in Corpus (hopefully)
5/5-6 - weekend with Nay-nay (tentative)

The list goes on and on, but I'm getting tired thinking about it, LOL...
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Work continues to be ridiculously busy. I don't mind, but it does seem kind of pointless - in a company of this size, hundreds of projects get kicked off, only a few are ever completed 100%, and of those, even fewer have serious benefit. Seems like a lot of wasted time to me, but what the Hell do I know?

So, instead of blathering on and on about that twaddle, I give you: DREAM VACATIONS! Yes, I have many places I wish to visit and only a handful of them are financially possible right now (and let's face it, the grand ones are only happening if I win the lottery). So let's start with a biggie. Bora Bora!!! I would love to stay in one of those huts right on the water, with the glass floors and the stairways that sink into the clear blue water...

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Yay! Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard are coming to San Antonio! Tickets go on sale in a few days, so hopefully I can get one.

Unfortunately, yesterday and today I had some of the worst headaches I've ever experienced. And although the allergens in the air are just brutal (why the fudge is everything blooming right now?!), these were not allergy headaches. A little scary, but we'll see what happens.

Also, in the "I Called It!" news, it looks like those manager positions I decided not to apply for are being re-classified and the starting pay has dropped way down. Talk about a narrow miss! I'm glad I decided not to apply. The people who did apply are pretty peeved, though. In my department, I was informed that even though we are getting two managers, I will not be under either of them. Instead, I will still report to the VP. It's not for sure, but if it does happen, that will be kinda cool. I will be...above the law!

Don't mind me - copious amounts of ibuprofen turn me into a super dork. Off to get more sleep...
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OMG, CRAMPS. Lady bits blow.

In other news, I am feeling a compulsive desire to update even though I have nothing to report, except...well...see above.

Anyone else feel like the work week should really end on Wednesday afternoon? Holy Hell, this has been a super-long week. Work is nuts...I had no idea people could attend seven meetings in one day and stay sane. OH WAIT. They can't!

Allow me to express my feelings in picture form:

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For some reason I am reading like four books at once, which was fine when I was young and sharp but now I'm just confused and grumpy. Also, my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older. Verrah scary.

I felt like posting, but I really had nothing to say. So, yeah. Here's what I came up with...

Things I Am SO Ready For

1. The muthafuckin' weekend
2. Taking JP to see Esther's Follies Friday night (which also means hanging out in Austin, woo woo!)
3. Visiting the Kid and his wife in about 6 weeks (San Diego, here I come!)

Things I Am SO Over

1. Eating healthy (so. difficult. especially after a whole year of eating crap. delicious crap.)
2. Work. Do not get me started - it's just depressing.
3. Getting my finances in order (I know it's important, but boring!)

I am listening to Nelson's (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection. I approve of their use of parenthesis.
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I am suddenly listening to nothing but upbeat pop. Oh noes! LOL...

We saw Tin Tin this weekend and it was excellent! It was a movie I was COMPLETELY ambivalent about, but JP talked me into seeing it and I'm so glad he did! It was funny and touching and just a great adventure story. A real throwback. It's nice to see Speilberg still has the chops.

I have class tomorrow - a ridiculous entry-level software class that I am taking SOLELY for the purpose of being there to provide guidance and answers to my older, senior-level analyst. Pathetic. The day the online applications no longer make sense to me is the day I retire. Oh, well. I guess the class couldn't hurt. Technically, I have no official training - I am self-taught on most of the software we use (unless you count the time I spent Googling various answers as class time).

So, my new year's resolutions are the same as usual although I have tried to simplify and clarify this time around, being vague and grandiose not having worked for me in the past:

1. Work out every day for 30 minutes, even if it's just doing some vigorous housework (this has been somewhat  impeded because I have managed to injure my back on two separate occasions since Christmas).

2. Refinance the house and change the land line (because AT&T is gouging my eyeballs out). Use the extra money from the refi to finish paying off my credit card.

3. Unless it is a necessity (groceries, gas, etc) or an emergency (car breaking down, running out of clean underwear), I am putting a moratorium on expenditures. I will have an allowance for going out to eat/theater/movies/vacations, but I spend way too much on clothes, jewelry, books, etc. I. Am. Getting. Control. Of. This. Budget. No one, especially in South Texas, needs 20 sweaters and nine pairs of boots (four of which are fur-lined).

So, you can see why I have not started on these resolutions quite yet, what with everyone and their mother having 70% after-holiday sales (I'm not made of stone!). But look out, next this week! I am good to go (as soon as my back stops hurting).
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Whoever (my sister) told me that the birthing scene from Breaking Dawn was "not that bad" LIED TO ME. Ugh, why do I continue watching these movies...


Last night we went to my company's Christmas party. It was nice, as usual. Huey Lewis and the News sounded great, but they didn't sing Stuck With You. Boo! Otherwise, very nice. Huey Lewis looks exactly the same as he did in the 80s. That's the power of love!!! LOL...

Paul and I went to my parent's house to help mom decorate her tree. My older brother showed up for a bit, energetic and happy (so awesome to see), and for half an hour there was a lot of laughter and reminiscing. Also, my dad was roasting a turkey (just because) and he cut it up and gave us all some delicious meat to take home.

I decided not to apply for the manager positions. I hope I am making the right decision.

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After my fantastic meltdown this weekend, I am feeling a little better. Yes, I am in a minor financial crisis not of my making, yes my job is so stressful that I regularly need afternoon naps/crying jags to get through the week, yes there are things in my life that I am avoiding because I don't have the energy to deal (health, house falling apart, refinancing rigamarole). BUT. I will persevere. A girl can dream.

JP cheered me up this weekend by taking me to see Anonymous, which I enjoyed except spoiler! )  Still don't believe the theory, but I love love love period dramas. Rhys Ifans, who knew? Hubba hubba!

Then we went to Half Price Books with our coupons and I bought a bunch of books on English history. Again. My Elizabethan/Shakespeare library, let me show you it.

Saw Nay-Nay tonight, which is always nice. She has agreed to go with me for sushi tomorrow and I am excite! Ten bucks says raw fish will not go anywhere near her mouth. It's okay - she is accompanying me which makes me : )

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Work is so ridiculously busy right now, but everyone assures me that once all the projects close in November, we can take it easy for the remainder of the year.

Woohoo, David Cook tour! He's making three stops in Texas, so I can definitely swing one, maybe two of those (assuming I can get tickets).

I was invited to take part in the Morrissey pre-sale, but I missed the email somehow and thus when I tried to buy tickets a few hours after they went on sale to the public, THEY WERE SOLD OUT.

I will never understand ticket sales and hope all ticket brokers DIAF.

Okay, that's it for me, I think. So cranky because I spent the whole day in meetings. That always makes me frowny-face.
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I would have updated this weekend but I was curled up on the couch, praying for Death's sweet release.

I dunno...cut because I talk about my girly business... )

The good thing about not wanting to move around much is that I got a fair amount of reading done. I zoomed through Goblet of Fire and am just about through with Order of the Phoenix. This is my third go through the Harry Potter series and I love it as much as I ever did (although I never realized how often Hermione moaned - kinky!).

Work is always work and one minute I am being hailed as awesome and the next, I am being spoken to like the village idiot. I hate that BTW - if you ever really want to piss me off, be as patronizing as possible. You will see my eyeballs boil in their sockets and have the satisfaction of seing Pretentious Mel get her betch on.

I think I am going to have pancakes for dinner. I used to love it when my dad would make us pancakes for always felt like we were being bad! LOL.
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Ugh - last week's crapfest at work has spilled over into this week.

I would not be averse to hearing some good news right about now.

Watching Notting Hill in an attempt to cheer the fuck up.
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Texas governor Rick Perry is running for President? Excuse me while I hurl. This man has no right holding public office but unfortunately an overwhelming number of Texans disagree with me. He is like... a less attractive and charming Sarah Palin.

This news coming after a particularly horrible work day is just the shit icing on my crap cake.

So, I came home and ate my feelings:

pan dulce, yum!

I don't really serve it on a serape with a side of maracas...this is just to give you a visual.

Maybe some Mighty Boosh will make me feel better. Although, really, the only thing that would cheer me up right now is a phone call informing me that I have won the lottery and can stop working immediately.
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Ugh. I have no idea why I am still awake. On weekdays, I get up at 5am and am generally asleep by 11pm, but on the weekends I stay up 'til 2 or 3 in the morning. It's madness!

Work twaddle... )

In movie news, we saw Midnight in Paris, which was amusing and whimsical. The actor who plays Hemingway is just AWESOME - a caricature perhaps, but sincere and spot-on. Made me want to go and buy a million books about the Jazz Age and the Lost Generation (more on that in a mo).

We also went to see Westside Story at the local artsy fartsy theater that was screening it for free. Even though it's not one of my favorite musicals, it's still fantastic. Finger-snapping, pirouetting gang members rule! Also, the theater makes kick-ass Greek pizza. Yum!

Tonight, we went to see Green Lantern. Although the movie was far from perfect, it didn't deserve the vitriolic and hateful reviews that I have been reading. Ryan Reynolds is charming and I love, love, loooove Peter Sarsgaard, who was both icky and sympathetic in his too-small role. I'm glad I went to see it.

Oh, yes...and about the million books...I GOT MY KINDLE!!!! I named it Shakespeare and it has a lovely red cover and is already full of classic lit because it was free and I can read that crap over and over like nobody's business (Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and Shakespeare, I am looking at you!). I have pretty much spent every free minute since Thursday browsing for kindle books, downloading kindle books, and reading on my kindle until I pass out from pure exhaustion. I have the Book Hunger, which I used to have 24/7 until (ironically) I went to college. Then it became sporadic and I went for long periods of time when I couldn't be arsed to finish an entire novel unless it was non-fiction, preferably of the historical variety. But the BH is back, baby!!!

Ohhhkay, bedtime.
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Tomorrow is Friday, Friday, Friday!!!! Working 4 days a week is sweet, but getting up at 5am is BRUTAL. Seriously, that's just not natural! After work nap is now mandatory...

Nay-nay is in town, so hopefully tomorrow night will include dinner and shenanigans!

So, the reason we went hiking the other day (other than to get off our lazy asses) was due to our purchasing a year pass to all Texas state parks. So now I am making a list of all the parks we want to go to. Methinks my 3-day weekends will come in handy this summer! I will become more healthy and hike-errific (but I will not eat granola bars, this I swear).

Seriously - check this out. I'm going to go all "Thoreau on Walden Pond" here, except no pond and also no mother to do my laundry:

Several of the parks have groovy retro or native-style lodgings, which I think is cool. Especially if I don't feel like camping, LOL!

Hmm, I thought I had interesting things to say, but I guess not. Oh, well. What's new with you guys???
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I am watching House Hunters International, trying not to hate on every single person buying their dream/second homes in Italy, England, Sweden, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, etc.

Wait. I take that back. I hate them all.

Reese's Dark might just be my favorite thing in the universe right now...

Tonight, my mom invited me over for dinner. She made chicken mole, Mexican rice, and refried beans with salt pork. Best. Meal. Ever. Ripped from the pages of my childhood. I think she knows I am having a tough time adjusting at work and did the one thing she could to make me feel better. ♥ Then my Dad put gas in my Jeep and they both listened to me rant and rave for a little while.

My parents rule.

JP went to PAX East and is currently living it up with his gaming and toy collector friends. I miss him, even though he just left yesterday. *sadface*


Feb. 26th, 2011 12:07 am
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Yay, announcement! I am officially a Treasury Analyst for the VP and I start on Monday! Scary! I am totally frightened of my new boss, but hopefully it will all work out.

I went out tonight and had sushi with a friend - it's a great little place, very chic and low key at the same time. I enjoyed just hanging out at a nice restaurant on a Friday night, sampling sashimi and people-watching. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a giant martini, but I stuck with hot green tea for dinner. Then I came home and drank 3 large diet cokes with vodka. Yay!

Tomorrow is shopping with mom and a hockey game with JP. I feel like I am riding an incredible winning streak right now. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

In American Idol news, I am in serious like with Paul McDonald, the indie and laid-back singer with the beautiful tone to his voice. ♥

I will end this entry with MOAR poetry because I love it! )

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- Still no announcement about the job. Slow burn.
- I felt so gross yesterday, I called in sick. Spent two hours at the doctor and get to go back in 2 weeks.
- I hate the doctor.
- Everything I eat is making me sick to my stomach so I haven't eaten a whole lot lately, yet my doctor's scale assures me that I am the fattest I have ever been.
- Ugh. Exercise.
- I am so stressed about a stupid meeting next week that I can't focus. I need to study up on the topic and work on some notes this weekend so I can be prepared.
- I received my bonus, so that was cool.
- Need to do my taxes.
- Friday night tax party?
- Was invited out tonight. Not sure why I said no (other than being sick, but really, I am not so bad that I can't go hang out with my friend).
- Whatever. I am in a bitch of a mood.

I'll stop now.


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